Young and Restless Spoilers May 16-20: Kyle Refuses Locke Access to Harrison and Vicky Decides to Take a Trip

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Tessa and Mariah prepare for their walk down the aisle, Chloe helps Esther to start a new chapter in her life, while Kyle ponders his own future in Genoa City. Meanwhile, Allie meets Summer. 

Amanda, Devon, Nate and Elena enjoy the 70s vibe at the Terriah wedding, and Faith asks guests to help celebrate the happy couple and lift them up with the power of their love.

allie meets summer young restless

Monday, May 16

Monday’s Y&R recap: Tessa and Mariah’s wedding begins

Tessa faces an unexpected crisis as she and Mariah prepare to walk down the aisle.
Sharon walks Tessa as Nick walks Mariah down the aisle.
Noah admits to his father that he’s not in love with Tessa anymore.
Allie meets Noah and things get awkward.

Everyone comes to the wedding dressed in 70s attire. 
Chloe comes to Tessa’s rescue when her dress almost doesn’t arrive in time.

Phyllis worries to Jack about what Diane’s doing.
Kyle is the ordained priest who starts the ceremony.

Y&R Opinion: Viewers Calling Victoria Cold, Calculating — & a Fool When it Comes to Love

moses and faith at wedding

Tuesday, May 17

Y&R opinion: Rey’s Lack of Memorial Disappointing

Tuesday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Tessa and Mariah are married and Diane crashes the wedding.

Family and friends gather to attend Mariah and Tessa’s wedding.
There is dancing and love and happiness for all guests except Sharon.
Sharon stands alone watching until Nick and Chance get her talking.
Chance asks Sharon to get out there and dance.
phyllis scowls diane wedding young restless

The Abbott’s receive an unexpected house guest.
Summer’s home and Hunter King has been recast. Things to know about Allison Lanier – nu-Summer!
Allie meets Summer.

Allie and Summer hit it off and Summer takes her to the wedding.
Diane crashes the wedding much to Kyle and Jack’s chagrin.

summer arrives young restless

Wednesday, May 18

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Phyllis kisses Jack

Tessa and Mariah celebrate their love and a surprise guest crashes the wedding festivities.
Jack catches the bouquet after Chloe catches it and then Abby.

Diane greets Summer. Summer says she’ll stick by whatever Kyle decides to do about seeing his mom.

Diane is chased out of the party by Phyllis.
Phyllis kicks Diane out of her hotel.

Allie and Jack head home and Phyllis meets them there. 
Jack thinks there’s no more weddings in his future but Phyllis says not to be so fast to say that. She kisses him.
Sharon invites Nick to her house and thanks him for his support.

Nick and Sharon gift Mariah and Tessa with a trip to Paris.
Allie and Noah get to know each other.

jack says married more than anyone yr


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Thursday, May 19

Y&R recap: Summer wants to move back to GC

Phyllis catches Jack off guard.
Phyllis and Jack have sex.

Jack and Phyllis go out to dinner and run into Diane and Michael.
Michael and Diane catch up as friends, something Phyllis doesn’t like.

Noah turns on the charm with Allie.
Allie and Noah discuss family.

Tessa and Mariah enjoy their married night with sex.

teriah kiss sex bed restless soapsspoilers cbs

Friday, May 20

Friday’s Y&R recap: Kyle and Summer are disgusted in Ashland for lying, while Ashley and Phyllis join forces.

Phyllis and Ashley discuss Diane’s latest move.
Ashley agrees to let Phyllis get close to her family to thwart Diane’s advances.
Chloe helps Esther start a new chapter.

Esther and Chloe update her dating profile.
Katherine Chancellor is thought of quite a bit by Esther.

Ashland wants to spend time with Harrison but Kyle refuses.
Kyle faces a major decision.

Vicky decides to take a trip.

kyle waits mother tell truth young and the restless cbs

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