Mamie Calls Her Secret Co-Conspirator as Jill Warns Devon About Mamie, and Jack and Diane Agree to Renew Their Vows

Wed Oct 4, Y&R day ahead recap: Jack asks Diane to renew their vows, Mamie grills Nate about his private life, and Nate reassures Victoria he’s happy where he is.

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Furious Jill arrived as Mamie revealed she’s the secret investor and wants Nate to return, and tearful Sally told Nick she’s falling for him.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 4, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 5. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

When Diane arrives in Society, Jack finishes putting all the special touches in place.

jack gets society ready

He says she’s a vision. Impressed, she says he’s outdone himself and she can’t wait to see what’s next.

They kiss.

The place is all theirs. It’s full of candles.

jack and diane at table in society

After a champagne toast, they dance.

She admits she’s worried about tomorrow.

He thinks it’s great she’s still filled with anticipation.

Diane thinks of how her life has purpose again.

Loving him feels natural but she can’t get over being so lucky.

diane agrees to jack's suggestion

As they dance, he suggests that they say their vows all over again in front of their family and friends.

She doubts that will convince the skeptics but won’t turn him down. She’s on board.

Eventually, he reminds her they have to eat. He even arranged a special dinner.

jack asks diane to renew vows

Sitting down to their giant salads, they toast to their love and family.

She wonders if Kyle will make it to their event tomorrow.

They recall all he was going through last time.

Diane suggests that they bring their child back to the company.

diane asks if kyle will come

Jack makes it clear that he can’t cut Billy loose and replace him.

That would be mending one relationship and destroying another.

He wants their son involved in the business but Billy is also part of the family legacy.

His wife points out that Billy has compromised the family but Jack stands up for his brother.

He knows he’s made mistakes but he resisted Tucker’s offer.

jack can't bring kyle back

Diane continues to worry about his brother. He’s worried too.

It could also look bad from the outside if let Billy go.

It’s been good for his stability to have him at the company and he doesn’t want him to think he’s lost faith in him.

She reminds him of how much Kyle needs that faith too.

diane and jack debate billy

He knows. The topic turns to Mamie’s return and how present the past continues to be.

Turning the topic back to them, he says they can conquer anything if their love is solid.

They toast to it.

Diane and Jack go back to the Abbott estate and she thanks him for the magical evening.

diane and jack go home

They can’t wait for the next chapter in their life.

He is sure they can handle anything together, as a team.

He could never love anyone as much as he loves her.

jack tells diane how lucky he feels

They kiss and she leads him upstairs and they have sex.

jack and diane sex

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At the jazz lounge, Jill arrives as Mamie announces her plans for Chancellor Winters. Mamie points out her old enemy wasn’t invited.

mamie talks about family importance

Jill finds all of this wonky.

Mamie claims she had the opportunity to be a strong presence in her family again and that’s what this is all about.

Nate and Lily chime in that they’ve missed their aunt a lot.

lily and jill surprised

Mamie reminds Jill of how fragile life is. She want to make up for lost time with her family.

Jill thinks this is all a crock and demands to know what the hell is really going on.

jill asks mamie what this will cost

Mamie downs a glass on champagne as Jill rails.

Lily points out that this came out of nowhere and Nate agrees they are all surprised.

He’s sure the whole family appreciates her trying to bring them back together.

mamie with her guests in the lounge

Lily and Devon make it clear that they are very wary of Nate and don’t want him to be part of this.

That’s just what Mamie is talking about. She wants to remind them of how important family is.

That’s what Neil and Dru would have wanted.

She suggests that Jill can only see shadows and secrets. That’s not how her family is.

Sitting at the bar, Jill says she knows who she is and doesn’t buy this.

Mamie admits she took advantage of a good business move.

Jill accuses her of knowing all about taking advantage.

jill rolling eyes with nate

They rehash their fights over John as the other guests look uncomfortable.

Mamie prompts Victoria to weigh in. She tries but Jill cuts it short and says she has no skin in the game.

Mamie tells Jill that her feelings are not the only ones that matter.

She claims that she just wanted to help Lily and Devon and do what John would do.

None of this is going over well with Jill, who demands to know why she took over Victor’s shares.

jill and mamie arguing about john

Mamie is evasive and this only riles Jill up even more, sure that she is playing some angle, maybe just to piss her off.

She asks how much it will take to buy her out.

Mamie gives her a cock-eyed grin. She won’t sell and wants to support Lily and Devon.

mamie won't sell

Jill nearly loses it when Mamie waves off Jill’s place in the company.

Not wanting to discuss business anymore, Mamie gets everyone to raise a glass and toast to family.

She says that Jill can stay as long as she doesn’t keep bringing up her intentions.

Taking a glass, Jill agrees to stay because she’s sure they’ve only heard part of the story.

Sitting at one end of the bar, Jill asks Lily and Devon their opinion about this situation.

jill asks for lily and devon's opinions

He admits he doesn’t know Mamie like she does but its all mysterious.

devon doesn't know

Lily wishes that Jill would just try and not treat Mamie like she’s a threat. They should welcome her.

Jill repeats they don’t know her history but she will hold her tongue for now.

Mamie sits with Abby, Victoria and Nate across the room.

She goes on about how proud she is of his grit and intelligence.

nate abby and mamie

She can see a lot of Neil in him.

Victoria says her father admired Neil and is sure he’s very proud of Nate’s success at the company.

victor and nate talk neil

When she leaves to take a call, Mamie tries grilling Nate about his relationship with Victoria. Abby rushes off.

Mamie continues grilling Nate, asking him what happened with the “doctor lady.”

mamie asks nate about his relationship

He urges her to be carful but she keeps poking about why he and Elena parted ways.

Hastings says that may be a story for another day…as long as she doesn’t pass judgment.

He tells her it’s meaningful to have her back, but he asks her to do her best not to pry into their personal lives.

nate asks mamie not to ask about private life

She’s sorry if she’s come off as a busy-body.

She just wants them all to be happy.

Nate hasn’t been this happy in a very long time.

That thrills her and they hug.

nate getting grilled about elena

Devon joins Abby and admits he doesn’t understand what’s going.

devon tells abby how confused he is

She thinks his aunt might have just wanted to surprise everyone.

abby and devon talk mamie plans

Jill corners Mamie and says she’s come a long way from the Abbott house.

jill gives mamie compliment

Surprised by the compliment, Mamie suspects a sucker punch is coming.

Jill claims she’s putting her reservations aside for now and admires her smarts at pulling this off.

jill asks mamie for plan

Mamie says she’s always been smart only Jill couldn’t accept it.

When Jill asks what she ultimately wants, Mamie says, “Never show your hand until it’s time.”

mamie won't reveal anything to jill

Victoria tells Nate that was quite the family fathering.

He admires her taking it in stride.

nate and victoria discuss evening

She’s used to family drama.

He worries that Jill and Mamie won’t be able to get along.

Victoria is more worried about him.

He makes it clear he’s certain he’s right where he belongs and is not tempted to return to Chancellor-Winters.

victoria worries about nate

Even if he wasn’t, Devon and Lily would never allow it.

nate is where he needs to be

They kiss.

victoria and nate kiss in lounge

At the penthouse, Lily fills Daniel in on the evening.

She doesn’t want to believe Jill’s suspicions.

lily fills daniel in about evening

He suggests it looks like Jill is blowing things out of proportion.

daniel tells lily jill is overreacting

She admits the Mamie and Jill rivalry goes way back and now she’s stuck in the middle of it.

As she sighs, he assures her it’s all minor and gives her a shoulder rub. They kiss.

daniel and lily kissing

Abby, Jill and Devon return to the Chancellor estate.

Abby goes upstairs to check on Dom.

Jill tells him how happy she is that they are settling in.

She can feel Katherine’s presence whenever she’s there.

jill and devon talk house

As she talks about the past, he asks what’s really on her mind.

She admits seeing Mamie again opened some old wounds.

She has wonderful memories of John but not of Mamie.

Maybe he can understand her skepticism? He can.

devon and jill discuss mamie mystery

Devon admits this is all a surprise to him and doesn’t know his aunt well.

Jill is sure there is a surprise behind the surprise.

jill warns devon about mamie

Mamie returns to her suite at the GCAC.

She pours herself a glass of champagne and toasts to herself.

mamie toasts to herself

Someone calls. She tells them the night went perfectly and they don’t have a clue. She laughs.

mamie on phone mystery

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