Y&R Spoilers April 22-26: Audra Makes a Promise, and Belle Meets Traci

Monday, April 22 to Friday, April 26:

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Coming up on Y&R the week of April 22!

This week we’ve movement in the Ashley alter storyline. She’s got a new alter.

This one seems like a lot of fun, sexy and has a southern belle accent. We meet her later in the week and so will Traci.

While Traci’s struggling with her sister’s mental health issues, her old friend Danny has dinner with her and notices she’s distant. He tries to get her to open up.

Meanwhile, the Jordan storyline ramps up.

Nikki goes rogue and offers herself up as bait to Jordan and there are shocking discoveries made while that’s happening.

We’ve also got a little business thrown in with Jill returning to do damage control after Devon makes a power move at Chancellor-Winters. 

At GCAC, Danny asks Traci if it’s okay if he asks her a question.

danny has a question for traci Y&R spoilers

“Of course,” she says. “Go ahead.”

Danny says, “What is it you’re trying so hard not to talk about?”

traci hides bad news

Ashley’s new alter sits at the bar in Neil’s Lounge.

ashleyy newman's new alter Y&R spoilers

With a southern accent she drawls, “You can make a girl happy with a shot of tequila and don’t you forget that teeny-weeny slice of lime.”

ashley's new alter at neil's lounge Y&R

At the ranch, Jack says he imagines Jordan’s going to reach out to Kyle sometime soon.

“How do we string her along if she starts making demands?”

jack abbott Y&R

Victor tells Jack, “She loves theatrics and this time I’m gonna pull down the damn curtain once and for all.”

victor talks to Jack about the trap

Nikki waits in some alley. “Come on, Jordan. I’m right where you want me.”

She’s startled by a noise and jumps.

nikki bait for jordan


Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, April 22:

Victor and Jack uncover a clue about Harrison’s kidnapping.

Billy works to reestablish his connection with Lily.

Devon makes a power move at Chancellor-Winters.

lily asks what billy has planned

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, April 23:

Victor takes matters into his own hands.

Jill does damage control with her team.

Victoria helps Nikki make a dangerous decision. Nikki puts herself up as bait to Jordan and meets her in an alley.

nikki gives herself as bait to Jordan

Young and Restless Spoilers Wednesday, April 24:

Nikki attempts to make a deal with Jordan.

Kyle makes a shocking discovery.

A new side of Ashley’s emerges — a new alter who uses a southern belle accent, drinks tequila, dresses sexy and looks ready for fun.

ashleyy newman's new alter Y&R spoilers

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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, April 25:

In the Y&R day ahead recap, Victor holds Jordan alive in a dungeon under the ranch

Victor reveals a new plan of attack against Jordan.

Victor lies to everyone.

Victoria and Cole reminisce about their past.

Claire calls her mother for help.

Harrison says they need to save Claire.

Jack receives disturbing news.

jack shouts at victor more

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, April 26:

Traci meets Ashley’s newest alter.

Audra makes a promise to Tucker.

Devon stays one step ahead of Billy.

traci tells ashley how proud she is

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