Gwen Reveals Why She Hates Abigail DiMera

Thursday, January 21, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Dr. Rolf tells Chad why Gwen hates Abby, Tony learns that Jake’s CEO of DiMera, and Jack and Jenn get to the bottom of Gwen’s machinations with a confrontation.

Tony finds Kate in the DiMera lounge. They discuss Gwen’s lack of discretion and Chad being in a foul mood. Kate tells Tony about the change in CEO. Tony’s not happy with that. He wasn’t consulted and is shocked that Jake is in charge. Tony starts to laugh. “You’re dating Vivian Alamain’s son. She must be rolling in her grave.” Kate hopes she is. She recalls twenty-five years ago when Vivian lured her on to a plane that went down. Kate says she was assumed dead and spent a year cleaning fish guts and plotting Vivian’s demise. Tony calls her even more beautiful than she was then, in every possible way. He laughs and asks her not to tell Anna. She won’t. Tony calls her special. It’s why he’s baffled by her relationship with Jake. Kate defends her relationship and tells Tony not to assume Jake’s a nitwit. Kate doesn’t make snide remarks about Anna. Tony snorts. She’s always snide about Anna. Tony digresses. Shin’s put the hands of thousands of employees in the hands of a “grease monkey.” Kate defends Jake again and Tony calls her desirable but thinks as a young man, that Jake has a large…appetite. Kate thinks she’s been satisfying his appetite.

Chad arrives at Statesville to see Dr. Rolf. He asks Rolf. “Did you bring me a cake with a file in it?” The scientist asks. Chad brings up Gwen’s name and asks how Rolf got free after Chad tied him up. Rolf says he used a letter opener to free himself but Chad thinks Gwen did it. He has proof since he learned Gwen visited him here, “in this room.” Rolf covers his face with a hand and then agrees to tell Chad everything. Rolf explains Gwen showed up last spring and needed “a drug to use to scramble your wife’s brains.” Chad thought it was Gabi. He asks why Gwen did all of this. Rolf says Gwen is burning to reveal it. Chad demands Rolf tell him now. “You owe me.” Rolf agrees to admit it. “But you better gird your loins.”

In the square, Anna trips Gwen and chuckles. She says, “Hi sweetie.” She wants a chat. She tells Gwen to “slither back to wherever you came from.” Gwen thinks Anna’s concerned for her but Anna only cares about Abigail. “I had you sized up from the getgo,” she says and thinks it was amateurish to leave concrete proof that she’s “scum of the earth” just lying around. Gwen’s frazzled by Anna’s words. She lashes out saying she’s booking the room she booked with Chad, she’s not leaving Salem. She isn’t done with Abby or her family yet.

Abigail, Jack, and Jennifer talk about Chad resigning as CEO and Jake stepping into his shoes. Jennifer notices Abby’s suitcase and says she and the kids can stay.  They ask what’s up and she lets them know that Gwen spilled her guts about her night with Chad to The Intruder. They’re rocked and Abigail explains how she learned of the one-nighter and how Gwen has been playing her for a very long time, longer than she’s known her. Abs knows Gwen’s there to inflict pain, not get a cash grab. Abby goes upstairs and Jack and Jenn hope Chabby can make their way back to each other. Anna calls. She tells Jake that Gwen told her she’s getting a room at Salem Inn and isn’t done with their family yet. “Where’s my bat? That succubus is bragging to Abigail that she’s not through with our family. That there’s more.” Jennifer goes with him. Later, Chad arrives. Abby prefers if he calls first but Chad blurts that he talked to Rolf. He’s been helping Gwen the whole time and knows why she’s playing them.

Jake’s shocked to see Gabi stroll into his office. It’s Rafe’s birthday tomorrow and she came to surprise him. She says she also learned about his new job. Jake thinks she’s interested in gold-digging but she has a business proposal. She’s been trying to revive Gabi Chic. Jake smirks. She doesn’t want to work with the man who accused her of drugging his wife? Gabi scoffs. “That wasn’t me!” Jake tells her to submit a proposal about Gabi Chic and he’ll go over it. Gabi will do that and she offers to discuss it over dinner. Jake tells her he’s seeing someone. Gabi learns he’s seeing Kate and strikes out about the age difference and that Kate’s a rebound. Jake tells Gabi off and she apologizes, but she cares about him. She’s shocked to learn everyone knows they’re a couple. Gabi reminds him he was crazy for her and he reminds her she left him.

Jack and Jenn go to Gwen’s room at the Inn. They ask why she hates Abigail so much. Gwen lets them in and tells them she’s Jack’s daughter.

A spoiler for the next full episode of Days of our Lives: Gwen tells her whole story!