Jake Takes the CEO position at Titan Over as Gabi Returns to Salem

Tuesday, January 19, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Abigail leaves Chad, Xander helps the cops find their babies, and Maggie and Bonnie argue.

Eli leads Xander into the SPD for questioning. He thinks it’s about Ava’s kidnapping and Eli tells him it’s about his twins’ kidnapping. He says Bonnie Lockhart identified the woman responsible as Dr. Raynor, the woman who helped Xandy steal Kristen’s baby. Outside, Sarah arrives to find Xander. Lani explains what’s going on. Sarah recalls months ago when Xander almost suggested that she adopted one of Lani’s twins. Lani is angry to hear about this. Sarah goes to Xander in the interrogation room to bitch to Xander about it, while Lani tells Eli that she doesn’t believe Xander’s their guy. Eli goes to tell him and Sarah tells him Xander would love to help get the babies back.

Bonnie arranges her breasts outside of the Kiriakis mansion and rings the doorbell. Maggie answers and shuts the door in her face. Justin appears opens the door. Bonnie calls herself a fool for thinking she’d be welcome there. They head inside and Maggie says she didn’t recognize Bonnie without her ankle monitor. She calls Bonnie cruel and selfish until Justin tells her to stop it. Maggie urges Justin to wake up. Maggie thinks Bonnie’s after Justin’s money. Justin’s surprised at Maggie’s behavior considering she was so kind at Christmas. Maggie plays with her figurines and tells Justin to show Bonnie the door. Justin refuses. He reminds her that when someone quits AA after screwing up, Maggie welcomes them back. He asks her to consider doing this for Bonnie. Maggie snipes at Bonnie for putting Adrienne in prison because she wanted to become the lady of the house. She says there’s a name for women like her. Bonnie’s insulted and picks up one of Mag’s figurines, ready to lash out and smash it. She lies that she really has not changed and has been conning Justin. Justin doesn’t believe that and asks for the figurine. She hands it over, shaking with anger and hurt, and then refuses to go back to her old behavior. Maggie shrugs and takes off and Justin asks Bonnie not to give up. Later, after they’ve had dinner, Justin reveals he has wanted to smash Maggie’s figurines a few times.

Chad grumps at Jake for putting his feet up on an antique at the mansion. Jake’s sorry. He was so engrossed in the article online on the Intruder about Chad cheating on Abigail with the nanny. Gwen must have given them an exclusive.

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Upstairs, Abigail is packing when Kate comes to her door. Kate tries to convince Abby to forgive Chad, citing that Gwen lied and manipulated him. Abby says he’s been taking Gwen’s word over hers for a while. Love isn’t the issue. Abs loves Chad. That doesn’t mean she can live with him. Kate calls Chad a good man who made a stupid mistake. He’s ready to do anything to make amends. Does Abby want to give “that bitch” the satisfaction of breaking up her marriage? Kate tears up and says she’s right, but they’ve been through so much. Is she sure she wants to walk out? Back downstairs, Li Shin arrives to tell the guys he read the article. Li says he had sex with an employee and he and the board can’t appear to condone this behavior. Chad agrees and resigns as CEO, immediately. Li says Tony’s not taking over. Jake is. “He’s a mechanic. He eats with his hands.” Li says they don’t care, as long as he keeps his hands off the hired help. Jake’s down with that. Chad heads upstairs and sees Abigail’s packed. Abby tells him Kate tried to convince her to stay. Chad knows this won’t matter but he doesn’t remember anything about the night with Gwen, and he isn’t even attracted to her. Abby snaps that it makes no difference. She cries, recalling Gwen saying the sex was mindblowing. Chad admits Gwen told her story to the Intruder and it’s detailed. Abby’s not surprised. She says she loves him but this is about Chad’s lack of trust. Chad offers to move to Paris and start fresh. As soon as he says it, he realizes how stupid it sounds. But he loves Abby and wants another chance.

Downstairs, Kate learns that Jake’s going to be CEO of DiMera and thinks Chad’s an imbecile and that he’ll be fine on the job. Jake is insecure, so Kate offers to help. She asks him not to let the power go to his head. She helps him with some work and then he gets called into the office. Chad heads downstairs and finds Kate. They discuss Gwen’s manipulations. Chad remembers one time when Gwen lied to him and he shrugged it off. He suddenly has somewhere to be.

Jake arrives at DiMera and slaps down his nameplate on his desk, tossing Chad’s in the trash. Gabi strolls in just as he sits down.

A spoiler for the next full episode of Days of our Lives: Days is pre-empted today.