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In the Monday, October 11, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon and Sheila get drunk and she tries to manipulate him, while Steffy learns Hope and Deacon have a relationship, and Brooke and Liam attempt to get Hope to ditch her dad. Soaps Spoilers has Friday’s B&B recap where Deacon and Sheila bonded.

Steffy greets her dad at home. Finn’s at work. She Ridge that marriage is the best, except for Sheila. He tells her about the other uninvited guest that showed up out of nowhere. He doesn’t know where to start and talks about her willingness to forgive. He finally shares that Hope invited Deacon to her place after he got out of prison. “You’re kidding!” Ridge fixes the kids’ toys as she checks on the baby. When she returns, Steffy can’t believe Hope bought Deacon being a changed man. “That man is toxic.” She thinks it’s similar to how Finn reacted to Sheila. She prays that Hope comes to the conclusion that Deacon is a loser and she shakes him. She hopes Liam helps her see that.

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At the cabin, Brooke continues to tell Hope how she feels about Deacon. Hope already heard it. She admits she hated keeping it a secret that she was in contact with him. She knows he has baggage. Brooke can tell she wants to believe he changed. Hope reminds them he’s still her dad. They remind her in turn of his misdeeds and that he’s not trustworthy. Hope asks Brooke to stop. She knows they have her best interest at heart. She has no illusions about her father but says people do change. Brooke calls Deacon a con man. Hope reminds her mama she’s a grown woman and she’s entitled to have a relationship with her dad. Brooke says this is about Beth, too. Liam chimes in that he’s not a good influence. Brooke wants her to be careful. Liam holds Hope’s hand and admits that’s all he wants. It freaked him out that she was secretly corresponding with him.

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At the hotel bar, Deacon asks a woman to go with him to Acapulco for the weekend. The woman sneers and takes off, leaving Sheila in stitches. “She is so not into you.” She talks about their kids and tells him her mantra, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Deacon doesn’t know what scheme she’s cooking out. He wants no part of it. Sheila orders him another shot from Molly and tells him, “It’s not like you’ve anywhere to go. Brooke probably has the place surrounded by guard dogs by now. All of that can change if you just hear me out,” she teases. He downs his drink. Molly returns and he asks about her boyfriend. “He’s big and jealous,” she says. Sheila laughs. The other gal returns and he invites her on another trip. Sheila asks for more drinks and laughs at him. He tells her she’s off her rocker. “You know that, right?” Sheila asks, “Why because I love my son?” He mocks Finn’s name. She calls him special and Deacon calls her the Grand Poobah of manipulations.” He tells her about Hayes. “Do you want these kids to get bullied?” He realizes it’s Steffy’s mother’s name before she was married. “And this is the one you pumped a couple of bullets into.” Sheila shushes him. He’s shocked she’s the grandmother. “Nice work.” She laughs as he tells her, “I’ll drink to that.” Sheila just wants to see her grandkid and knows that’s what he wants. They could if the Forresters weren’t keeping them from it. Deacon can’t be associating with a Sheila-devil like her. She laughs. “A Sheila-devil?” Next to her, he believes he’s a saint. Sheila doesn’t want to do this. They both feel they’re being ganged up on, especially Deacon since Hope reached out to her. Sheila believes Hope cares for him the way Finn cares for her. “We can work together to —” Deacon interrupts. It’s not going to happen since she’s nuts. She begs him to stay and reiterates that they can take the Forresters down. She’s desperate.

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