Y&R Recap: Furious with Her Family, Nikki Gets Drunk and Tries to Rope Lauren Into Covering for Her

Thurs Jan 11, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victoria asks her reluctant father to help with Claire, Nate and Victoria catch up, and Adam and Sally have sex.

Wednesday’s recap: Ashley believed Tucker was making her doubt her sanity, Audra kicked Tucker and Kyle to the curb, and Claire accepted Victoria’s conditions.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Jan 11. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nikki gets frustrated working in her office and reaches for a flask.

She leaves it in her purse and walks out.

nikki in office

In the Newman office, Nick tells his father that he and his brother think they can over-deliver on metrics.

nick in office with victor

Victor is silent. Eventually, he says he’s happy that the brothers are working together. Nick jokes it just took some threats.

Victoria interrupts. After thanking her brother for stepping in, she guesses he’s been promoted in her absence.

victoria interrupts

He admits that he and Adam have been made Co-CEOs.

That startles her.

Her father says his decision has already proven successful. She shrugs it off. The only thing on her mind now is Claire.

victor pleased with himself

It will be a long road before her daughter is healthy again. Claire wants no more contact with her or Cole.

Victor thinks that could be for the best but his daughter vehemently disagrees. If they could see the pain she’s in…

She can understand why she wants distance. At least she hasn’t totally cut them out yet. She needs a favor.

That doesn’t impress Victor.

His daughter tells him she needs the jet and a security team to take Claire to visit Jordan.

victoria talks claire

“Over my dead body!” Nikki blurts as she interrupts. She thinks this is potentially dangerous for all of them and Victor backs this up.

nikki says over her dead body

Victoria explains that Claire will be seeing Jordan alone. Her parents worrying that means they will concoct something.

Victoria points out they will be surrounded by guards and security. The therapists have signed off on this and she needs to take the chance to give her daughter closure.

Victor wants no part of this but Nick says they need to hear his sister out.

Victoria is concerned but feels like she owes Claire. Victor can admire her compassion but they don’t know her.

victoria says she has to do this

Nikki wants Jordan to rot, not be rewarded. Her daughter insists this is about Claire and her recovery.

If she doesn’t take this leap of faith, she might lose Claire forever.

She reminds her mom that she put her life on the line for her and she has to take the same chance for her daughter.

This is her chance to have a relationship with her daughter. She knows she can’t go back and change things, but she can help her.

victoria makes case for helping claire

Nikki gets upset about what Jordan robbed her of.

Victoria reminds her father that he always taught them family has to come first so she begs him to make this happen.

Nikki begs her husband not to let this happen. His instincts are telling him no. Sighing, he agrees to provide her with a jet and team.

“Are you kidding me? My feelings don’t matter?” Nikki asks.

Her husband says of course they do, but he’s stuck between the two of them.


Victoria apologizes to her mother but she needs to do this. Nick wants to support his sister and even offers to go with her.

Furious, Nikki storms out, saying she hopes they don’t come to regret this.

nikki says they will regret this

Once she’s gone, Nick notes she’s shaky.

“I don’t need any of this damn drama!” Victor growls. He tells them their mother is strong, will fight this, and win.

victor is tired of the drama

Nikki rushes back to her office and starts drinking from her flask.

nikki drinking from flask

Victor arrives at the door and finds it locked. He calls in but she stays silent until he goes away.

victor shouting through door

She takes another drink.

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Nate runs into Victoria at Crimson Lights and asks after her mother. She says it was kind of him to keep Nikki from the brink.

nate startles victoria

It was kind of him to help all things considered.

They chat about him going back to work with his family.

He asks about her stepping back from Newman. She says it was for personal reasons and absolutely necessary.

He’d like to help, if she wants to talk.

nate offers to listen

She admits her whole world is upside-down and she’s always valued his advice.

They sit on the patio. He’s shocked when she explains that Claire is actually her daughter who was kidnapped years ago.

nate and victoria talk claire

She was raised by her evil aunt on lies and hatred. She and Jordan held Nikki captive and hooked up to vodka.

Nate is appalled. How does anyone come back from that?

She explains that she wants her daughter to find peace and get what she deserves.

Hastings things that her supporting her daughter to confront Jordan could be the best move. There could be healing in this.

nate hears about claire

She thanks him. That’s exactly what she wanted to hear.

She’s missed their partnership. Did what happened really destroy what they had?

victoria asks nate if all gone

As deeply as he cares for her, he can’t get past the hold her father has on her. He understands her family is the center of her life but will always be her friend.

As he goes, he tells her to take care.

At the GCAC, Adam and Sally are on a “bona fide date” and he’s trying to make sure everything is perfect. It all feels perfect to her.

sally adam bona fde date

He has some sparkling water to honor her wishes not to drink. They toast to themselves and smile.

They eat pasta. After she finishes her plate, she starts his. She’s got an appetite after all her success today.

sally eating pasta

He’s impressed with himself too. He’s more worried about working with his brother.

She feels bad for the role she’s played in the fractures in teh relationship with his brother. He assures her they were already fractured.

adam doesn't want to overstep

When he suggests dessert, she says she has chocolate truffles in her minibar.

He thinks that could get them into a little trouble.

“I don’t want this evening to end,” she says.

He would love to eat her truffles but doesn’t want to make assumptions.

She says they are both happy and have invested time in getting acquainted again. They’ve both enjoyed every second of it.

sally read to move on

Sally doesn’t feel like they are moving too fast but he thinks there is a lot at stake.

She admits they have been through a lot and she never thought she would feel as elated as she does with him right now.

She’s learned you need to grab joy and hold onto it for dear life. That’s why she doesn’t want this night to end.

As she leads him upstairs, Nick drifts in.

nick bumps into sally and adam

That awkward. Adam hopes this doesn’t wreck things for them.

His brother assures him they are good. Adam and Sally head up.

sally adam awkward with nick

Nick sits at the bar,

Nikki stumbles in and spots him. She sneaks off.

nick drinking nikki drunk

Lauren wanders in and notices she can barely stand. “Hallloooo!” Nikki says, slurring about her meeting and nearly falling over.

She starts railing about being ignored by her family. All she wants is a little peace.

Lauren says she won’t find that in a bottle.

lauren sees nikki drunk

“How dare you?” Nikki says, telling her it’s been really hard. Lauren wants to get her home and call Victor.

She refuses to let her get a cab. Nikki says she can’t go home. Victor can’t see her like this.

nikki drunk in lobby with lauren

Lauren takes Nikki upstairs and orders a pot off coffee. Nikki points out that doesn’t work so Lauren hands her some water.

lauren takes nikki to room

Nikki’s not interested in that.

Lauren is sorry this has happened to her and is sure she is fighting to get her sobriety back. “Not hard enough,” Nikki laughs.

Her friend assures her that her friends and family understand. Nikki feels very, very alone.

The coffee arrives. Lauren tries to make her drink some but Nikki is repulsed by it.

nikki can't drink coffee

She just wants to sleep this off and complains about Victor constantly calling her.

The phone starts ringing and she refuses to answer, telling Lauren to lie to him. She promises to tell him everything later.

He’s startled when Lauren answers. She claims she had a fashion emergency and Nikki came to the rescue.

They will probably be working through the night.

Victor guesses she’s been drinking and Lauren admits it. He sighs, saying he will talk to his wife at home.

victor hears nikki drunk

getting off the line, Lauren tells Nikki this is a one-off and she won’t lie for her again.

Nikki says she won’t need to and says she can go.

nikki thanking lauren

Lauren won’t leave her alone.

lauren tries sober up nikki

In Sally’s suite, she tells Adam that she only has the less exciting flavors left.

adam sally box chocolate

He asks if she was okay seeing Nick. She was it was uncomfortable but she’ll have to get used to it.

Adam takes that as a sign there could be more dates. She reminds him this one is not over yet.

They kiss and she leads him to the bed.

sally adam kiss suite

They undress each other and climb in.

sally adam sex bed

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