Chad’s Insecurity Annoys Viewers & Kate and Jake Continue to Puzzle

Welcome to my Days of our Lives opinion for the week of December 14 – 18. This is the second week back after my two-month hiatus and Days celebrated their 14,000th episode on Thursday, December 17. An amazing feat. I expected the episode to be exciting, and it was, though Twitterverse had even more drama when head writer, Ron Carlivati, tweeted that he didn’t agree that Stefan DiMera raped Abigail DiMera. He did state that he believes what Stefan did was wrong, but he called it “rape adjacent.” I understand what he’s saying, though I find the use of that term reckless, but the label aside, the actual storyline is the problem. The way women are written on this show is sometimes damaging and offensive and has only gotten worse in the last few years. Rape is too commonly used as a trope, combined with the obvious misogyny, which has left many viewers accusing the showrunners and Carlivati of being misogynistic. The focus in the rape storylines is often on the “poor rapist” and the “poor husband” married to the survivor when the writing should be done with respect toward survivors since these are their stories. Perhaps if those tropes were put to rest and women weren’t always written as harpies, the ratings would pick up.  

Why the sneaking around?

I don’t yet understand why Jake and Kate feel the need to hide their affair or relationship. It’s hot to sneak around but I’m not sure anyone would care about what they’re up to. If anything, it would be a relief to Chad and Jennifer.  I loved Tony and Anna’s return, the visit with Kristen, and I have high hopes that our Anna will out Gwen. I would have wanted to throttle Gwen if I were Jake when she gave Kate’s gorgeous present to Abigail. 

Chad found Abigail with her head in Jake’s lap at that party I missed out on and then she insisted he come to their Thanksgiving celebrations. So to Chad, this somehow translates to her having an affair with his brother. Hmm. I’m not buying it. Stefan raping his wife has somehow made Chad feel insecure and he’s worried she’s going to have an affair with his brother? Chad should be there for his wife. That she can stomach having Jake, who is identical to Stefan, live in her house is completely ridiculous and bizarre. But Chad should be supporting her, not creating unnecessary drama.

As for HRH Jenn Jenn, I’d rather have seen her snoop around Salem Inn to find out for herself if Jack was in bed with Kate, instead of sitting around moping over what may or may not be happening. I want Jenn to be proactive. The strangest thing about Thursday’s episode was that Jennifer was asking Julie if she thought Jack still had “feelings” for Kate. I thought it was a one night stand? Am I wrong? What kinds of feelings would he be holding on to from a one-nighter? None, I’m guessing, by the expression of grief that he wears on his face constantly from losing Jennifer. Thank goodness for Lucas’ taking out the photo of Jack to show to Saul. Otherwise, Jenn would still be drowning her sorrows in egg nog. 

Charlie and Claire, awkwardly adulting

I know I haven’t watched Days for two months, so I shouldn’t have much of an opinion regarding Charlie and Claire. But I do, and so far, it’s not great. Both actors are fine, I miss the old Claire and want her back. This one is not right for this role. As a couple, I can’t tell yet if they have chemistry because I had a difficult time getting over the way they talk, which isn’t like anyone I know their age.

I’ll break it down: Claire found it absolutely hysterical that Charlie refused to put ketchup on his fries because it’s “uncivilized.” I mean, that’s cute I guess but not as funny as Claire made it out to be. But then, I guess when you’re first into a guy, anything he says is cute. It was funny that even she knew their conversation was lame when she joked that they were sharing food like some married couple. It’s more like some married couple in their 60s. Charlie used that comment to basically ask her to be his girlfriend. Oy. And then Claire actually said, “My heart feels affection for you.” I was so taken aback that I didn’t really hear the rest of what she said. At least she had the good grace to hide her face and admit how lame that was. I was hiding underneath my desk while this was happening. Poor Claire. She sounds like she just stepped out of a Charlotte Bronte novel. I’m older than Claire and I’ve never told my husband about my heartfelt affection for him. I’m the first one to admit that I feel a little immature, considering I mostly tell him how smokin’ hot he is. Not that he minds…

I’m a good guy

Ava raped Steve a few years ago and yet she’s all up in arms that her son (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here) raped Allie. How soon we forget our past. If Tripp wasn’t the one accused of the rape, would she have protected Charlie? I’m not sure. Even Charlie’s not sure of that. I don’t know him yet, but I couldn’t help but smirk several times while he bellyached about her being a terrible mother, and then called himself a good guy, even though he raped Allie. I’m seeing that most fans can’t stand him, and can see why. Psycho! Claire needs to run.

What really bothers me about this rape storyline, in particular, is that the focus is on Tripp as the poor man who raped a woman and got her pregnant. I’d have preferred to see the focus on why it’s important to believe the woman. Steve’s been disrespectful to his wife and daughter who were also raped, and he’s somehow forgotten that he too was raped — by Ava. All of that rich horrid history should mean that Steve believes in Allie, especially considering the DNA proves Tripp is the rapist. Tripp’s actual innocence aside, I find it very difficult to believe that Steve would sit Allie down after knowing that Tripp’s DNA proves he’s Henry’s dad and asked her to friggen detail the rape to see if she has the facts straight on her own attack. What Steve’s really saying is that women aren’t to be believed when they reveal they were raped and that’s not like Steve. If I was Allie, I wouldn’t have told him anything except where to go. Who cares if she was drunk? Who cares if she kissed Tripp first? 

Kayla holding Tripp’s hand during Joey’s welcome home party was messed up, too. That would never happen in a million years. It’s bad enough they wrote the exact same scene back when Kayla took Jack’s hand years ago after he raped her. It wasn’t heartwarming then and it’s not now. It’s actually offensive and disrespectful to real rape survivors. 

Shawn and Ben bonding

Shawn and Ben bonding over missing Ciara didn’t do much for me, but that may be because I have missed out on the aftermath of Ciara’s “death.” I found my eyes wandering as they spoke and noticed how close they’d gotten. So close that they’re now shopping together. There must have been a two for one sale at the leather store in Horton Square.  

Shawn and Ben in matching jackets/NBC Universal Inc.

Best lines:

Victor, “If that succubus isn’t dead, then why isn’t she in jail for kidnapping Kayla?”

“Harold’s a huge gossip,” Kate tells Jake.