Allie Recognizes Charlie, During Belle and Shawn’s Christmas Wedding

Tuesday, December 22, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ava is almost freed from her son, there’s a surprise wedding, and Nicole awaits Eric’s Christmas return.

Belle and Shawn have finished their Christmas shopping at the square. Shawn pulls out mistletoe from his pocket and kisses Belle.

John cries while watching a Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Once Marlena arrives, he turns off the television and wipes his eyes. Marlena is immediately worried but John’s fine. He says, “He wished he wasn’t born, and now Potter is running the whole damned town.” Marlena turns the TV back on and they snuggle and continue to watch.

Nicole gives Allie a onesie for Henry at their house. Nicole confesses Eric’s coming home. Allie’s excited and promises to keep it a secret for now. They’ll go over to Marlena’s after they’ve had time alone together. Will arrives, surprising both women. He meets his nephew. “He’s beautiful,” Will says. Nic goes into the other room and Will apologizes for everything that went down with their mother before he left. Allie says it all worked out. They talk about her rape and then what she’s grateful for, like Will and Henry. Nic returns and they leave the kid behind while they go to their grandma’s.

From Hope’s, Claire calls Charlie to confirm he’ll be at her grandmother’s place. He has some last-minute wrapping to do, he says, and looks at Ava. They disconnect and Charlie takes off Ava’s gag. She yells and he grins. Nobody will hear her. She’ll have Christmas alone. Ava swears she won’t tell anyone he’s a rapist. He accuses her of conning him to let her free. Ava says this is their first Christmas together. “Let’s celebrate.” He hates her guts and says she should have tried when he was ten. He puts her gag back on and puts on a Christmas movie. He leaves and she struggles to get free.

Belle, Shawn, Brady, and Claire appear at Marlena and John’s. They have egg nog and Brady gives Marlena a photo of her and Rachel, which is from her and Kristen. Marlena thanks him. Brady asks his dad if he had a good Christmas cry. John calls him a terrible son and Belle interrupts Brady giving his dad a hard time. John hated being effusive, but he appreciates having all of them together. John’s sorry he blew Shelle’s wedding. Belle understands. John pulls out the rings, “In case of an impromptu wedding.” He gets on one knee and proposes. Belle says yes, and everyone claps. Charlie arrives.

“Merry Christmas girlfriend,” he says.
“Merry Christmas, boyfriend,” Claire says.

They kiss and he notices John’s crying. Charlie learns her parents are going to get married tonight. Charlie congratulates Belle.

“Well, Tink, are you ready?” John asks. Marlena officiates, but before she begins, Sami calls. Belle asks her mom not to respond. Belle has a meltdown, thinking of what Sami did to them. They get back on track. Belle and Shawn give speeches and say their I dos. Marlena pronounces them husband and wife after they exchange rings. They kiss and John brings Charlie with him to get champagne. Brady opens the door to Allie and Will. Brady’s thrilled to see Will. Brady says they missed the Shelle wedding. Charlie returns and Claire meets him. Charlie’s smile falters. Claire asks if she knows him from somewhere. He says no. She calls him familiar. Brady decides to take the holiday photo, while Charlie begs off sick and goes home. Will isn’t seen as Marlena and John discuss how long it’ll take for Belle to forgive Sami. John kisses his wife and almost cries at how happy he is. Meanwhile, Belle accepts earrings from her new husband.

Nicole opens the door to someone and yells, “Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!” But she looks surprised by her guest.

Charlie goes home and runs into Ava, who has freed herself. “Going somewhere?” He asks.

In the next full episode of Days of our Lives, Christmas comes to the Horton household.