Traci Tries to End The Squabbling Between Jack and Ashley By Suggesting They Remember John’s Advice

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack, Ashley, Billy and Traci talk about their issues as a family while they flashback to John being the voice of reason. In the previous episode, Nick defended Adam’s decision to save Sally, and Adam lashes out at Chance, and Nikki argues with Victoria about urging Nick to go on leave.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 21, 2023 episode airs in the USA June 22. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Traci talks to her agent Zelda Winston, played by Kym Douglas about a book tour and doing some small towns.

Zelda likes the idea. College towns can be big. Traci could use a big break from Genoa City right now.

Zelda asks her to spill it. Traci laughs and confides that she thinks her family is imploding.

traci talks to zelda winston

This surprises Zelda who thought they were tightly knit, especially her father.

She guesses it can stir up conflict. She thinks it’s drama between Ashley and Jack. Traci says bingo!

Zelda never misses Talia Morgan’s articles and knows all about Tucker and Diane.

She asks what’s up with them and Traci says they all think each other are fools and Ashley’s staging a coup in plain sight.

She explains how it’s supposed to go down. Zelda says it sounds like a nightmare. “Is there a book in it?”

zelda listens to traci bellow

Traci says Jack and Ashley are doing the same things with their significant others at work. Traci doesn’t know what to do at this point. She needs to fix this, John’s legacy.

Traci flashes back to Traci asking John to let her stay home in Genoa City and how happy he was having her home from boarding school. He was happy to have all the kids home at once.

They embraced and she called him super neat. Traci tears up and Zelda tells her to use her will of iron. She swipes away tears. 

john flashback glad traci is home

At the Abbott mansion, Summer finds Kyle getting ready for work.

She tries to tell him a story about the hamster at Harrison’s camp and when he seems glum, she asks him to have breakfast with her.

“I’m not hungry,” he says, needing to get to the office. She begs him to talk and apologizes profusely.

summer wants forgiveness from kyle

His mom forgave her and she asks him to but he doesn’t know what to say.

She claims she was afraid and confused when her mom came to her.

Kyle says she could have come to him and she slept elsewhere. He wants the same time and space he gave her.

summer apologizes to kyle

He goes and Diane appears, feeling terrible that they’re going through this.

Summer asks if she’s lost him. Diane assumes she feels helpless and scared.

Summer feels weird about talking to her about this. Diane says no judgment.

diane overhears the argument

Diane knows how it feels when someone you love is disappointed in them.

It happened to her and Jack and it’s in the past. Soon, it will be for her, too. Summer snipes that she didn’t trust Kyle and put her mom first.

Diane offers to talk to him. She says her issue is with Phyllis, not her and the family needs more love.

Summer’s grateful. She goes to pull herself together. 

diane will talk to kyle about his marriage

Ashley arrives in Billy’s office at Jabot. Diane’s a threat to the stability of the company.

They need to stop her. Billy says they’ve talked about this at length, more than they have about regular work.

Billy assures that there are checks and balances within the board that’ll ensure she won’t be able to hurt them.

ashley argues with billy about tucker and diane

Ash brings up Gloria’s name and Billy says Diane isn’t Gloria.

She won’t tamper with the product like Glo did. Ash yells that she’s worse.

She says she has Abby’s support and thinks Traci’s soon. ashley and billy on opposing sides for dianeBilly sniffs that it’s one hell of a coalition she’s building.

She tells him he needs to “check yourself” before he brushes off her concerns.

She calls him a kiss ass for Jack and in turn, Billy thinks she’s saying what Tucker believes.

ashley pissed at billy at jabot

She calls him a chauvinist and they start arguing about Tucker.

Billy calls himself Team Jack as Jack walks in. He too thinks the joke is on their sister for letting Tucker worm his way into her life.

She thinks Billy should take a walk, considering his history of poor judgment calls.

She reminds him he passed out drunk and almost died as a teen and lost the company boat (Jaboat?) at a poker game.

Billy looks hurt at being reminded and Jack thinks she’s blinded by hate and can’t think straight.

billy hurt by ashley

Ash thinks he’ll feel sorry for invalidating her.

They all get a text from Traci for a family meeting. “No excuses.” Ashley worries it’s Harrison and they run off home.

jack gets text from traci

At Crimson Lights, Jack talks to his assistant Emily about a newsletter and someone at work retiring.

She asks if he’d like to have a photo shoot done for Diane.

He agrees. She reads back Diane’s bio and they decide to include their engagement in there.

jack and emily at crimson lights

Traci and Zelda arrive at the Abbott house. Zelda’s happy to meet Diane and suspects she has one hell of a book in her.

Diane says she wishes people would be tired of her.

Summer reappears and is introduced as Traci’s agent.

family together to discuss john

Jack arrives and then Billy and Ashley who is worried. Traci says everything is fine and everyone gets Zelda, remembering how they met before in NYC. They’re waiting for one more.

Kyle arrives and Zelda goes. Traci says she brought them together because all of the baiting of each other is tearing them apart.

jack flashes back to john

Their home has become a battle zone and if their father was here, she wonders what he’d think. Ashley thinks he’d be appalled at Jack letting Diane into his life.

Jack thinks he’d be irate if she took Tucker back.

Traci reminds them that their father was fair, and believed in redemption.

billy talks about john

Jack flashes back to a time when John told him he believed in him, even after he worried about a business deal. Ashley’s sorry but she can’t talk about their father and love with Diane here.

She appreciates that Traci wants to mend the issues. Diane doesn’t want them to take sides.

She and Summer let the siblings talk, leaving the house while Traci gets everyone to talk about what they’ll do to get past this anger.

kyle and jack talk about john



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Jack hears their father’s voice in his head all the time. He flashes to John’s ghost telling Jack how proud he was to be the leader he always knew he would have been.

He wanted his son not to push away those who loved him.

“And Jackie, you bring the Abbott family back together again.” Billy thinks it’s time to listen to that voice again.

ashley thinks about john

Ashley says she carries Daddy in her heart too and remembers his good advice. Billy smiles.

She says he knew all the right things to say. She flashes back to John telling her this breaks her heart to see her like this.

He called her “My Beauty,” and wished he could take her pain away like when she was a little girl.

john calls ashley his beauty

She calls the world cruel and he pets her arm as she asks if the pain will go away. 

Ashley tears up at the memory and Traci calls him their true north. “Everything I learned about the world and morals and ethics I learned from John Abbott.”

traci talks forgiveness

Jack agrees and thinks even Kyle learned. Ashley flashes back to the animosity between her and John years ago and how he was counting on her to make the first move. “Daddy hated when we were fighting.”

John says they always came together and stayed united. Ashley feels better not being so angry with Jack.

Traci hopes there’s enough common ground to try to resolve their differences. Jack will settle for not being at each other’s throats. They laugh.

kyle can't force them to like his mom

Kyle can’t force either of them to like or trust each other’s significant other but asks them to turn down the volume. His marital issues take precedence.

Traci knows he’s hurt but thinks Summer’s guilt was punishment enough. Kyle would agree if she was sincere.

Does she feel guilty for being caught or because she did something wrong?

Jack says Phyllis is the same and likes to think eventually she’d come clean. Kyle’s not sure he can live with not knowing. Traci felt that way many times about Lauren, Ashley and Brad for a time but she did it.

Kyle appreciates her thoughts but he’s not there. He goes and Jack says they can’t force forgiveness.

traci talks forgiveness with kyle

You have to want to fix things. “Amen,” Billy says. Traci goes and Billy tells Ashley and Jack that he loves them both.

He knows he’s on the outside since he’s not one of Dina’s kids. He goes and Jack and Ashley tear up.

They ask each other if they can get past this.

Traci sees Zelda off at the Athletic Club. She thanks her friend and agent for trying to help her family reunite.

They hug and Traci remembers John walking her down the aisle, having family dinner with John, as Ashley and Jack start talking.

flashback traci and john when she got married

Later, Traci looks at a photo of her and John on her cell phone.

john and traci on her phone

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