GH Recap: Joss and Kristina Can’t Resist Fighting as Everyone Celebrates Chase and Brook Lynn at Their Parties

Tues April 23, 2024: Joss talks Trina into attending the bachelorette party, where Spinelli DJs as everyone dances and plays games, and Dex is the odd man out at Chase’s party.

Monday’s GH recap: After confronting Ava, Nina told her she can have Sonny and signed the divorce papers as Sonny told Carly they’re done.

Stella brings Trina to the Port Charles Surf Lodge. Trina is surprised that her aunt is cool enough to know about this place.

Joss rushes in and tells them they can dance and drink all night at the bachelorette party.

joss joins trina and stella at surf lounge

As they mull that over, Trina isn’t sure she feels good enough to go.

Joss says they can leave if she hates it.

joss urges trina come to party

Stella tells her that she can have dinner with her any time and urges her to go and cut loose.

At The Savoy, BLQ welcomes her guests and tells them she’s at a loss for words.

Seeing all their supportive faces makes her no she’s got this.

blq makes speech at party

They toast and then Lois urges everyone to try the signature cocktail.

Tracy notices there is no music. Lois realizes she forgot about it.

No one wants her to sing.

lois olivia and tracy realize no music

Spinelli arrives. “Please tell me he’s the stripper,” says Lois.

BLQ welcomes Willow, who is eager to catch up on all the partying she has missed.

Willow is happy that she is marrying such a great guy.

blq says they will have to make up for it

She’s sure they now know they have the staying power to remain married.

willow and blq at party

Maxie thanks Sasha for saving Deception’s bacon the other day.

They complain about Lucy and Sasha says she’s happy no longer to be the face of Deception.

sasha asks maxie about spinelli

Maxie says Blaze is nice but she hasn’t done much yet.

She starts pushing about Cody and Sasha asks her about Spinelli.

maxie and sasha talk spinelli future

When Maxis spots Spinelli, she rushes over to him and demands to see the playlist before he starts it.

BLQ, Willow, and Sasha talk about how great Maxie and Spinelli are.

They are sure they can’t fight it forever.

Willow teases Sasha that they are not the only ones.

Lois grabs the mic and welcomes everyone.

She tells them how proud she is of her daughter and what a beautiful job she is doing with her life.

lois makes speech about daughter

She wishes she could take credit for how great she is, but she can’t.

They are all just so lucky to have her in their lives.

They start playing Pictionary.

maxie pictionary

They play musical bouquet and Maxie, Sasha, and Kristina get it.

When it comes down to Lois and Tracy, Tracy ends up being the winner.

pass the bouquet

Tracy brings the bouquet to Spinelli and tells her that if he ever DJs another event she attends, she better not win a competition like this again.

Sasha and Blaze talk about Deception.

They discuss how exhausting it is to worry about your looks.

Spinelli starts taking pictures of all the guests.

lois and tracy photo

Joss brings Trina in.

She immediately bumps into Kristina and they avoid each other.

Lois and BLQ welcome Trina and then they begin opening the gifts.

trina at party

BLQ gets a spa gift and her mom gives her her favorite ring from when she was a kid.


BLQ calls everyone to dance.

She tries to get Tracy on the floor but has no luck.


As everyone dances, the baby starts kicking Kristina. Blaze has to go and tells her she owes her a dance.

Joss tries to get Tracy onto the floor and eventually goads her into it by bringing up Bobbie.

Spinelli flails around.

Kristina bumps into Joss again and they immediately get into it over Sonny.

joss avoiding kristina

Joss asks if she really doesn’t know what he did to Dex.

Kristina accuses her of dumping her issues on her.

Joss explains that Dex doesn’t work with Sonny anymore because Sonny ordered him to kill Cyrus.

That’s not something Joss can live with.

Trina and Willow take a selfie together and Trina admits she’s having a good time.

kristina joss bickering again

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Curtis joins Drew and the others at the hatchet range for Chase’s bachelor party.

As they compete, Ned arrives and starts taunting Drew.

drew and curtis banter

Michael tells them no family in-fighting tonight.

Dante reminds everyone to be careful and that they are there for Chase, the best partner a cop could have.

dante speech at party

They all make jokes about Chase and then toast him.

Curtis and Jordan talk about his recovery.

She’s happy for him and he asks about her baby having a baby.

curtis talks about his new chance

He tells her how much processing he did while he was in the chair.

There are so many things he wants to do.

It has changed what he thinks is important and he now has a new opportunity for a reset.

She tells him no one deserves it more.

jordan and curtis talk new opportunities

Drew approaches and tells her she’s up.

Drew leads her to the range and gets her to make a first throw.

drew and jordan throw hatchets

She thanks him for getting her away from Curtis.

It’s still not easy.

He knows. He’s been there.

jordan and drew talk exes

Dante tells Anna he’s done with desk duty and ready to get back on the street.

She urges him to remember he almost died and keep going to therapy.

dante anna chase talk cops

After Chase teases him, Anna assures Dante he’s invaluable.

As they talk about being cops, Dex arrives.

Chase welcomes him but Dex is sure some of the other cops would rather hit him with a hatchet.

Chase is sure that he will be on the force soon if he keeps performing as well as he has on his tests.

Anna and Finn talk about his dad.

finn anna talk dad

Dante hands Chase the gift they got from him.

It’s a signed baseball from the Red Sox.

chase given gift at party

Finn gives him a gift from the family Violet picked out. It’s cufflinks. They hug.

Chase thanks them all for not putting him through the ordeal of bachelor-appropriate gifts.

chase at bachelor party

They toast to him and his bride.

anna toasting chase

Dex walks over to some cops who give him the cold shoulder.

Calvin the cop asks if he has a death wish.

Dante steps up and tells everyone that Dex is one of the reasons he’s alive.

dante warns dex

He also tells Dex that he needs to get ready to have cops treat him like this if he insists on joining the force.

Ned calls everyone to attention and declares that no one is good enough for his daughter, but he comes closer than anyone else has.

ned makes speech at party

Curtis toasts to him and his bride. Dante toasts to his partner and tells him he’s family.

chase dante toast at party GH

Anna walks over to Dante and tells him she saw him defending Dex.

He feels like he owes him a bit.

He worries the other cops won’t let him off the hook for working with Sonny.

dante and anna talk dex

She says Dex will have to prove himself.

She wonders if he’s worried that Dex could give the PCPD information that could bring his father down.

Blaze jogs in and makes a toast to her former partner.

She talks about what calmness he brings to the stage and how generous he is.

She knows he will be great for BLQ like he is for them all.

blaze arrives at party

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