Y&R Recap: Jordan Holds Harrison Captive and Sends A Ransom Note as Summer Blames Everyone for Enabling Claire

Tues April 16, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victoria and Summer argue about Claire’s guilt, Jack and Victor pool their security, and Nikki is sure that Jordan is behind all of this.

Monday’s recap: Jordan abducted Claire and Harrison, Cricket couldn’t go away with Danny, and Nikki admitted to Jack she’s been drinking.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on April 16. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott estate, flustered Kyle stutters through an explanation of Claire and Harrison going missing.

kyle explains what happened

They are shocked he called the police.

Summer arrives and asks what’s happening. Kyle says that Claire must have taken Harrison.

He’s tried calling her and it keeps going to voicemail. Summer and Kyle assume this is a kidnapping.

She demands to know how he could let that psycho take their son. Jack and Diane try to calm her down.

jack and diane hear that harrison is gone Y&R

Kyle is prompted to walk them through what happened.

He explains that Claire brought the lucky bunny over and Harrison asked her to read him a story.

Summer is appalled that he left her alone with their son just because the kid likes her.

kyle argues with summer

When he went up to check on them, they were gone.

He’s checked inside and out.

Jack urges them all not to jump to the worst possible option.

Summer can’t help herself.

summer says claire is psycho Y&R

The cops arrive and Summer pouts while Kyle talks to them.

summer pouting about harrison Y&R

She just wants her son back. Diane offers her some water instead.

Summer goes on about how sweet and innocent her son is and that Claire only seems harmless.

Why is everyone giving Claire a pass? She went along with all that Jordan did.

She’s a Newman so she doesn’t need money.

What is this about?

Traci comes in to ask what happened.

Ashely is asleep.

traci and jack consider options

Jack fills her in and Traci is shocked that she didn’t hear or see anything.

Summer starts suggesting that Claire poisoned Kyle and must have been planning this for days.

summer rants about claire

She can’t handle being there and runs out.

Traci try to keep Kyle calm but he worries that he’s completely misread Claire.

What if Summer is right?

jack fills traci in

Jack admits it’s possible.

Kyle tells them about the things that Claire told him about her life.

Traci suggests that might have been lies.

Jack holds his son and assures him they will get his son back.

As Diane heads to the stairs, Traci follows her.

diane reminds traci they have unbalanced person there

Diane reminds her they still have an unstable person upstairs and they have to consider all the possibilities.

Once she confirms Ashley is asleep, Diane returns.

Traci doesn’t blame her for panicking.

They all are with Harrison gone.

diane worries about harrison

Summer bursts into the tack house and tells Victoria that Claire ran away with Harrison.

summer tells victoria claire took harrison

Summer starts shouting for her and Victoria calls to leave a voicemail with her daughter.

victoria listens to summer

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Summer and Victoria go to the ranch house and fill in Victoria and Nikki about Harrison and Claire going missing.

nikki and victoria listen to summer panic

Victoria thinks it’s a leap to blame Claire.

Summer is sure it was her and Nikki assumes it was Jordan.

victoria listening to summer

Victoria keeps standing up for her daughter but Summer is sure that this was all plotted. Nikki is sure it was Jordan.

Summer declares that they let Claire trick them all again.

summer thinks claire had them all snowed

Victor calls Jack. He explains the police and his security team are searching and checking the surveillance footage.

Victor will send his people to help. Neither of them want to believe that Claire was behind this but not a lot else makes sense.

victor calls jack about claire

Cole joins them, gets filled in and declares this must be Jordan.

Summer is sick of everyone defending Claire.

Victoria and Cole continue defending Claire.

victoria cole arguing with summer

Summer thinks that Claire takes after her aunt and steals a kid to do a do-over on the childhood she never had or get revenge.

Victoria says this makes no sense and Summer reminds her that psychopaths don’t.

She accuses them of enabling and coddling Claire.

summer yelling about harrison

Even Victor has been blinded by his feelings and now her son is paying the price.

Her little boy should be asleep in bed but they are all busy defending some woman they barely know.

summer keeps panicking about harrison

Her grandfather reminds her that no one is more suspicious of outsiders than he is.

He loves Harrison and he brought Claire into their circle.

That should give her assurance that Claire did not do this.

victor says he's the most suspicious

Summer continues to pace and argue with Victoria.

She tells them they owe her and they need to make Claire bring Harrison home.

If they don’t, she’ll never forgive them.

She walks out.

Victor is sorry his daughter had to hear all that.

Nikki says they all know Jordan is behind this and Summer can’t accept that because it’s too horrifying.

nikki is sure it was jordan

Cole agrees with Nikki. Victoria guesses that Claire was the target and Harrison was collateral damage.

Nikki wonders if Jordan could have lured Claire back to her side. They shake their heads.

Cole and Victoria are offended but she explains how it could have worked.

Victoria refuses to consider it and Cole tries to keep them focused on logic.

Back at the Abbott estate, a cop tells them that the floral delivery truck came in late, parked at the back for ten minutes and left.

They couldn’t see who was in it. The flowers were dumped.

jack and diane try keeping things calm

Kyle says this makes no sense.

Kyle assumes the truck was a cover and someone came after Harrison.

Claire was just collateral.

kyle speculates on what happened

If that’s the case, a ransom demand should come in soon.

Jack continues trying to stop his son from spinning out.

The cops call to say that the flower truck was hijacked and has now been left at the side of the road and the driver is missing.

Diane worries to Jack and he hugs her.

jack holds upset diane

Summer blows in for an update.

They recap what they just learned.

Kyle says it proves it must have been an outsider.

summer returns for an update

It doesn’t prove anything to her.

He says they don’t have enough information to blame Claire.

She assumes it was a conspiracy and tells them that Nikki thinks Jordan was behind this.

She and Jordan could have teamed up again.

They need to let the police know this is a possibility.

sumner says claire could be working with jordan

Kyle suddenly gets a text from Claire. It says she has Harrison and they can keep him safe by helping her aunt. Details to follow.

He assumes Jordan has Claire’s phone and Summer keeps blaming her.

Kyle can’t handle the idea that he let this happen by letting his son be with Claire.

kyle and summer argue about claire guilt

Summer tells him he needs to accept that she did this.

He points out that if Claire was abducted too than their son has an ally.

She thinks this is pointless.

summer remains sure it's all claire

Jack says that they need to concentrate on negotiating. He calls Victor and fills him in on the text that Kyle received.

jack calls victor with update

Back at the ranch, Nikki apologizes to Claire’s parents for upsetting them.

They are sure that their daughter would never work with Jordan again.

nikki victoria cole speculate

Victor fills them in and his daughter asks to speak to Jack. He explains they only received a text.

She’s adamant that Jordan sent the text and has her daughter hostage.

Victor decides to head to the Abbott house, telling them he’s had enough of this nonsense and will get that woman once and for all.

victor says he will get that woman

Once he leaves, Victoria worries that her mom and Summer could be right and Jordan could have got to Claire.

victoria and cole worry about daughter

Cole says they know their daughter’s heart.

“We do and that means the worst could be true,” she says.

Nikki claps a glass that isn’t there and thinks of drinking.


At the Abbott estate, Kyle tells Summer that Harrison is his world and they are lucky to have him.

He will move heaven and earth to get him through this.

Whatever the demands are, they will meet them no questions asked.

kyle tells summer he will do all he can Y&R

“You damn well better. This happened because of choices you made,” she says.

If anything happens to their son, it’s his fault.

summer says kyle to blame

At the red door motel, Harrison perches on a chair and tells Jordan that he doesn’t know her and wants to go home.

harrison told his parents don't want him

She tells him she’s chosen him and his mom and dad don’t want him any more. She’s his aunt Jordan and will take care of him from now on.

jordan tells harrison she's his aunt

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