Nick Foils Cameron’s Attack on Sharon, While Kyle’s Shocked When He Accidentally Stumbles Upon Summer With Phyllis

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Summer’s caught by Kyle, Nikki’s shocked to hear Phyllis is alive and killed Stark, and Cameron finds Sharon alone and accosts her.

In the previous episode, Chance puts an APB on Cameron Sally and Adam discussed their histories, Adam told Chelsea there might be an issue with the baby, and Chance ordered cops to look for Cameron.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 1, 2023 episode airs in the USA June 2. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Jack and Diane take a seat in the lounge in the Athletic Club. Jack gushes about a Dizzy Gillespie record he bought that he knows Neil would have liked.

He and Diane smile at each other as they try to put their run-in with Ashley out of their minds. She wants martinis for them and small talk with strangers.

jack and Diane talk dizzy Gillespie

He calls her a wonder and she tells him she’s just gotten her life back and plans on soaking in every minute.

She goes to the bar and gets his drink and admits she forgot her martini because she was so excited to interact with the outside world.

She recalls that the night of the gala, Kyle lost his phone and that’s when everything started.

diane remembers her drink and goes to the bar

She worries about what this has done to Summer and Kyle. They’re living separate lives. Jack knows it hasn’t been easy for anyone but he hopes life will get back to normal.

From the Abbott mansion, Summer gets a text from Phyllis, asking her to bring Daniel to see her. She wishes her mom would move on from this.

She puts her phone away when Kyle appears with champagne to celebrate his mom’s freedom. He tells her Harrison and the nanny are catching fireflies by the pool house.

summer suddenly has an errand to run

He’s been so carefree and Kyle thinks he knows there’s been a burden lifted.

Summer does her pouty thing and he’s sorry, thinking it’s hard knowing her mother is out there somewhere. She suddenly has to go out — to see Daniel, she says. Kyle is baffled. “Now?”

She wants to clear the animosity between them. She’s sorry for hurting him and shutting down, and then shutting him out.

He’s been on her side though she doesn’t think she deserves it. He disagrees. They profess their love and she toddles off.

kyle talks to wife about daniel

From her room at GCAC, Phyllis paces and texts Daniel.

At Society, Daniel says goodbye on a call to Lucy who is ready to board her plane. He gets a text from Phyllis.

daniel talks to lucy on call

Sharon wipes down tables at Crimson Lights as she flashes back to talking with Nikki about Cameron coming after her and how she didn’t tell Nicholas about it.

Nikki had snapped that he would have supported her. Sharon hears a noise and jumps. It’s just Nick who tells her she needs to start locking the doors when she’s alone.

sharon thinks of cameron

She agrees. She’s been on edge. Nick tells her about Sally’s situation and Sharon worries. Maybe he should be with her now.

Pre-eclampsia is nothing to joke about. Nick needs to be there with Sharon. They discuss Faith and how hard it was for her to tell their daughter about what went down with Cameron.

Sharon’s afraid to receive more of his sick gifts. They talk about the past and Nick assures Cameron will end up in prison. She worries that Cameron doesn’t care about that.

nick with sharon closing the crimson lights

In his hotel suite, Cameron stares in the mirror as he fixes his hair.

“Not bad,” he says. “Not bad at all.”

cameron thinks he's hot


She runs to get her drink and comes across Cameron.

He tells her she shouldn’t leave her drink unattended. She thinks she can trust people.

He’s not so sure. He goes on about this for a bit and it creeps her out so she gets the bartender to make her a fresh one.

“Smart move,” Cameron says before he goes.

cameron meets diane jenkins

She walks back to her table and fills Jack in on the creepy guy that looks familiar.

Nikki and Victor pop up and ask how she got herself out of prison.

Summer enters the Athletic Club and Victor calls her over to Jack and Diane’s table, wondering why she’s there.  

nikki glam in red

Nikki looks down her nose at Diane and they both start defending Summer.

Summer can’t take it anymore and reveals the truth that Stark manipulated Phyllis into faking her own death and setting Diane up.

“He’s an evil man,” Summer says. “Of course he is,” Nikki says. Diane scoffs.

Summer tells them that Phyllis killed Stark who was going to kill her and Nikki is shocked.

summer tells nikki phylis alive

Victor thinks her mother needs to have the guts to come forward and see her and face the consequences of her actions.

Summer calls it complicated and her grandparents tell her to call if she needs them.

She thanks them and goes. Victor’s stunned.

nikki shocked phyllis alive

He says that he mourned her and wonders, “Who the hell would do that?”

Nikki says Diane would and did.

Diane and Jack cringe.

victor is aghast phyllis alive

Diane reminds her that Phyllis actually committed a murder.

Jack takes his fiancee into Neil’s lounge where her life changed while Nikki complains about Diane, who will use Jack’s name to open as many doors as she can and begin her reign of terror.

Diane cries in the lounge and recounts the details of the night she was accused of murder.

jack and diane revisit neil lounge

She and Jack kiss and dance and kiss some more and talk about hurting up with the wedding so she can be his wife. 

jack and diane dance

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Summer goes upstairs and Phyllis lets her in. She doesn’t want Daniel to visit her mom because he’ll turn her in.

“About that,” Phylls says as a knock comes on the door.

Summer clutches her brain. “You gotta be kidding me.”

summer yells at phyllis

Phyllis doesn’t think it’ll get worse.

She needs to reunite them. Summer opens the door and Daniel’s shocked to see his mom. They embrace.

He’s in shock as she tells him she’s so sorry and will try the rest of her life to make it up to her. “You chose revenge over your own family,” he says.

“No, I was confused,” she insists. She admits she’s wrong and she is.

The memorial service made her see that and realize how important she is to them. She loved the portrait he drew and it gave her strength.

Summer tells her that the murder charges have been dropped and there’s an APB out on her since Chance found the memorial invitation in her trash with her DNA on it.

Phylis is shocked Diane got off free again. Daniela says she was innocent and Phylis created this mess.

phyllis hugs daniel

Phyllis regrets it. Summer tells her brother to stop and find a way to ensure their mom doesn’t go to prison. They argue and Phyllis cries and begs them to stop.

“Look what I’ve done to our family.” She needs to take care of this on her own, like disappearing. She knows they’re an accessory to a crime.

Daniel relents. He’ll do everything he can to ensure she doesn’t go to prison. They embrace and Summer blurts that she told Grandma and Grandpa that she’s alive and killed Stark.

Phyllis is incredulous and thinks she might as well turn herself in. Victor will find her. She has a plan and says she hacked Stark’s accounts and records to find a paper trail.

phyllis tries to get kids to stop arguing

He was going to keep her as a prisoner in that room and says it was his life or hers. She needs to find Carson the EMT.

Daniel thinks they need to move her to somewhere safer. Summer wants to sleep on it and doesn’t want Kyle to worry so she leaves.

When she opens the door, Kyle’s standing there.

kyle finds summer with phyllis

He gets a load of Phyllis and is in shock.

summer caught in the act

Back at Crimson Lights, Nick declares they need to stop talking about Cameron.

He continues to help her close and heads to the kitchen while Sharon goes to the patio to refill the sugar.

cameron stalks sharon

She hears a noise behind her. Cameron’s been watching and comes inside.

She drops the sugar with a gasp.

She has a hard time moving and tells him to leave.

sharon surprised by camereon

He smiles and misses how she says his name.

He thinks they had some good times.

She says they didn’t. “Now get out,” she says. 

He’s never forgotten one single thing about her. “Your mind, the mouth on you, and the way you knew how to use it.”

cameron visits sharon at crimson lights

He tried to forget and prayed to forget but it was impossible. Sharon asks why he’s there.

He yells at her, wondering why she isn’t asking how he’s been doing.

He’s been curious about her. He knows they had problems but nobody touched him the way she did.

cameron touches sharon

What they shared, the connection he says was real.

He caresses her cheek and tears well up in Sharon’s eyes.

Nick appears and yells for Cameron to get his damned hands off her.

nick tells cameron off

He gets in the man’s face and points at him to leave Sharon alone.

 He remembers Nick as a hothead and says there’s nothing to see there. He ran into her daughter.

“Such a little beauty, just like her mom.” Nick says not to talk about her.

He asks what Kirsten wants and he says that’s for another time.

nick rants at cameron

He tells them to have a nice night and goes before Sharon crumples into Nick’s arms, crying.

nick hugs sharon after cameron leaves


Next week on Y&R!

Kyle and Summer are at the Abbott house when he asks how long she’s known her mother was alive.

Victor tells Adam that a move like that could put him into direct competition with Newman Media. Is he sure about this? Adam’s positive and says, “Exactly.”

victor talks to adam about competition

Faith says goodbye to Sharon at her house on the ranch and when Faith goes outside, she screams.

Sharon rushes to Faith’s side, asking what’s the matter.

sharon and faith before her cat is likely killed

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