B&B Spoilers July 31 – August 4: Li’s Support Wavers When Finn Makes a Reveal

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, July 31 to Friday, August 4.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of July 31!

Finn is in unchartered territory.

The aftermath of Sheila’s trial causes a ripple effect for everyone.

Monday, July 31

Monday’s B&B: Sheila saves Kelly’s life

A life hangs in the balance.

Kelly will be fine.

Finn thanks his “mom.”

Steffy rolls her eyes as Liam goes on about how vulnerable Finn is to Sheila.

Carter talks about upping security at Forrester.

Ridge and Brooke canoodle and he proposes marriage to her again.

sheila save kelly life

Tuesday, August 1

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Steffy loses her mind on Finn

Steffy has a stern warning for Finn.

Steffy yells at Finn for her daughter almost drowning.

Kelly tells her mom that Sheila saved her.

Sheila rushes to Deacon with her good news.

Deacon can’t believe Sheila pulled off the unimaginable. 

finn yells that "my mother saved kelly's life"

Wednesday, August 2

Wednesday on B&B: Sheila thinks Steffy will thank her

Deacon’s concerned about Sheila’s view of what her future could hold.

Sheila is sure Steffy will be grateful.

Wyatt questions Steffy’s reaction.

Wyatt reminds Liam he kissed Steffy twice.

Finn thinks Steffy should be happy that Sheila saved Kelly.

Finn wants Steffy to cut Sheila some slack.

Steffy confronts Finn about hugging Sheila.

sheila feels like a mom

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Thursday, August 3

Thursday’s B&B recap: Steffy leaves Finn

Steffy can’t trust Finn.

Finn begs Steffy to stay.

Steffy is taking the kids and going to Grandpa Eric’s.

Finn’s actions lead to a devastating result.

Liam refuses to back down.

Liam finally admits the truth about his feelings for Steffy.

Deacon and Sheila haves sex.

Deacon tells Sheila to consider leaving town.

finn learns steffy leaving him

Friday, August 4

Friday’s B&B: Li blows up at Finn

Li’s unwavering loyalty is in jeopardy.

Steffy tells Liam about the beach incident.

Liam is in shock.

Sheila and Deacon have sex.

Steffy has moved in with Eric.

Finn tells his mom Steffy left him.

finn looks at ocean

Coming up on B&B the week of August 7!

Ridge angrily confronts the person responsible for putting his family in jeopardy.

Liam makes a vow.

Finn risks losing everything he holds dear.

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