Days of our Lives Spoilers May 16-20: Lani Comes Clean & Sarah’s Being Lied to About Mickey

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, May 9 to Friday, May 13.

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The possession story reaches its climax leaving Salemites to face the grim aftermath, Abe is left with a dilemma, and Eric’s return makes waves.

Monday, May 16

Ciara and Ben battle to save their baby from the Devil.
Ciara wins the battle against Satan.

Allie’s loved ones attempt to save her soul.
The devil decides to torch St. Lukes.

ciara good light days

John goes to Jan after her ankle monitor is set off.
John has some advice for Jan.
Jan wants to name her either Britney (Brady Spears) or Lucifer.

The battle between good and evil reaches a stunning conclusion.
Tripp jumps out the window when the devil is inside him, killing himself and the devil.

Tripp comes back to life when Angel Bo touches him.
Shawn and Belle get closer during a family crisis.

Steve and Ciara enjoy some time talking to Angel Bo.

john finds jan in sexy lingerie days

Tuesday, May 17

Ciara and Ben have a surprise encounter.
Salem is rocked by a shocking death.

Allie’s family face the aftermath of her possession.
Kate has questions for Lucas when he returns without Sami.

lucas hug allie days of our lives

Wednesday, May 18

Lani and Paulina are keeping a secret from Eli and Abe.
Steve makes Abe suspicious.

Nicole is disappointed by the latest from Eric.
Xander and Maggie struggle to give Sarah the truth.

Sarah thinks Mackenzie is still alive and that Eric doesn’t know she’s his.
Xander doesn’t tell Sarah the truth.

Eric tells Nic he is leaving Salem. (Greg Vaughn’s contract isn’t up just yet!)

xander finds sarah days of our lives

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Thursday, May 19

Xander turns to Eric for a favor.
Eric is told that Sarah thinks Mickey is alive.

Sarah asks Nicole to see Mickey, and she thinks Nicole lives with Eric.
Sarah’s accusation throws Nicole for a loop.


Julie urges Abe to come clean with Paulina about his feelings.
Chanel and Lani lend Paulina their support.

Paulina wants Lani to keep quiet about being the one to murder TR.
Eli figures it out that his wife shot TR, not Paulina. He confronts her and she admits it to him.

Eric yells at Xander for lying to Sarah.
Sarah thinks Nicole is cheating on Eric with Rafe when she finds him half-nude at the apartment.

Sweet Bits closes down.

eric learns sarah mental days

Friday, May 20

Chad and EJ work together to push Gabi out.
Gabi gets help from an unexpected quarter.

Jan needles Belle.
Johnny shows Chanel how much he still loves her.

chad asks johnny to work dimera days of our lives

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