Gwen Reveals She’s Jack’s Daughter, But That’s Not All

Friday, January 22, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Gwen makes a big reveal, Kate walks in on Jake kissing Gabi, and Abigail is shocked to learn Gwen is possibly her sister.

Kate walks in on Gabi and Jake making out passionately at DiMera Enterprises. Jake and Gabi break free from the kiss when Kate says, “Gabi that didn’t take long. Did you smell Jake’s rise to power all the way from Arizona?” Jake claims this isn’t what it looked like. Kate says not to drag out that cliche but he assures her that she’s the one he wants. Gabi admits they’re over for now but she cares about Jake and thinks he should know a little more about Kate if he’s going to get in deeper with her. Gabi calls out Kate on her past as a prostitute and an attempted murderess and Gabi urges Jake to watch his back. Kate laughs and reminds her she’s in no position to throw stones. She tells Jake that Gabi murdered her ex. Gabi reminds Kate that she helped cover it up. Kate goes on and makes a few more reveals and they argue over who he wants to be with. Jake kicks Gabi out and tells Kate the kiss meant nothing. Kate looks hurt but nods and shares the champagne with him.

Ben finds Allie on a bench at the square and asks how she is. He reveals he helped get Claire away from “that Charlie creep,” and Dr. Evans told him what happened. He’s sorry. Allie says she may have accused the wrong guy. Ben suggests she get hypnosis from her grandma since it worked well for him. Allie thanks him.

Claire runs into Charlie outside the pub. He thinks she was brainwashed against him but Claire denies that. She knows he lied about Ava being his mother. “You told me a deliberate lie and you told it to my face.” He knows but worried she’d believe he raped Allie. He swears he didn’t do it. Claire reminds him that while they were in her room about to have sex that his mother was hallucinating and tied up in his apartment. Charlie says he’s always felt second best to Tripp. Claire understands that. She obsessed over it and lost her mind and tried to set Ciara on fire. “Is that what happened to you?” Did he drive himself crazy?

At Alice’s, Chad reveals that Gwen’s Jack’s daughter. Abigail doesn’t believe it. Neither did Chad, but he reveals Gwen said Jack turned his back on her and her mother. He reminds Abby that her dad abandoned them. Abigail winces. Chad tells Abigail that she was the one who drugged her, not Gabi. They are both sorry that Abs has to go through this on her own.

At Salem Inn, Gwen reveals to Jack that she’s his daughter. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Gwen thought he’d try to deny it. “You knocked up my mom and you waltzed off. I’m the kid that you threw away.” Jack and Jennifer’s mouths open in shock. “I didn’t throw anyone away,” Jack says. Gwen tells him her mother’s name is Tiffany Rizczech but Jack’s never heard of her. Gwen doesn’t believe him. She says that they came to Salem once and that her mother told him about her and said he didn’t want to meet her because he was too busy with his wife and precious daughter. Gwen said they met in Chicago. Tiffany was a cocktail waitress and he gave her “the tip of a lifetime.” Jack doesn’t remember. Gwen gets out her file of clippings on the family and reminds them that Jack raped Kayla and says he stopped sending monthly checks the minute her mother died, “Even though I needed to eat.” Gwen calls him a man who dodges responsibility. Jack’s sorry about her mother. Gwen reveals she became a ward of the state when her mother died. Gwen saw his name in a byline in the newspaper when he moved to England and thought he’d come to find her. Jack says he would never have let that happen to her. Gwen cries and Jack tells her that her mother lied to her. “Prove it,” Gwen says and asks him to take a paternity test. She reconsiders. She can’t trust a paternity test in this town. Jack asks what she wants then. Money? Gwen is offended. She has something more up her sleeve to ruin his life and throws them out of her room. She bursts into tears.

Ben finds Claire with Charlie at the pub and interrupts. He takes her away, meanwhile, Allie calls her grandma to make an appointment for hypnosis.

Chad finds Gabi in the square and apologizes for accusing her of drugging Abby. Gabi’s shocked that Jake’s ex did it.

Jack and Jennifer arrive home and they get on the same page as Abigail. Jack says nothing Gwen said is true except he doesn’t know if he’s her father.

Next on Days of our Lives, Jack and Gwen receive DNA test results.