B&B Recap: Steffy Urges Thomas to Think of His Sanity and End Things with Hope and Then Lashes Out at Her

Tuesday, Mar 19, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam complains about what Steffy is worried about, Brooke tells her Hope to think of herself, and Steffy tells her brother to think of his sanity.

Monsday’s Early B&B recap: Hope astonished Thomas by rejecting his proposal, Steffy urged him to move on, and Finn suggested Poppy reveal everything.

In the Forrester Creations office, Steffy tells her brother that Hope said no to him so now he has to say no too.

steffy tells her bro to move on

He complains that he made a speech and had a ring and protests that he loves her and know she loves him.

“Why won’t she just commit to me?” he asks.

thomas doesn't understand rejection B&B

His sister tells him he did nothing wrong and this is all Hope’s doing.

She’s not surprised.

Loving Hope is just going to cause him pain and frustration.

Enough is enough. It’s time to end that relationship.

steffy urges thomas to end it

She says Hope has been using him and keeps breaking his heart.

All he’s asked for is a promise of commitment and she won’t.

He feels like he should have given her more time.

Steffy says that waiting around will not solve this.

It’s all a game to Hope and she’s just stringing him along.

She urges him to think about his sanity and leave Hope.

steffy tells thomas hope is stringing him along

She urges him to think of his son.

He can’t keep watching him getting burned by Hope.

She’s sure he would want his son to protect himself if he was in his position.

thomas says this is a lot to ask

He’s in a toxic relationship and that could resurrect his demons.

Hope is not worth it. Steffy wants him happy and that could be with any other woman.

“You deserve to he happy,” she says.

As she hugs her brother, she looks over his shoulder at a picture of Hope and scowls.

steffy hugs bro

Sitting in the salon, Hope holds the ring as she flashes back to rejecting Thomas’ proposal.

hope thinks of rejecting thomas

Her mom stumbles in. “Wow! what is all this?” she gasps as she looks at how the room is decorated.

She notices her daughter is in tears and guesses something is wrong.

Her daughter explains that Thomas proposed again. Brooke guesses she didn’t accept.

brooke hears hope rejected thomas

Hope is not ready.

That hurt him so much he couldn’t even look at her.

Her mom is sure she feels awful but if she’s not ready…

Hope says they have been open and honest so she’s not sure what changed. Brooke urges her to think of herself and not rush into anything.

Crying, Hope knows all that but she still broke Thomas’ heart and can’t imagine what he’s feeling.

brooke tells hope to think of herself

She worries she’s ruined everything. Her mom tells her she’s a compassionate woman and she needs to think of herself and what she wants.

Sobbing, Hope keeps repeating that she loves him and wants a future with him.

hope crying about breaking hearts

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Thomas goes to the design office and tries to work but keeps thinking of Hope rejecting him.

thomas trying to work

Then he thinks of Steffy urging him to end things with Hope and shakes his head.

Brooke comes in to drop off some papers and explains she saw her daughter in the salon.

She knows he proposed again.

He doesn’t want to talk about it.

She can see he’s heartbroken and says her daughter didn’t want to reject him.

brooke tells thomas hope didn't want to hurt him

Standing up, he says that she could have refused his ring but she kept wearing it and they kept getting closer.

She told him she never wanted what they found in Rome to end.

“Have I just been a foo?” he asks. Does Hope really love him?

thomas asks brooke if hope loves him

Hope goes to the main office. She feels the spot around her neck where the ring used to hang and looks at a photo of her and Thomas.

hope feels where ring was

Steffy storms in, declaring that she hates being right.

steffy faces hope in office

Hope never meant to hurt her brother. Steffy tells her she needs to stop with this game.

Hope insists she loves him.

hope hears thomas may end things

Her eyes narrow when Steffy claims she’s finally gotten through to her brother and convinced him to end things with her once and for all.

steffy told bro to end things

At Il Giardino, Liam asks Carter to join him for lunch. They talk about how nice it is there now that Sheila is gone.

carter listens to liam

Liam adds that the Sheila nightmare is still happening for Steffy. She was traumatized by what she did, even if it was justified.

He’s worried about her well-being and worries that she’s more concerned about Thomas.

They eat salads and talk about Hope and Thomas.

Liam thinks they are doomed to fail and worries Thomas could hurt Hope.

liam worries about steffy to carter

Carter notices he’s not broken up about her not accepting the proposal. He asks why Steffy thinks Hope is the problem.

Liam sarcastically whines that Steffy thinks Hope could break her brother’s fragile heart.

Carter thought that people had come around to Hope and Thomas being together but it looks like it was just Ridge.

Liam worries about how Thomas will react when Hope ends things. Steffy thinks Hope doesn’t really love Thomas.

Liam doesn’t think so either.

carter listens to sarcastic liam

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