Days Spoilers April 8 -12: Johnny & Channel’s Honeymoon is Crashed and Xander Wants His Framing Investigated

Full list of spoilers Monday, April 8 to Friday, April 12, 2024.

What’s ahead in Salem?

Chanel and Johnny’s honeymoon at the Horton cabin is interrupted, Paulina gets some new information from Sarah before she snaps at Abe, and Brady and Alex discuss their relationships with Theresa, while Kon tries to charm Maggie some more. 

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — April 1 – 5 spoilers.

Check out this week’s promo! Kayla learns the truth and gives John a thumping. Kristen tells Holly to stay away from her daughter. We gather Kristen has forgotten she has done much worse than Holly, but she’s going full mama bear this week and Nicole defends her daughter.

When Stephanie tells EverBobby that he was ID’d as Bobby Stein, Everett shushes her, looking as though he’s going to explode.

“Don’t you ever call me that again,” he tells her.

Meanwhile, at the Horton Cabin, there’s a snowstorm and ‘someone’ shows up while Chanel and Johnny are in the middle of love making. Find out below who that is! 

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Monday, April 8:

John and Harris discuss the time he spent at Bayview.

Steve has a confession to make to Kayla.

Brady and Alex talk about their relationships with Theresa.

Konstantin runs into Theresa and they discuss an update on Alex.

Maggie and Julie talk about the recent happenings involving Konstantin.

konstantin Days of our lives spoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday, April 9:

Paulina and Abe get themselves ready to face her radioactive iodine treatment.

Chanel and Johnny head to the Horton cabin for their honeymoon.

Clyde orders Ava to get her hands on something that has been hidden at the Bistro.

Tripp and Wendy exercise in the park.

Kristen confronts EJ about Stefan’s arrest after EJ has an argument with Holly.

kristen and nicole threaten to fight

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More Days spoilers into April

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, April 10:

Eric faces Sloan about being late with her rent.

Xander is determined to find out who framed him and Sarah wants to help.

Everett turns to Marlena when he needs help.

Jada asks Stephanie if she has lingering feelings for Everett.

Kristen gets into a fight with Nicole over her verbal attack on Holly.

eric and sloan talk about jude

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Thursday, April 11:

Holly and Tate get romantic with a picnic together.

Kayla catches Holly and Tate and they ask her to keep it to herself.

Steve apologizes to Kayla with flowers.

Holly meets Kon. 

Konstantin has some bad news for Maggie. He’s leaving Salem.

Stephanie asks Everett about why he is not signing the divorce papers.

EverBobby gets very angry.

Marlena talks to EverBobby about his issues.

Ava and Harris are still in bed. 

Ava looks to Harris for some comfort as she worries about Clyde.

tate with jarlena days of our lives spoilers soapsspoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Friday, April 12:

Konstantin turns up the charm for Maggie.

Xander tells Chad he wants an investigation into who framed him. 

Isolation is making Paulina edgy and she snaps at Abe.

Johnny and Chanel’s honeymoon at the cabin receives an interruption. Find out who crashes the honeymoon in next week’s Days spoilers!

chanel and johnny toasting in cabin


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