Days of our Lives Fan Fiction Who Killed Charlie Dale — It’s a Doozy

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Wayne-Daniel Berard is back with another fan fiction story for Days of our Lives! Last time he wrote a delicious spin on who killed Charlie Dale. This time he’s got one more story about who could have killed Charlie and this one is a doozy. Don’t forget, we’re going to find out next Monday who really killed Charlie. Stay tuned for that Days recap and in the meantime, enjoy this short story.

The scene, St. Luke’s Church, vestibule.

“I’m glad you’re doing this, Honey,” Nicole coos.

“It was hearing about Lani and Eli’s twins’ christening that did it,” Allie replies, holding baby Henry close. “You know, I never even thought about having him christened before that. Some mother, right?”

“Don’t talk that way!” Nicole urges her. “You kinda had a LOT going on, wouldn’t you say? Now that things have calmed down, . . . “

“You mean, now that Charlie is dead,” Allie interjects.

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“Let’s not even bring that devil’s name up in this place!” Nicole says. “With this ceremony, you and Henry can start a whole new future.”

“And thanks for understanding about not being Henry’s godmother,” Allie grimaces. “You know you were my first choice. But my Mom would have freaked!”

“Oh, I understand that entirely,” Nicole chuckles. “I think Claire was a great pick. And I know Henry’s Uncle Tripp will be a fantastic godfather.”

“They’re ready for you now, darling,” Julie has poked her head through the vestibule doors.

Allie smiles and makes her way down the aisle with Henry in her arms. An organ plays the song “Be Not Afraid.”

Later, those present for the christening are gathered in the common room of the church for a light reception. It seems that everyone even remotely connected to the Hortons or the Johnsons are there — including all the principal suspects in Charlie’s murder.

Rafe surveys the room.

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Sami is hovering over Allie and her grandchild, making sure to insinuate herself between Nicole and them.

Tripp is beaming, standing beside Claire, both the picture of proud godparents. Ava has her arm through Tripp’s; she seems to be glowing, as if she were the one newly baptized, starting a new life.

John is smiling, too, although his face does seem to exhibit a bit of disconnection. Doc never leaves his side.

Lucas and Kate (with Jake) seem to be enjoying themselves without a care in the world.

kate fan fiction days of our lives

Rafe looks around the room and shakes his head to himself. He slumps down into a chair.

A hand holding a cup of punch reaches into Rafe’s space.

“Looks like you could use this?” Abe says comfortingly. He leans in with a conspiratorial smile. “I think Kate secretly spiked it!”

Rafe smiles a little and takes the cup.

“Well, I might as well, seeing as I’m off duty,” Rafe sighs. “Permanently.”

“Are you sure about that?” Abe asks. “I was hoping you’d reconsider.”

“No, Abe. Thanks,” Rafe replies. “Charlie Dale’s killer is right here in this room, and I have no idea who it is. What kind of cop am I, let alone a commissioner? No, I’m done. My resignation is final.”

“Well,” Abe pats Rafe’s knee as he stands to leave, “let me know if you change your mind.”

“Mi lothose trop,” a voice seems to fill in the space left behind by Abe.

Rafe looks up. Victor stands beside him.

“It’s Greek; it means ‘right in the wrong way.’ Mind if I sit down?” And before Rafe can utter a yeah or nay, Victor oomphs himself down in a chair beside him.

“So, you’ve really resigned as police commissioner,” he says, looking straight ahead and bringing a cup to his lips. Even from where he sits, Rafe can smell the “punch” in the punch.

“That’s right,” Rafe nods tersely.

“Then this conversation is just between two unaffected civilians,” Victor went on. “A he-said/he-said.”

“He could say that. Both of ‘em,” Rafe quips.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Victor adds. “You were right. That rapist’s murderer is in this room. But you’re also wrong. Very wrong.”

Victor takes another sip.

The screen fades to a scene in Charlie Dale’s apartment. Everything is seen in grey and white. Charlie is there, talking frantically to himself and pacing.

There’s a knock at the door. Charlie answers.

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“Mr. Kiriakis?” Charlie is stunned. “What are you doing here?”

But the Kiriakis at the door is neither Xander nor Philip.

“Just checking on our youngest employee.” Victor shuffles into the room.

“I’m doing fine, sir. Thank you.” Charlie seems extremely uncomfortable.

Victor spies a pistol on the end table nearby.

“Can’t be that fine, if you need that thing?” he quips.

“Oh that’s nothing,”‘Charlie laughs nervously. “I’ve had death threats lately, but I’m not really worried.” And he moves toward the gun.

“Oh, I’d be very worried if I were you,” Victor replies. Charlie looks back and sees Victor brandishing a handgun of his own.

“What? What are you doing?” Charlie stammers.

“Just hand me that gun, butt-first,” Victor commands. “Don’t do anything stupid, no matter how dumb those glasses make you look.”

Charlie complies. Victor pockets his own weapon and turns Charlie’s on him.

“Any last words? ‘Arrivederci,’ perhaps?”

“Why are you doing this?!” Charlie is now panicking. “Allie Horton isn’t family to you? What do you care?”

Victor fires a single shot. Charlie crumples to the ground.

“There’s family and there’s family,” Victor mumbles aloud. He wipes the gun with his suit’s pocket square.

The scene shifts back to the present.

“Wait!” Rafe seems shocked. “So, you . . . But why?”

“Suffice it to say a debt was paid. One family wanted rid of their embarrassment of a son. I wanted to save mine.”

“So,” Rafe looks around the room again. The camera pans across the faces gathered there. “They’re all innocent?”

“It’s Salem,” Victor gruffs and clicks cups with Rafe. “Just wait a minute.”

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