Surprising Guests Test Victor’s Spirit During the Kiriakis Christmas Gathering

Monday, December 21, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Christmas comes to the Kiriakis mansion, along with a couple of surprising guests, and one Salemite fantasizes about Christmas future.

Brady visits Kristen at the prison. They kiss and hug. “Merry Christmas, my love,” he tells her. He relays that Rachel has a slight fever, so he and Marlena decided she should stay home. Kristen gets it. She was hoping to see Christmas through their daughter’s eyes, so they imagine how it’ll be in the future. Kristen daydreams that Maggie’s her maid and Victor’s her butler, while Xander’s the gardener. Kristen orders her fantasy staff around. Later, Brady gifts her some artwork from Rachel. Brady says her Christmas list was long, but he got her everything, “except for the unicorn.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie yells at Victor for working on Christmas Eve. She gives him a Santa hat and he barks, “No.” He loves her but he’s not putting that ridiculous thing on his head. Maggie says it’ll match his tie. He gruffly allows it. She wishes Xander and Sarah were together for Christmas and finds it strange that they’d just end things so suddenly. Upstairs in her room, Sarah calls Xandy to wish him a Merry Christmas. Xander didn’t count on their plans to smoke out Philip to cancel Christmas. They share words of love and when Sarah disconnects, Philip pokes his head in her room. Was she talking to Xander? Sarah thinks fast and says it was her sister, Melissa. Philip’s sorry for kissing her but confesses he’s attracted to her. He’ll try to be patient. “Avoid the mistletoe,” he jokes.

Justin visits Adrienne’s grave, missing her madly. He places poinsettias on the ground and recalls past Christmas Eves, putting toys together for their sons, and teaching them about the joy of giving. Their sons are carrying on the tradition with their own families and Justin misses them. “I miss you, my beautiful, beautiful bride,” he sobs.

Chloe finds Xander in the square. He asks her to let bygones be bygones. They discuss Christmas. Chloe’s flight was cancelled due to inclement weather, so she’s not spending it with her parents. Xander takes a call from Maggie, who invites him for dinner. Once they disconnect, Xander asks Chloe to go with him.

Back at the mansion, Philip and Sarah head to the living room to hang stockings. Philip thinks Xander’s stocking should be used as kindling. Xander arrives and Sarah has a cow that her mother invited him. She lies that she’s moved on with Philip. Xander says he has too. In walks Chloe. Victor snaps that he has a lump of coal for Chloe. Sarah and Xander try to one-up each other, to make it look as if they’ve moved on. Sarah kisses Philip under the mistletoe, and when Xandy tries it with Chloe, she’s not having it. The men turn into boys and start arguing.

Bonnie sees Justin outside the pub. It’s awkward. He asks how her date was and she tries to make him jealous again. Justin can see right through her and calls her on her out. Bon Bon asks why he’d care since he’s back with Kayla.  Justin’s not with Kayla. He explains that she needed emergency legal advice for her son. Bonnie practically jumps up and does the air lasso over her head.

Justin arrives at the Kiriakis house. Vic and Maggie are glad to see him and he asks if it’s alright that he brought a guest. Vic hopes it’s Sonny but it’s Bonnie. Victor furrows his brow and orders Justin to kick her out. Maggie agrees while Bonnie looks regretful. Justin implores them to forgive her. She’s a changed woman. In fact, she donated her settlement to Sonny’s foundation. Maggie seems impressed. Bonnie apologizes and turns to go but Victor asks her to stay. Bonnie thanks him and promises not to bother anyone.

“Just enjoy yourself,” Vic says.

“I guess you’re a bigger softie than you let on,” Bonnie says.

“It must be the hat,” Maggie jokes.

Sarah corners Philip and says she’s noticed he can’t keep his eyes off Chloe. Sarah urges him not to ignore his feelings, so he calls Chloe over and reminds her of an old poem he wrote her in high school. She always found that one of the sweetest Christmas presents she’s ever gotten. He reminds her of their young love and they agree that what they had was special. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Justin look at the old family ornaments on the tree. Bonnie misses Mimi and Emily and admits being there with him warms her heart. She’s grateful he invited her. They hold hands.

Chloe calls Parker to wish him a Merry Christmas from Salem Inn. She speaks with Nancy, too, who asks her to sing Silent Night over the phone. Chloe sings in her beautiful voice.

Philip finds that Chloe has left her hat at the mansion. Upstairs, Sarah catches Xander in her room. “It’s Christmas Eve, and I wanted to give you this,” he says, kissing her passionately. Downstairs, Maggie hugs her husband, telling Victor how proud she is of what he did today. “You inspire me to be a better man,” he says as they snuggle.

In the square, Bonnie’s still shocked that she spent Christmas with his family. Justin calls it a Christmas Miracle and kisses her.

In the next full episode of Days of our Lives, Nicole shares a secret with Allie.