Bold & Beautiful Spoilers September 12-16: Bill Warns Ridge Not to Take Brooke For Granted & Taylor Wants Steffy to Stay Out of her Love Life

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, September 12 to Friday, September 16.

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Find out what’s coming up on Bold and Beautiful 2 weeks ahead.

First, B&B spoilers September  5 – September 9 have Brooke and Taylor fight over Ridge and Deacon tries to get Sheila to leave his domicile.

Coming up, Steffy and Hope do battle, Brooke is comforted by her ex, and someone wants legal advice.

deacon yells sheila staay bold

Monday, September 12

Monday’s B&B recap: Liam makes an accusation, Thomas threatens Liam

Liam confronts Thomas about his intentions with Hope.

Liam makes a bold accusation.

Taylor and Brooke have it out over Douglas and Thomas.

Sheila shares a stolen moment with Hayes and holds him.

Deacon checks on Sheila and tells her she can’t be with Hayes or Finn but Sheila thinks otherwise.

sheila held hayes bold and beautiful

Tuesday, September 13

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Thomas asks Ridge to move in Eric’s

Ridge remembers the good times with Taylor and Brooke.

Ridge defends his marriage to Thomas when he parent traps his dad.

Steffy parent traps Taylor.

Taylor thinks about kissing Ridge.

Paris wears the newest designs by Zende for Ridge and Thomas.

Finn takes off for work before kissing Steffy and joking about her being back to pushing her parents together.

finn love steffy work bold beautiful

Wednesday, September 14

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Taylor asks if Ridge is ready to come back to her

Steffy urges Ridge to admit his feelings to Taylor.

Ridge is married to Brooke because he wants to be, Ridge tells his daughter.

Ridge admits he loves Taylor and he always will.

Hope attempts to process Liam’s concerns about Thomas’s intentions.

Liam thinks Thomas wants Hope back.

hope crushed miss son BOLD

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Thursday, September 15

Bold and Beautiful recap: Ridge catches Brooke in Bill’s arms

Ridge tells Doc he’ll always love her. 

Steffy and Hope battle over Taylor, Brooke, and Douglas.

Steffy tells Hope that of course she wants her parents together.

Thomas looks apologetic as he tells Hope his dad is happier with Taylor.

Bill and Brooke talk about Katie and then reminisce about their past.

$Bill knows Brooke understands what he’s going through with Katie.

Brooke talks vague bold beautiful

Friday, September 16

Friday’s B&B recap: Ridge blows up at seeing Bill with Brooke

Ridge returns home to find Brooke and Bill in an embrace.

Ridge claims he isn’t jealous of Bill.

Ridge calls Bill a cockroach.

Bill warns Ridge not to be a fool when it comes to Brooke.

Thomas asks Carter for legal advice as they work out at the Forrester gym.

Steffy keeps up her parenting trap!

hope mute bold beautiful

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