Unpopular Days of our Lives Opinion, I Feel for Chad & Gwen

Welcome back to my weekly opinion of Days of our Lives. This week had Li Shin smokin’ crack, hiring Jake the mechanic as CEO of DiMera when he has worked there two months, Gwen let everything go and told her story, and wondering what direction Charlie’s storyline could go.

Chad’s trust issues

Li Shin had an issue with Chad having sex with his nanny, so Chad felt forced to step down as CEO of DiMera. Many viewers went crazy over this, wondering where Shin stood on Kate having sex with Jake, or Gabi having sex with Eli. The problem isn’t the sex, it’s that Chad’s sex life was on display when Gwen sold her (I think it’s fake) story to the Intruder with all of the ‘mind blowing sex’ details. Man, Gwen is savage! I get why Chad resigned but I found it ridiculous that Shin would ask Jake the mechanic to fill Chad’s shoes. Tony should have been made CEO. I don’t think anyone would have an issue with this. He knows what he’s doing and he’s a DiMera. Jake started in business five literal seconds ago. What board member would want a newb running their company? I still wonder if he has PTSD from finding Gabby in bed with Stefan, even though he knows it was rape. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I’m feeling not just for Abigail, but for Chad. Chad seems to have trust issues and he’s insecure in his relationship. He’s also a dumbass, but I still feel for him. At least he owned up to screwing up. Even Kate wants these two back together. I see both sides in this story and agree that Abigail needs time to process this, but she’s somewhere in her 30s so running back to maw and paw has made some viewers raise an eyebrow.

Charlie’s backstory came out and he suffered childhood abuse. That’s terrible, though I don’t want to feel for him. The way he fiddles with his glasses and almost seems surprised by them sometimes, along with Dr. Laura returning and Ron C enjoying writing the DID storylines makes me wonder if we’re in for another with Charlie. (Unless Laura’s story entwines with Gwen’s!) Since so many find the actor and character interesting, maybe it’s a way to keep him around, though I hope that isn’t what’s on the way since we’ve been there already.

I’m not a fan of how this story is unfolding, grabbing viewers and making them feel for the rapist. But I won’t deny that most offenders described having insecure and anxious parental attachment bonds. It’s not wrong, but why the hell is the story geared toward having it’s 90% female fanbase feel bad for a rapist? The story should be us feeling for Allie, worrying about how she’s been dealing with this, watching her story unfold. This is a constant that I truly find oppressive.

Whipped Xandy

I loved Xander as a bad guy and liked that he’d changed a bit and became redeemable, but he’s a little too good now for my taste. And becoming Sarah’s whipping boy is a monumental turn-off. Especially since she’s become so goofy and annoying. I want to like these two but I’ve no interest in swooning over a couple when the woman as per all Days of our Lives female characters turns into a harpy when in relationships. Xander is not dating his mother. It’s more like he’s dating Sarah’s mother. Seriously, she’s become more like Maggie with every passing minute and that’s no bloody compliment. This question came up on Twitter when Sarah told Xander he was going to help with the kidnapping case. Someone told me they sided with Sarah. “I think if my BF said he had a lot of work to do instead of helping someone find their kidnapped newborns I would also tell him “this is the part where you put others before yourself, boy-o”.” That’s exactly what I’m disagreeing with. Making women harpies. Xander isn’t a boy and Sarah’s not his mother. Telling each other what to do in a marriage and trying to change your partner will only result in one party being resentful. It’s disrespectful. I don’t mind if Sarah tried to convince Xander to help the kids but she would need to respect him if he said no. Or just get out of the relationship if she can’t handle that he’s not her.

Speaking of Mag Mags

At Christmas, Maggie was all over the season with the usual manufactured forgiveness and love and allowed Bonnie into her home to celebrate, knowing perfectly well that Justin was into her. But come January, the Christmas tree was put away and so were all of her good tidings. She’s back in her harpy shoes, judging. And it’s not a good look for her. I loved how Justin defended Bonnie by reminding Maggie that she’s a member of AA, a group that believes in giving others a second chance.

All that said, in no way does this mean I adore Bon Bon. I liked Justin putting Maggie in her place. I have been enjoying the story of two opposites in a relationship to some degree, though I’m almost alone in that.

Gwen’s story a letdown

Many fans were let down by Gwen’s reveal that she’s Jack’s daughter. Likely because we’d already guessed it months ago. Jack supposedly met Tiffany in Chicago before he knew Jennifer, before he moved to Salem, over 30 years ago. He didn’t remember sex with the cocktail waitress, you know, because he got so much ass in the 90s. And when Tiffany arrived in Salem to introduce her kid to him, he told her he wasn’t interested and gave her a cheque each month for child support. Though Jack doesn’t recall whether or not he did Tiffany, he knows he didn’t send cheques to her. So who did? Here are some theories as to what’s going on.

Theory 1: Laura’s returning. Maybe Jack did have sex with Tiffany, is the father, but Laura intercepted Tiffany and paid her off. This is the most likely story.

Theory 2: Jack didn’t know Tiffany and some other man gave her his name. Perhaps his father, Harper?

Theory 3: Gwen made this whole thing up because she’s delusional.

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My final word on Gwen for the week is to admit that since Emily O’Brien is such a powerhouse actress that I felt for Gwen. (I know, right?!) Even though she’s absolutely horrid, I can’t imagine what she’s gone through. Not that this has anything to do with poor Abigail, who didn’t deserve her wrath. Bitterness is not a good look on anyone.

Gabi’s back and boy it’s a shitshow already!

Gabi’s return was pretty spectacular. She’s peddling Gabi Chic and herself to Jake. I get it. She’s into him and wants to see where things can go, but he already told her he had feelings for Kate. Instead of kissing him, she should have asked if he was single. For her own sake. It’s not as if they had a great love affair that she needs to fight for. They were merely attracted to one another. I think Jake’s right. Her attraction is mostly because he is Stefan’s twin. If Jake’s taken then Gabi should set her sights on Li Shin. Maybe he’s single!

If Jake really wasn’t interested in Gabi the way he told Kate, why did he kiss her so passionately? I hated that Jake told Kate, “It wasn’t what it looked like.” Jesus. Yes that’s exactly what it looked like. I loved how Kate played it with the look of vulnerability in her eyes. She’s been around and obviously knows that Gabi’s not out of Jake’s radar.

Kate and Gabi bringing up each other’s history to Jake was trashy, but walking down memory lane made me laugh. They’re a lot alike and it’s a shame they’re being pit against one another now. We’re seeing fewer and fewer female friendships, which isn’t what viewers want.

Steve consoling his rapist

I’m not down with Steve being the one to calm his rapist and his wife’s kidnapper and attempted murderess down during her hallucinations. Nothing has changed. Ava hasn’t apologized for her disgusting behavior which means this scene feels premature to many. That said, I actually am really enjoying Ava right now. Some viewers are so desperate for some loving on the show that they’re heart warmed over this. And I get it. The show has so few heartwarming moments lately that so many are looking for crumbs. In no way am I judging them but I wish there was more of a balance.

Nicole and Brady spent the week being the voice of reason or the most annoying people in Salem, butting into other people’s lives. Nicole has nothing better to do these days without Eric, so she’s acting as if she’s Rafe’s police partner at SPD and making demands that are none of her business about things she is clueless about. And Brady is being a friend to Chloe by worrying about her becoming collateral damage since the mob is after PhillyK. However, Nicole’s heart is in the right spot. She’s advocating for Allie who needs an advocate but I think her father and mother should be the ones there to help her through the rape, not an interloper like Nicole. As for Chloe, she’s not a frigging child and Brady needs to shove off now that he spoke his peace. It was fun watching Chloe defend herself, though she came off a little too whiny for my taste.

Best lines:

Sarah, “We can’t let the mob murder Philip.”
Xander, “Can’t we let them rough him up a little?”

Charlie, “What kind of name is Tripp, anyway?”

Kate, “Wait until I walk you through back-end deals.
Jake, “Woah. And all this time I thought business was dull!”

Tony about Jake, “Shin has put the lives of tens of thousands of employees in the hands of grease monkey.”

Tony, “You’re dating Vivian Alamain’s son. She must be rolling in her grave.”

Anna to Gwen, “Slither back to wherever you came from.”

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