Y&R Spoilers Jan 15 – 19: Victor Worries Victoria and Cole Will Fall In Love Again and Claire Sobs in Victoria’s Arms

Monday, Jan 15 to Friday, Jan 19.

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Mariah hides some package from Tessa at GCAC.

mariah and tessa and package.

Tessa says, “You can trust me. I’m family. You know I can keep a secret.”

She tries to take the package.

mariah and tessa at gcac

Mariah holds on tight. “No, no, no!” She turns to a waiter.

mariah hides a gift.

“Excuse me can you put this in the lounge, somewhere discreet where no one can see it? Thank you”

The waiter takes it away, leaving Mariah smirking and Tessa with her mouth dropped open.

tessa wants the gift.

In her bathroom, Phyllis looks at herself, holding a sexy bra to her chest and says, “You’ve given me no choice, Danny.

phyllis has a plan.

But I don’t mind one bit.”

She looks down at some panties in her hand. 

phyllis being bad.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren is frantic as she tells Jack, “Nikki’s in trouble and I’m in over my head.”

jack worries about nikki.

Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, January 15:

In Monday’s Y&R episode recap, Sharon’s party begins and she makes an announcement that has to do with Cassidy, her new company and donating.

Everyone wears their finest clothes. 

Sharon catches Nick off guard with an unexpected announcement.

Devon and Billy put their differences aside.

Summer and Chance meet.

Chance comes clean with Summer.

Summer asks Chance to dinner.

abby toasts tucker-free zone Y&R spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, January 16:

Tuesday’s Y&R episode recap, Phyllis gets Danny to show her he wants her, and Christine walks in on them kissing passionately.

Nikki receives some sobering news.

Seth acts strangely.

Lucy plays matchmaker again.

Heather keeps a secret from Daniel.

Heather reveals she loves Daniel.

Phyllis pushes Christine’s buttons.

Christine sees a video that Phyllis planted.

phyllis and danny hot for each other.

Young and Restless Spoilers  Wednesday, January 17:

Wednesday’s Y&R episode recap, Danny cuts Phyllis from his life and Christine’s ready to dump his butt, too. 

Victor shares words of wisdom with Victoria.

Nikki tells Lauren, Victoria and Victor that she thinks Seth’s drinking again.

Victor tells his wife to call AA for another sponsor.

Jack and Lauren work together to help Nikki.

Christine loses patience with Danny.

Nina visits Christine to bitch about Danny.

jack lauren talk addiction

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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, January 18:

Thursday’s Y&R episode recap, Nikki accuses Seth of falling off the wagon and he admits it’s true.

Jack tells Diane about Nikki in confidence.

Jack reaches out to Nikki who knows Lauren told him everything.

Jack makes a promise to Nikki.

Nikki thanks Audra for sharing her dad’s alcoholism.

Nikki tells Audra that Seth’s her sponsor who drank. 

Tucker tries to get in Audra’s good graces.

Audra protects her interests.

Tucker antagonizes Kyle.

kyle wants audra on his side.

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, January 19:

Victor interrogates Cole.

Lauren helps Nikki keep a secret.

Ashley backs Tucker into a corner.

ashley sees tucker and audra

From SOD:

Victoria and Cole navigate how to be parents to Claire and realize it isn’t easy for them to forgive and forget what she has done. 

Abby fights for a seat on the board at Chancellor-Winters.

Billy and Adam support Chelsea as Connor challenges her.

chelsea hugs billy

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