Days Recap: Charlie Begs Ava Not to Turn Him in for Raping Allie, to Let Tripp Take the Blame

Tuesday, December 15, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Victor is on to Philip, Philip is about to tell his father the truth about Ava, and Brady’s glad Chloe is a part of Basic Black.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor lets Philip know that he thinks he’s up to something. Philip says of course he’s not. He wants the concert to be a success and Sarah has connections in the music business. Vic tells his son not to kid himself. “I know exactly what you’re doing.” Cozying up to Sarah to get to Xander won’t work. Besides, he put the two men together at Titan to work together. He wants his son to stop being threatened by him. Philip flashes to Ava’s warnings and admits he’s not threatened by Xander. “He’s not the reason I’m doing this.” Philip wants to protect their interests. Philip’s about to tell his dad something when Maggie wanders in to tell Victor that Ava Vitali’s alive. “How is that possible?” He reads the article on Maggie’s cell and asks, “If that succubus isn’t dead, then why isn’t she in jail for kidnapping Kayla?” Mags says she cut a deal. Philip’s pissed to hear “that maniac” is alive and out. Vic is glad that for once, they’ve no target on their backs. Philip looks guilty.

At Basic Black, Brady thanks Chloe for her amazing work. She’s got a knack for this. Chloe thanks him. A problem with the warehouse comes up and Brady thinks they can rent one from Titan for now. Brady says he’d have to call Philip. Chloe raises an eyebrow and admits she saw him. They talked about what went wrong with them. It was party timing and Mimi Lockhart. She took herself out of the running when Mimi got involved. She got Philip into gambling again and now he’s in serious debt. Brady realizes that’s why Philip’s home, running the company he hates. Chloe thinks there’s more to it.

At Hope’s house, Claire tells Allie about how she met Charlie, who listens and makes her feel good. Allie thinks she’s scored with him. “Charlie makes me feel safe,” she admits. He’s protective of her and her family. He was sympathetic when she told him about Allie’s rape. Allie balks at that since it changes the way people see her. Claire knows that they see her with pity and asks for forgiveness. Allie’s over it. She realizes it’ll be all over the news anyway once the civil case comes up. Claire says he didn’t judge her when she admitted to having a mental illness. “He’s the perfect guy,” they agree. Allie can’t believe that Charlie didn’t run screaming after the Jan Spears fiasco. Allie says maybe his family is just as crazy. She doesn’t think so but admits he’s spending Christmas with them.

At Ava’s, Charlie gripes that Steve Johnson isn’t his father. Ava says the baby’s DNA matches the real father’s DNA. “Yours.” Charlie whines that she loves Tripp better but she claims not to. He had to live with his father, growing up. Ava yells that she was in a bad place, dealing with her father. “I was your damned child too,” Charlie says, breaking down into tears. How did she think he would feel to find out that he was following his brother? Ava forces him to admit what he did to Allie. “Fine. I did it. I raped her,” he says. Ava asks how he could do this. He made a mistake and feels awful about it. He asks her to stop calling it rape. Ava argues, “That’s what it is!” Charlie wants her help but she can’t let his reputation suffer. Tripp didn’t rape her and his name needs to be clear. Charlie begs her not to turn him in. Things are finally going his way. “You can finally do the right thing for me,” he says.

Steve and Tripp stop to talk in the square, on their way to Ava’s apartment. Steve is sure they’ll be able to prove his innocence soon. They sit and discuss Ava. Tripp says it’s important to get to know his mother and get answers. He asks that his dad not talk him out of being with her. Steve nods but cautions Tripp about her games and manipulations. Steve knows she doesn’t love the way others do. Tripp thinks he can handle Ava. Steve says she’s still in touch with her mob family and asks Tripp to promise he will never underestimate what she’s capable of. Tripp says Ava swore her money comes from the legit side of the family. Steve has trouble believing that. Christmas music plays in the background as the men embrace before Tripp heads home. Later, Steve runs into Allie.

Tripp arrives home and knocks on the door, while inside, Charlie cries and begs his mama not to turn him in.

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