Days of our Lives 2023 Previews: Gabi Won’t Give Up, Jack Issues an Ultimatum, Alex Gets Reckless, and Someone Central May Die

What’s ahead this year on Days of our Lives?

Head Writer, Ron Carlivati previews what’s going down with all of the Salem residents of Days of our Lives in 2023 with Soap Opera Digest.

Gabi won’t back down

Now that he’s been brainwashed to find Gabi repulsive, Stefan has his attention fixed firmly on Chloe.

Given that Brady was rejected the diva, she’s in a position to receive some attention, which is unlikely to go over well with Gabi, who is not one to back down easily.

gabi worries ari sick Days recaps SoapsSpoilers

Intimacy intensifies

Eric is eager to move on from Nicole. He’s already sharing his bed with Sloan.

They both want to keep it casual. Meanwhile, Nicole isn’t totally sure what she wants.

Whatever lingering feelings she has for Eric, are complicated by her difficult relationship with EJ.

Given that the pair are fighting for control of DiMera, their intimacy is likely to intensify.

eric and sloan cuddle after sex Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Sonny’s strange taste in friends

Will has a hard time wrapping his head around Sonny and Leo becoming real friends given everything that Stark has done.

When Sonny is prompted to defend his friend, he starts to worry that this might cause some serious friction with Will.

will jealous DAYS recap

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Tripping in the middle

Chanel and Johnny’s relationship continues to have Allie feeling threatened, which could prompt her to do some things she will regret.

This is complicated by Johnny’s relationship with Wendy.

Making things even stickier, Tripp returns to Salem with his own feelings for Wendy intact and falls right in the middle of all this.

tripp says no conforming DAYS

Jack’s big gesture

Sarah has to face the fact that Xander’s actions involved both abduction and Susan’s death.

She may not have to wrestle much with her conscience to realize that she can’t stay with him.

As she ponders ending the marriage, Jack gives an ultimatum to Gwen that could have significant repercussions for all of them.

xander and gwen days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Could this character die?

Kate, Marlena, and Kayla each survived a close brush with death last year.

Although they all lived, the story said a lot about their relationships.

The writers are promising that there is a big twist in the works that could mean writing off at least one of the three major characters.

kate sick bed days

Alex goes too far

Even though Chad is not ready for any major relationship because of Abigail, Alex is still feeling threatened by his closeness with Stephanie.

Eager to get his potential rival out of the way, he makes a move that could have dire consequences.

alex shocked Days recaps

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