Days Spoilers Oct 23- 27: Marlena Has Romantic Advice, Steve Confesses and Theresa Finds Bloodied Alex

Full list of spoilers Monday, Oct 23 to Friday, Oct 27, 2023.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — October 16 – 20 spoilers.

What’s coming up on Days?

Xander’s actions leave Maggie in a fury, and after discovering what EJ has planned, Gabi and Stefan put their own scheme in motion.

Monday, Oct 23

Theresa is not happy when she encounters the unexpected.

Alex and Xander face off.

Konstantin attempts to out-maneuver Maggie.

Sloan secretly slips into Casa DiMera.

Marlena unloads some romantic advice on Eric.

xander shocked gwen sex alex Days recaps

Tuesday, Oct 24

Leo and Dimitri hide from the cops.

Kate is startled by Harris’ new job.

kate and marlena talk about lucas

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More Days spoilers into October

Wednesday, Oct 25

After discovering what EJ has planned, Gabi and Stefan put their own scheme in motion.

Marlena gets some pushback from Kristen.

Leo and Dimitri attempt to escape.

Ava’s latest development has Harris concerned.

ava and harris close moment

Thursday, Oct 26

Steve pressures Chad.

Xander’s actions leave Maggie in a fury.

Sarah vents to Konstantin about the fight for custody.

Theresa finds bloody Alex.

xandy maggie talk gwen wedding days-of-our-lives

Friday, Oct 27

Gabi and Stefan have it over on Kristen.

Brady gets a lecture from Marlena.

A visitor gives Stephanie a start.

Steve confesses to Kayla that he’s caused some trouble.

marlena shocked with brady

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