Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Adam Accuses Chloe of Gaslighting Him

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Wednesday, March 24, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, March 25. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Rey asks Michael to get a warrant to search Adam, Nick is shocked that Faith is dating, and Nikki is not happy with Sharon for defending Adam.

Summer finds Kyle in his office. He’s waiting for the other show from Manhattan to drop. Summer says Ashland called about business. What’s the big deal? Kyle thinks he’s suspicious. Ashland is returning in a few days. Kyle rehashes that he’ll come after them if he learns the truth. Kyle considers telling his dad the truth.

Jack finds Phyllis at the club and asks her outright what she’s up to. Sally eavesdrops as Phyllis glances in her direction and claims she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He reminds her she was worried about Kyle earlier and then suddenly changed her tune. “You are all over the map about our kids.” He’s ticked off that she’s hiding something from him. Sally interrupts.

phyllis jack up to something young and restless

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At the ranch, Nicholas is glad that Faith and Nikki didn’t have any thallium in their bloodstream. They’re all relieved. Nick goes to take a call and Faith whips out her phone as Nikki purses her lips and gently admonishes them for using cell phones. She notes that whomever Faith texted made her happy. She agrees to take her to meet her new friend. Nick returns and the boy is brought up. He takes a moment to get it through his head that his kid is dating. Nikki says she’ll drive Faith to meet him and stick around while they hang out. Nicholas agrees to it.

Rey and Sharon are back at home and Sharon is uneasy knowing that there was poison in their home. Rey is glad her things weren’t contaminated. He knows he was targeted and needs to find out who did it. He assumes it was Adam but Sharon reminds him he’s a police detective and must have made enemies. It’s hard for Sharon to think that Adam could do this, something that surprises Rey.

rey thinks adam poisoned him young and restless

At Adam’s, he and Dr. Cavett discuss Chelsea’s lack of progress. Dr. Cavett asks Chelsea not to lose faith and to keep working. She goes and Adam says he called the doctor over because he wondered if Chelsea sent those texts to Sharon. If not her, he thinks it was Chloe. He calls her over. Chloe arrives later and Adam questions if she sent texts to Sharon to intimate that he wanted to be with her instead of Chelsea. He asks if she hacked his cell phone. Chloe denies it. Adam reminds her that her husband could have done it. Chloe denies that, too, so Adam suggested she used his tablet. Chloe thinks he’s deflecting. She thinks he’s doing this to her friend and then accuses him of running to Sharon because he feels guilty. Adam appeals to Chelsea that she’s the only one he wants. Chloe snarks, “Wow, I almost believe you.” He tells her to shut up. She keeps it up and tells him she wants him out of her life but doesn’t need to lift a finger to make it happen. He’ll sabotage it on his own. They keep arguing and Chelsea is impressed with Chloe and reminds herself never to get on her bad side. Adam vows to get to the bottom of it. Once she’s gone, Adam wishes he could know what was going on in Chelsea’s head. He’s sure she was upset about the photograph.

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Back at the club, Jack and Sally leave and Nicholas shows himself. He’s been eavesdropping and wants to know what this is about. He guesses it’s about Sally and Phyllis says she can’t be trusted. She’s taking advantage of him and Phyllis is watching out for her friend. Nick tells her that everyone’s tests for thallium came back negative and that Nikki took his kid to meet the stranger. Later, they discuss Rey’s poisoning and that Adam might have done this. Phyllis snorts. Sharon won’t like this theory. Nick doesn’t care. It’s about time she opens her eyes about his brother.

Nikki and Faith arrive at Crimson Lights. They hope that the guy she’s about to meet is cute but Faith also wants to thank him for being a friend when she needed one. They wait it out and the guy doesn’t show up, claiming that his parents are strict and he can’t get away. Nikki goes to get some pastry and says she’ll take her home. While she does that, the kid texts this mystery person back and asks who they are. “Not yet,” they say. They’ve spent time together but not in classes.

Nikki takes Faith home and welcomes Rey back, glad to see he’s on the mend. Faith goes to put on her riding clothes while Nikki wants to discuss the targeting. Rey goes to change to meet the DA. Nikki learns that Rey thinks Adam did this and she’s furious. Sharon asks her not to say anything until they know for certain. “You are really something. Even now, your first instinct is to defend Adam,” Nikki snipes.

sharon defends adam young and restless

At Jabot, Lauren leaves after a meeting with Jack and Sally. Jack wants to take Sally out driving in the snow and then suggests they have lunch. She’s up for it but Kyle appears and asks for time with his dad. She goes and hangs around the door while inside, Kyle apologizes for his rudeness yesterday. He wants to tell his dad everything but when Sally drops a book outside, Kyle says they’ll do it in private.

jack meeting jabot young and restless

Rey meets Michael at Crimson Lights. Micheal thinks he should be careful not to accuse Adam. There’s no evidence yet. He wants to petition a judge to get a warrant to search Adam’s place. Michael bucks back. This is highly irregular.

rey wants michael on case young restless

Nick arrives at Sharon’s. He’s checking up on her and Rey. She’s on edge and reveals Rey went to talk to Michael. Nick’s glad. He wants to condemn Adam but Sharon defends his brother. Nick says, “Enough is enough.” Nick hopes Adam gets what he deserves.

Adam is about to leave the house when Rey shows up with an envelope.

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