Chandler Massey’s Back to Days of Our Lives As Will Horton but is Freddie Smith Returning?

A fan favourite is back in Salem for a Horton Christmas.

When Soaps Spoilers learned that Daytime Emmy winning Chandler Massey would be returning to Days of our Lives as Will Horton, our first thought was, “What about Freddie Smith?” Will and Sonny go hand in hand, but we can confirm that Smith won’t be making a return this time around. We’ll get to the reason behind that but for now, take a peek at Will’s return, from the Day of Days video promo, where his sister Allie says, “Merry Christmas, Will.”

Will should be in scenes with Allie, Kate, and viewers could be treated to watching him come together with the Horton clan to trim the tree. If he turns up at Alice’s, he’ll be seen hanging his ornament, along with Sonny and Arianna’s.

The actor started in the role in 2009 and though his character has been rested, viewers should see more returns with the actor, even though his departure was a shock, even to him.

Freddie Smith took to his YouTube channel on November 25 to comment on Massey’s return and to respond to fans questioning if he’ll be back to the show for the holidays. The actor stated that he’s not returning. Smith and his fiancee Alyssa Tabit have recently moved to Florida, and though he was invited to return for Christmas, for one episode, he and Tabit had just moved two weeks prior. When he got the call, Smith was flattered but the timing was off. Flying in for one episode and then flying back, wasn’t feasible, and with the current health crisis, he decided not to return this time around. That doesn’t mean we won’t see him in the future. Take a look at the discussion which starts early in the video.

After this video aired, it was revealed that Smith would return, (Spoiler!) but only in a video chat with Will, on New Years’ Eve.