Days of our Lives Spoilers Oct 11-15; Marlena’s Horrified by the Devil’s Diabolical Plans & EJ Blindsides Chad & Abby

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, October 11 to Friday, October 15.

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Monday, October 11

Abigail and Chad re-enact a scene from John and Marlena’s love story.
The devil forces Marlena’s hand.

Tuesday, October 12

Marlena is horrified to learn of the Devil’s diabolical plans.
Ben lets Ciara know he’s ready to have a baby with her.

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Wednesday, October 13

Ciara assures Ben they made the right decision.
Eli and Lani help Paulina and Abe celebrate their engagement.
Abby and Chad have a breakthrough in their relationship.

Thursday, October 14

EJ blindsides Chad and Abigail.
Rafe is curious about how Nicole and EJ’s date went.

Friday, October 15

Philip loses it when he walks in on Brady holding Chloe again.
John attempts to stop Johnny from making the movie.

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