B&B Recap: RJ Tells Luna He Doesn’t Know if They have a Future, and Lauren’s Shocked When Deacon Asks About Sugar

Thursday, April 18, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Zende urges RJ not to blame Luna, Steffy worries about Deacon spinning crackpot theories, and Eric tells Lauren that Deacon is grieving Sheila.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Poppy couldn’t stop Luna from rushing to Forrester, while Deacon questioned Finn about Sugar.

Steffy and Finn kiss in the Forrester office.

He explains that he already picked up take-out from Il Giardino for dinner.

finn stops by to see steffy

She guesses he ran into Deacon and he’s not letting it go about Sheila.

Steffy says he needs to stop spinning crackpot theories.

The doctor thinks Deacon is getting more convinced.

His wife knows this has been hard for him and she’s trying to be understanding.

steffy vents about crackpot deacon

He can appreciate that.

Finn assures her she doesn’t have to worry about him being distracted by this.

Her happiness is his focus.

They kiss and hug. He promises her a backrub tonight.

steffy finn hug

Finn says that Deacon asked him how he feels about his birth mother being gone and he said it doesn’t matter.

It just has to be accepted.

She can understand Deacon being skeptical about Sheila’s demise given her history but she was there and lived it.

finn and steffy talk deacon doubts

There is no doubt in her mind that Sheila is gone.

Lauren is at Eric’s to check up on him. He’s thrilled for the company and she’s happy to see he’s getting better.

eric lauren have tea

They have so much to celebrate now that Sheila is gone. She doesn’t think Steffy should feel an ounce of guilt.

Eric wonders how Finn is handling this. She’s sure he’s the only one mourning.

He reminds her about Deacon. It’s hard for her to wrap her head around someone falling for Sheila.

lauren eric talk sheila gone

He points out that he did. She says he was conned and just saw a pretty nurse.

Deacon went into a relationship with a psycho consciously.

She’s sure he will realize he is lucky she died before she could ruin his life.

They congratulate themselves on being the good guys and surviving Sheila.

lauren tells eric she's happy sheila gone

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Ashleigh Brewer back as Ivy


In the Forrester design office, Zende and Poppy tell RJ that Luna is not to blame for anything.

poppy zende says they are to blame B&B

RJ doesn’t want him telling how to feel after he intentionally stabbed him in the back.

Zende repeats he didn’t know she was high on drugs.

RJ reminds him he still knew she was his cousin’s girlfriend.

rj tells zende he's betrayed him

Zende hopes he will forgive him because he can see it was a betrayal but Luna would never betray him.

He urges him not to blow this.

Luna urges them not to put pressure on him.

rj asks to speak to luna alone

Poppy repeats that this is all her fault. RJ agrees with her. He doesn’t want to listen to them and kicks them out.

As Poppy leads Zende out, he stops to apologize for rocking his world with this “big misunderstanding” and urges him not to break Luna’s heart.

zende tells rj not to blow it

Left alone, Luna asks RJ is he will ever be able to look at her the same.

luna asks how rj sees her

RJ knows who she is and that she didn’t knowingly cheat on him.

But that doesn’t make it less shocking or hurt less.

He doesn’t know where to go from here.

rj doesn't want what future holds

He wishes she’d told him, after it happened.

So does she but she wanted to protect his relationship with Zende.

luan says she will always love rj

He declares that’s history. He only wants to talk about them. This would be easier if he didn’t love her so much.

He’s trying to make sense of this but needs time because when he looks at her, he sees her in Zende’s arms.

She understands and tells him she will always love him, no matter what he decides.

When she touches him, he jumps away.

rj doesn't blame luna

At Il Giardino, Deacon stares at the Joy search on the laptop.

He tries searching for Sugar but all he’s getting is pictures of pastry.

the joy search

He keeps wondering how she suddenly had ten toes.

He’s not going to give up until he knows.

deacon using a computer

After he signs for a delivery, Deacon returns to staring at Sheila on his computer.

Lauren shows up and tells him to delete it.

He’s better off with no reminder of Sheila.

She gloats about how calm everything is now that she’s gone. She won’t apologize for celebrating her old enemy’s demise.

lauren tells deacon he's better off

She says his life is better, safer, and happier without her.

Deacon says she can jump for joy all she wants, but what if Sheila is still alive?

deacon faces lauren at il giardino

Lauren thinks that’s ridiculous. Didn’t he got to the morgue?

She thinks he’s clinging to false hope and tells him that he should be thankful he never saw the monster she was.

If he even knew a fraction of the torment he caused her.

lauren tells deacon to be grateful

As she walks out, he calls out, “Does the name Sugar mean anything to you?”

That stops her in her tracks.

lauren hears sugar's name

She walks back and he demands to know what she knows about Sugar.

deacon asks lauren about sugar

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