Days of our Lives Spoilers for the Week of December 7 – 11, 2020 — Prison Release

We’ve got what’s coming up this week in Salem with your favourite characters, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Monday, December 7

Today has Ava demanding that the kidnapping charges against her be dropped.
Tripp has a run-in with Nicole and learns she knew his mother, Ava.
Xander takes a look at the information that Sarah downloaded from Philip’s laptop.
Philip is happily reunited with Chloe.
Nicole is stunned when she hears the news from Allie.

Tuesday, December 8

Gwen has a meltdown at the park.
Chad catches his brother Jake in a lie.
Abe presents Rafe with an offer.

Wednesday, December 9

Kayla is rocked to find Ava Vitali alive and wearing Steve’s shirt.
Chad hurts Abigail by accusing her of sleeping with Jake.
Nicole’s surprised when Rafe returns to Salem.
Allie has a talk with Rafe about the rape case.
Jenn catches Gwen smashing the poinsettias in the park and Gwen invites her to take her aggression out on the plants.

Thursday, December 10

Steve and Kayla visit Joey in prison.
Jake butts heads with Kate and Gwen, who threaten each other in turn.
Jennifer finds herself suspecting that Kate’s fling with Jack may not be over as they’ve insisted.
Bonnie and Justin get their wires crossed.

Friday, December 11

Allie turns to Grandma Kate for advice.
Charlie comes to Xander with a confession.
Sarah uncovers Philip’s partner.
Joey’s shocked when he learns Ava is alive.

Christine Fix