Ava is Knocked Out and Kidnapped By a Madman

Tuesday, December 15, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Charlie has a meltdown, Chad walks in on Abigail and Jake in an inopportune moment, while Jennifer thinks it may be time to move on.

At Alice’s house, Jennifer thinks of Jack and Kate. Julie says what was between them is over. Jenn’s not so sure. She wonders if he still has feelings for her.

Kate and Jake bask in the afterglow of sex in her room at Salem Inn. They prefer sex here, to his room above the garage. She brings up Jennifer questioning her about who she was meeting and says it’s bad enough Jennifer knows. Kate kicks him out. They can’t spend the night together. Harold will miss them, “And he’s a huge gossip.”

Gwen receives a text from Abigail, who tells her she’s stuck in a meeting and asks Gwen to tuck the kids in. Gwen drinks some wine and shrugs it off. Chad appears, asking where Abby is. Gwen lies that she has no idea. She heard about his fight with Abs. Chad calls himself a complete jackass. Gwen asks why he’d think she had an affair with Jake. Chad says, “I’m an idiot.” He trusts her. Later, Chad’s gone when a call comes in. Gwen hollers for Harold and when he doesn’t respond, she bitches about putting the kids to bed. Gwen picks up the phone to Julie, who asks to speak to Jack. Gwen says he’s out, so Julie asks for Kate. Gwen says she’s gone too. Once Julie’s disconnected, Gwen smiles. “Jenn’s took the bait.” Chad returns. He still can’t find Abigail or Jake, either. His imagination runs wild.

In Ava’s apartment, Charlie begs Ava not to tell anyone he is Tripp’s brother or that he raped Allie. Ava looks upset but is sorry. She has to tell Tripp the truth. Charlie grabs her hand and begs. Ava says they’ll tell Tripp the truth and deal with the consequences. “Let go of me,” Ava demands, quietly. When she turns around, Charlie hits her over the head with a vase and knocks her out. Charlie gasps. “Oh my God, what am I doing?” Meanwhile, Tripp pounds on the door. He thought he heard a noise. He makes a call to someone, to explain what’s happening while Charlie grabs scissors.

Steve’s sorry he hasn’t reached out to Allie before now. He’s sorry about what happened but is standing by Tripp. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe Allie. Allie says he can’t be on both their sides. Christmas music plays as Steve asks her to tell her side of the story. Allie’s happy to share. She details the night of the rape and learns Tripp said he left a note. Steve finds that interesting since it’s so easy to disprove. She remembers Tripp hovering over her in bed and her saying no while a hand held her down by her wrist. Steve asks if she’s sure it was Tripp’s hand. Later, when Steve’s gone, Allie runs into Kate outside Salem Inn. Kate covers for why she’s there and learns Allie’s suing Tripp Dalton. Kate’s proud of her granddaughter for standing up for herself legally.

Back at Alice’s, Julie thinks they should call Saul at Salem Inn and get the dirt on Jack. Jenn can’t do it. She heads to the kitchen for egg nog. Julie knows it’ll take more than egg nog to set her mind at rest. She calls Saul herself. Jenn returns and Julie spills about the call. Kate booked a room there tonight with someone whose first name begins with the letter J. Jennifer thinks this must mean Kate’s doing Jack and wonders if she should just move on.

Chad arrives at Jake’s garage, looking for Abigail and Jake. When he doesn’t find them, he calls himself an idiot. Gwen appears. She thought she’d find him here. Chad assumes she thinks he’s an idiot. Gwen claims she understands and will keep this secret. Gwen touts how amazing Chad has been toward her. Gwen’s sorry for how she behaved when she first moved into the mansion. He helped her through a rough time and she’s grateful. She’ll be there for him if he needs her. Chad thanks her. They head home.

Tripp finds Steve outside the condo and shares that Ava didn’t respond when he arrived home. He heard a noise and thought of breaking down the door. Steve finds that strange. He offers to check it out with his son.

Back at Ava’s, Charlie lays on top of his mother’s back and tells her he’s sorry for knocking her out. Claire’s the best thing that’s happened to him. He can’t lose her. Ava starts to come around.

Abigail finds Jake in the living room at home. She talks about the boring city council meeting she was at for work. He asks her to look over a proposal for him for DiMera but she’s swamped.  Jake thinks he’s offended her. She denies it and confesses Chad thinks they’re having an affair. She doesn’t want to be alone with him because of this. Jake says fine. He turns to make a drink when Gwen and Chad walk in as he says he’ll ensure they’re not seen alone because they don’t want to make Chad any more suspicious than it is. Gwen hides a smile while Chad narrows his eyes.

Steve breaks into Ava’s apartment. He calls Ava’s name but she’s not there. The men check the rooms. Maybe she took off somewhere.

Ava wakes up tied up in an apartment with Charlie. She asks what the hell he’s doing and demands he untie her. “You brought this on yourself,” he says.