Mishael Morgan Returns to Young & Restless as a Recurring Character

Morgan returns in November.  

SoapsSpoilers already reported that Mishael Morgan would be returning to Y&R, a post which she confirmed in a tweet. 

She has been missing from the show since August 5 when Amanda Sinclair kissed Devon (Bryton James) before she left Genoa City to visit her ailing mama Naya, (Ptosha Storey).

The long delay in returning has caused issues with fans who miss her and prompted many to question if Morgan has left Young and Restless.

amanda kiss devon bye Y&R

On September 5, the actress tweeted “I’ll be back very soon.” 

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Christel Adnana (Lily Winters) posted a photo of her and Mishael in the makeup room, getting done up on August 29 which confirms a return coming soon. SoapsSpoilers can confirm that Monday, November 7 she will reappear as Amanda.


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Michelle Stafford posted an Instagram statement today, directed to “My super amazing EMMY winning friend,” which sounds a lot like Morgan is leaving Y&R and getting well wishes for her future.

She said, “I have had so much fun with you the past 3 years. I love the friendship we created on screen. And the friendship we created off screen. SO many amazing things are happening for you and I am beyond excited! The future is yours! This is the beginning of so much greatness. I love the scenes we shot today. I love you girl. You are special. Never forget that. Go get um!❤️ @mishaelmorgan #YR”

Hours later, after everyone including us speculated that the actress was leaving, Michelle Stafford responded to a person on Twitter asking for clarification about her Instagram post. Stafford said, “I never said she was leaving.” 

Finally, Mishael Morgan posted an Instastory about what was going on behind the scenes, letting fans know that she wanted to take a step back at the show. She decided to go on recurring, which means she has no contract. Inevitably, this means we see a lot less of her. 

Instead of leaving the show, which she has done in the past, we’ll catch her again as Amanda here and there. The decision was made last December, she said and will allow her time to do other projects.



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