Days Recap: Tony and Anna Return to Salem and Anna Gets Involved in Johnny and Wendy’s Scheme to Find Dr. Rolf

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Monday, November 7, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, Chloe worries she and Stefan are moving too quickly, while Xander reveals himself as an evil clown to Susan, and Tony and Anna return only for Anna to get involved in Johnny and Wendy’s scheme.

In the last Days recap, Rachel caught her parents fighting, Stefan and Chloe shared a moment, and Xander reluctantly kidnapped Susan.

rachel glasses happy DAYS

Stefan and Chloe are making out in the DiMera Enterprises board room after she told him about Brady and Kristen. Chloe pulls away and tells Stefan that she’s not over Brady.

Stefan reminds her that Brady and Kristen are now playing house.

Chloe insists that they are not “together.” Stefan thinks Brady and Kristen are very much together.

“Brady’s not wasting any time going after what he wants,” Stefan says. “So why should you?”

He apologizes for pushing the point, but Chloe tells him she might be ready to move on.

stefan kisses chloe at work DAYS

Chloe is unsure what Human Resources would think of her being an item with Stefan. He reminds her that they are both executives of equal stature.

Stefan thinks it will be fine as long as they let HR know about it. Stefan is ready to go public with Chloe.

Chloe isn’t afraid to go public with Stefan but she wonders if his feelings for her are genuine or if someone else put them there.

Stefan realizes that Chloe has heard the rumors of his brainwashing. He tells her that Gabi talked to Rolf about it and Gabi believes that Rolf didn’t do anything.

Chloe isn’t convinced. Stefan tells her that he is sure of his feelings and apologizes for when he cheated on her with Gabi.

Stefan thinks he’s got a second chance at life and at love and he wants her to take those chances with him. He’ll make her forget about Brady.

Stefan suggests they leave town together. Chloe refuses since she just took this new job. Stefan says they can fudge it as a DiMera business trip.

Chloe relents and agrees to take a trip with Stefan.

chloe can't be with stefan days of our lives

Johnny and Wendy are at Chanel and Allie’s place, talking about how Rolf brainwashed Stefan into being in love with Chloe. Wendy can’t wrap her head around it.

Johnny tells her that it’s no crazier than Stefan rising after being dead for four years.

They need to find Ned, the pilot, who will lead them to Rolf, who will provide them with the info to prove that EJ and Li messed with Stefan’s head.

Wendy asks how they’re going to find Ned and Johnny says he’ll call Tony, who knows Ned from flying with him on the DiMera jet.

Wendy stops Johnny by reminding him that Tony is EJ’s brother. What if Tony already knows about the whole Stefan thing?  

She asks if Tony travelled alone and Johnny tells her about his aunt Anna. Wendy suggests that Anna probably knows Ned, too.

Johnny grins that Anna has a soft spot for him.

johnny talks dead end DAYS


Charlie and Ava are in the DiMera crypt. He encourages his mother to keep her eyes on the prize and get her revenge on EJ by having Xander kidnap Susan.

“Elvis is going to be lonesome tonight when he realizes his beloved mum is missing.” Charlie laughs.

ava charlie fun of ej days

Ava joins in with an impression of EJ running around asking “Where’s my mummy?”

The jovial mood changes when Charlie says he can’t wait for EJ to find out it was Ava behind Susan’s kidnapping.

That can never happen, Ava declares!

Tony and Anna have returned to the DiMera mansion after “the flight from hell.”

“Actually, it was a flight from Zurich,” Tony says, but Anna isn’t listening as she goes on to describe how terrible their journey to Salem was.

Anna insists that Tony fire the pilot. Tony suggests drinks instead and they retreat to the living room.

tony anna flight from hell days of our lives

“Oh my God!” Anna cries as they enter.

She’s spotted the smashed crystal heart on the floor from when Xander dragged Susan away.

It was a birthday present from Tony and it’s ruined!

Tony offers to buy a new one. She tells him it’s not a “toner cartridge.” Tony rolls his eyes.

Unbeknownst to them, Xander is dragging an unconscious Susan away outside.

xander drags susan away days of our lives

Anna is still mourning her crystal heart when EJ enters with appetizers – Susan’s catfish nuggets. She’s lost her appetite but Tony’s ravenous.

When EJ tells him what they are, he’s taken aback. EJ wonders where his mother is. Tony eats the appetizers, finding them delicious.

catfish nuggets susan days

Back in the crypt, Ava’s phone buzzes with a text from Xander. He’s done the job.

Charlie tells his mother that now is the time to call EJ and make him beg to get his precious mother back.

Nope! Ava reminds Charlie that if EJ knows she’s behind this, she’ll be on the run for the rest of her life and never see Tripp again.

“So what?” asks Charlie and Ava unloads on him, reminding her dead son that Tripp is alive and wants her with him.

Charlie says Tripp only invited her to Seattle out of pity. The Johnsons are his family now. That’s why he changed his name.

But what about Henry? What about her grandson?

No problem, Charlie says. They’re going to take Henry with them when they leave Salem.

Ava is horrified that Charlie thinks she should take Henry from his mother but Charlie tells her that his son will be safe and loved with her.

Charlie reminds her that she never gets what she wants, so she needs to take it. Let EJ know that she took Susan, Charlie advises her.

She will end up with a ton of money so that she and Charlie and Henry can ride off into the sunset together.

chloe eye prize days of our lives

Sarah enters the Kiriakis living room and tells Maggie she has something for her mother. Sarah hands her the torn-up check.

Sarah and Xander can’t take her money.

Maggie insists on giving them cash, but Sarah refuses. She trusts that Xander is going to find a great job any minute now.

Maggie shares her concern that Sarah knows nothing about what Xander is actually doing.

Sarah flies off the handle and accuses her mom of badmouthing Xander. Her husband is a changed man, she insists.

Maggie reminds her that she is also married to a “changed man” and that old ways are tough to shake for them.

Sarah asks her mother not to worry. She believes in Xander.

So call him and ask him how his second interview went, Maggie suggests.

maggie talks check DAYS

Xander enters a potting shed on the Kiriakis estate with an unconscious Susan thrown over his shoulder.

“You better not have croaked,” Xander says after setting Susan down on a pile of potting soil bags.

susan potting shed days

Xander sits down to catch his breath and smells something bad.

He realizes that he’s sitting on a stack of manure bags.

Xander talks to himself about unhappy memories of working on the Kiriakis grounds for Uncle Victor.

xander sits on shit DAYS

The irony that he’s here again, sitting on a pile of poop, is not lost on Xander.

He’s sorry Susan got caught up in this.

Susan stirs. Xander gets Susan tied to a chair before she’s awake and pulls a bag over her head.

Susan thinks she’s gone blind and paralyzed!

Xander does a phony voice and tells Susan she’s tied up. She tells him she’s claustrophobic and asks him to remove the bag from her head.

Xander pulls the bag off but Susan doesn’t recognize him since he’s wearing one of the evil clown masks.

Susan is relentless with questions and Xander gets exasperated. Then his phone rings. It’s Sarah, but he sends her to voicemail.

Xander tells Susan that she’s in a soundproof room and no one can hear her scream. He’s going to step outside, she had better behave herself!

Xander walks out. Susan looks around and sees that she seems to be in a regular old shed.

susan bag head days

Anna gets a call from Johnny as she watches Tony dig into Susan’s catfish nuggets back at the mansion.

Johnny lays it on thick with Anna, telling his “favorite aunt” that he needs her help and that EJ and Tony can’t know about it.

Anna melts like butter and says she’ll be right over.

She lies to Tony that the call was from the artist who made her now-broken crystal heart and she needs to go see him right away.

Anna tells them to eat without her and goes over to Chanel and Allie’s place to meet Johnny.

anna lies tony DAYS

EJ is calling Susan again to no avail. Tony assures his brother that Susan is fine. Maybe she just took a walk.

EJ wants to talk to Tony about Stefan. He tells Tony that Li gave Rolf the orders to brainwash Stefan and that Kristen went along with it.

Tony is horrified that EJ went along with all of this.

“Your disapproval is noted, but what’s done is done,” EJ tells him.

EJ suggests that even without Rolf’s interference, Stefan may have fallen in love with Chloe again.

Tony’s not having it! It isn’t EJ’s place to decide who loves who.

EJ tells him that Gabi was ruining their family company and it’s their job to protect it. If a few people’s feelings get her along the way, so be it.

Tony agrees to think about it.

tony ej talk stefan DAYS


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At Allie and Chanel’s, Johnny introduces Wendy to Anna, who asks if she’s related to the Shins. Wendy admits that Li is her brother.

“Oh,” says Anna with an uncertain look on her face. She asks why Johnny needs her help.

He tells his aunt about his theory that EJ and Li ordered Rolf to brainwash Stefan. Anna is unconvinced so Johnny and Wendy lay it all out.

They even wonder if Tony might be involved.

Anna says, “I don’t believe that my Tony is involved.” He couldn’t keep a secret from her to save his life. She laughs.

anna meets wendy days

Johnny and Wendy tell Anna that they need her help in finding Ned the pilot.

Anna says that everyone should have the right to love who they want and recalls the great lengths Stefano went to keep her and Tony apart.

Anna Is convinced. She’ll find Ned for them.

Anna calls Ned and tells him she needs to find Rolf.

She puts on a weepy act and lies that it’s for Tony – he’s dead and they need Rolf to bring him back!

anna talks johnny about stefan DAYS

Ned is no match for Anna and admits to her that he took Rolf to Jakarta.

She shares this info with Johnny and Wendy.

“Looks like we’re headed to Jakarta,” Johnny says to Wendy after Anna leaves.

Wendy hops on her laptop and reserves the DiMera jet.

No one will know where they’re going because she’s switched the jet’s status to being serviced.

anna talks lowlife ned grainger days

From DiMera Enterprises, Stefan calls to reserve the DiMera jet, but he’s told it’s in for service.

Chloe takes it as a sign that they need to slow things down. She admits that she started having doubts as soon as she agreed to go on a trip with him.

Stefan assures her that they can move as slowly as she needs to.

chloe at new job DAYS

Xander comes back into the shed with the mask and phony accent on, so Susan still doesn’t recognize him. “Holy smokes!

I’ve been abducted by an evil clown!” Who is he and what does he want?

xander clown mask days

“Just an evil clown doing his job,” Xander replies. He gets a call from Sarah but ignores it. 

Susan tells him that she’s realized he’s not an evil clown. Where did he get the mask? He says he found it in her bag.

She bitches about him being a kidnapper — and a thief.

He sighs. He’ll return it. He ties her up and steps outside to call Ava.

From inside the mansion, Sarah hangs up the phone and tells Maggie that Xander didn’t answer.

She’s taking that as a good sign.

Sarah is confident that Xander get the job and they’ll be back on their feet and showing everyone up!

maggie talks changed man DAYS


Ava is alone in the crypt and talks to Jake’s memorial plaque in the crypt again and wonders how things would be different if he was still there with her.

“But you’re gone,” she says wistfully. “And I have to do what I have to do.”

ava talks jake grave DAYS

Xander calls. He’s got Susan and she’s a right handful! Xander asks when they get the ransom money.

Ava reminds him that she’s in charge, but Xander is done babysitting Susan and tells Ava to call EJ and get the money now!

xander tells ava got susan DAYS

Xander heads back into the potting shed. He paces. Susan calls him a sad clown. She knows because she can read people’s auras and stuff!

She doesn’t think he wants to be doing this, but Xander tells he that doesn’t matter. 

He tells Susan that what matters is that EJ pays the ransom so Susan doesn’t get hurt.

evil clown xandy days


Back at the DiMera living room, while alone, EJ looks for Susan but there’s no one there.

His phone rings. He doesn’t recognize the number but answers.

“It’s your old friend Ava Vitali!” Ava tells him.

Is EJ wondering where his mother is, the lady gangster asks?

He bites that she better not hurt her. Ava assures him that Susan is fine, but Ava is calling the shots now.

If EJ does exactly what he’s told to do, then maybe Ava will return Susan in one piece!

EJ complains kidnapping DAYS

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