Days Recap: Ava Makes a Stupefying Accusation to Charlie That’ll Rock Salem

Tuesday, December 15, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ava’s uncomfortable after learning Charlie’s moved to Salem, Nicole’s relieved to hear Allie’s not going to face charges, and Joey’s dream comes true.

At Steve and Kayla’s condo, Tripp is grateful that he can stay, but it’s the first night at his mom’s. He could tell she was disappointed that he wasn’t coming home. They all talk him into staying to celebrate with Joey, so Tripp decides to stay. Joey’s been dreaming about this for four years. They say grace, with Kayla holding Tripp’s hand. There are hugs all around, except between Kayla and Tripp. After dinner, the guys toast to Kayla. She feels lucky to have a wonderful family and to have Joey back. Steve asks what Joey will do. He hasn’t gotten that far yet. Tripp suggests going back to school but Joey may get a job for now. Steve offers him a job at Black Patch, though he and John aren’t getting along. He apologizes to Tripp. Tripp says it’s fine. He thanks Kayla for everything and Steve walks him home.

Ava’s started to see Charlie at her door. How did he get to town so fast? Charlie has been here a while. “I moved to Salem. For you.” Ava’s obviously not impressed with that or his admission that he’s been keeping an eye on Philip for her. Ava never asked him to do that. Sighing, she says she only called him there to discuss Tripp. Ava tells him about Tripp being accused of rape. Charlie heard that from his girlfriend, Claire. Charlie thinks it’ll blow over, which pisses Ava off since her son is innocent! Charlie apologizes for sounding heartless. Ava accuses Charlie of raping Allie. The DNA test proves he did it. Charlie’s baffled until Ava mentions the rape produced a son. Charlie takes off his glasses and calls Ava’s son a rapist. Ava says Tripp denied sex with Allie. “Then how does he explain the DNA?” Ava asks. “Oh he can’t explain it, but I can. You share DNA because you and Tripp are brothers,” she reminds Charlie.

At SPD, Nicole is thrilled to learn Allie won’t be charged with attempted murder. Rafe says Trask thought it’d be Tripp’s word against Allie’s and didn’t want to go down that road again. Nic’s relieved. Rafe understands why she did it. Allie’s more like her mama than she’s willing to admit. Nicole doesn’t think she’d have gone through with it. She just wanted to feel a sense of control. Nicole tells her old pal that she’s off Christmas shopping since she has a rare night alone. Rafe asks after Eric and learns that he’s left town for the Congo. Rafe calls what she did loving. They agree that life never goes as planned. Rafe says he and Hope were discussing a reunion when he had to leave Salem. And now she’s gone. They ended things. Nicole’s sorry. Rafe understands that she can’t be with him now. She’s still holding on to hope that Ciara’s still out there. Nicole urges Rafe not to give up on Hope. They commiserate over being alone, offering to be there for each other. They hug and she goes.

At Hope’s place, Allie tells Claire and Belle that she wants it on record that Tripp raped her. She Belle goes to heat up the pie Claire brought, and Allie lets Claire know about her mother shooting and killing Alan, her rapist, and that she pulled a gun on Tripp. Claire’s shocked. Allie tells her that she didn’t shoot. Tripp’s mother intervened. Allie admits that in the moment, she wanted Tripp to hurt. Claire wonders if Tripp could use this against her in the civil court case. Belle returns without the pie. She got a text from the DA about John’s case and has to call them. Claire swoons about her new beau and can’t wait until Allie meets him.

Shawn surprises Ben at the cemetery. Ben’s embarrassed that he thought for a second it was Ciara. Shawn says that’s not so crazy. He was there alone after the funeral and heard a noize. He thought it was Ciara, but it was Tripp, who came to pay his respects in private. He didn’t think anyone would want to see him at the service. “He’s probably right,” Shawn admits that he was walking home from work and saw a girl from the back who looked like his sister. Ben gets it. He followed some girl on a motorcycle before realizing that it wasn’t her. They talk about the uncertainty of her death and agree that’s the reason Hope took off. To find Ciara. Ben admits he’s talked to Hope who reassured him she’s okay. Shawn relays that Rafe tracked her down and they broke up. Ben thought he’d go through life alone but Ciara changed his life forever. Shawn knows Ben made his sister happy.