B&B Recap: Brooke’s Shocked Zende Slept With Luna and Romance is Dampened When Finn Brings up Hope and Sheila to Steffy

Tuesday, April 23, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Finn get some romantic time together, Brooke gives her view on what happened between Zende and Luna and Deacon dives deeper into trying to find his Sheila.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon has a rough time while he makes coffee and looks around the restaurant with Sugar on his mind.

deacon can't stop thinking of sugar on B&B

He goes over what Lauren told him, unable to believe Sugar had cosmetic surgery to look like Sheila.

He reads online about Janet Webber and how she took the fall for Sheila’s crimes.

janet aka sugar in the news

He knows Sheila’s alive.

He drinks some more coffee and rehashes the text chain aloud in the middle of the restaurant.

Sheila sounded scared, he thinks, which is no small feat.

deacon rehashes the text chain with sheila and sugar

Did Sheila leave town without telling him or is she in danger?

He gets back online and learns Sugar was released a few months ago from prison.

It could have been her at the crematorium. “Ten toes and all.”

deacon learns sugar was released

If it was Sugar and now Sugar’s gone, where the heck is Sheila?

At the cliffhouse, Steffy and Finn come in from a swim.

They canoodle and are happy Li took the kids so they’d have time together.

He gets frisky and they make out.

They head to the sofa and continue until Li sends a photo of Kelly.

steffy and finn canoodle

They find it sweet and he tells his wife about Hope dropping off the goggles and telling him that her dad thinks Sheila’s alive.

He ruins the romantic mood and Steffy goes and gets a bowl of prunes.

steffy all over finn

They start snacking and discussing how grief has a way of playing tricks on your mind.

It’s the only explanation that makes sense of why Deacon saw ten toes.

Steffy asks why Deacon’s issue has to be a problem for them.

finn ruins the romance

“Deacon chose to love that monster.” Finn gives her a look and she apologizes.

He gets it. She wants him to be able to talk to her.

He says he couldn’t get through this with her. He’s the luckiest man in the world to be with her.

finn feels lucky

She kisses him. “Don’t you forget it.”

He talks about his connection with Sheila that doesn’t compare to his with her and their kids.

They’re free from her anyway. They kiss and hug.

steffy with finn home

RJ tries unsuccessfully to sketch something at Forrester Creations.

He can’t stop thinking about Luna’s admission that she spent the night with Zende.

Brooke arrives and notices he’s got something on his mind. He’d rather not discuss it.

rj thikns of luna with zende


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Brooke says she respects that but plods on asking what it is.

When she asks if it’s Luna, he clams right up.

She tells him there are rocky times in any relationship. Maybe she can help.

brooke shocked luna was with zende

RJ’s not sure she can but admits Luna “was with another guy.”

Brooke’s shocked when she learns it was Zende.

She paces and calls to God.

RJ tells her about the ‘special mints’ and that Luna had no idea she was on drugs.

brooke learns luna slept with zende

Brooke finds it difficult to believe but RJ believes her. How could Zende do this?

She’s heartbroken for them both. RJ believes he didn’t take advantage of Luna.

Brooke agrees but still. “Think about it. Luna went to Eric’s party with you, as your girlfriend, on your arm.”

RJ asks brooke to keep quiet

Zende knew it. “When your father finds out about this.” RJ begs her to keep it to herself.

It’d devastate Luna. She agrees she won’t tell Ridge.

She grapples with the whole thing and asks how Luna is.

Brooke is more upset to learn Luna feels to blame in some sense.

brooke comforts RJ

Brooke knows as a woman how horrible this is.

They blame the mints and Brooke blames Zende.

She starts to cry and calls this a horrible betrayal.

She’s so sorry and hopes they can work through this. They embrace.

rj hugs brooke

Luna works in the design room as she thinks about her confession to RJ.

She flashes back to RJ admitting he keeps seeing her in Zende’s bed — in his arms.

He needs time.

Poppy arrives as Luna’s dissolving into tears. Poppy hugs her.

luna at the design room at forrester creations

She’s so sorry. “My mints.” Luna says it’s okay.

She knows her mama gave them up.

Luna says she broke RJ’s heart and though he cares about her, he told her he can’t stop picturing her in Zende’s bed.

Poppy hopes he can forgive her. She’s innocent! Luna regrets taking so long to confess.

Poppy gives her a pep talk and asks her not to lose faith in RJ and his love for her.

poppy holds luna in her arms at forrester


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