Steffy Tells Finn She Slept with Bill, and Bill Turns Sheila Over to the Police After She Gives Him a Bloody Kiss

In the Monday, January 2, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam and Wyatt call the cops about Sheila, and Steffy convinced Finn to look to their future and protect her mom.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Bill and Sheila kissed, shocking Finn and Steffy, while Liam and Wyatt found Sheila’s wig and jumped to some conclusions.

At the cliff house, Steffy thinks Bill is insane, standing there with his arm around Sheila.

steffy reels over bill seeing sheila Bold and beautiful recap SoapsSpoilers

Bill tells them things will be normal if they do what he says. Taylor can keep her freedom while he and Sheila move on together.

Finn asks how this even happened. Sheila says love sometimes finds a way.

Bill repeats his threat to send Taylor to prison if they call the cops on Sheila.

Steffy complains that Sheila is beyond dangerous. She knows he’s felt alienated in his relationships… but getting involved with a sociopath…

After listing some of Sheila’s misdeeds, she accuses her of thinking she could be saved by latching onto another powerful man.

Steffy urges Bill to tell Sheila that this is the end of the road.

Bold and beautiful recap SoapsSpoilers

He claims she doesn’t understand what Sheila means to him. They’ve been living together and he’s seen a side of her few do.

They’ve both been abandoned. He knows he gave people good reason o abandon him, but Sheila is a woman he can’t hurt.

Sheila says they are two sides of the same coin and accept each other for who they are.

Steffy is sure that Sheila will destroy him.

Bill refuses to back down and insists that his demands be met.

Steffy shudders after they walk out.

Bold and beautiful recap SoapsSpoilers

It’s crazy how Sheila made the impossible possible.

Her husband asks why Taylor shot Bill in the first place.

Steffy explains that while she was married to Liam, she was trying to repair his relationship with his father.

When she learned Liam kissed another woman, she felt betrayed and then Bill showed up while she was at the guest house and… It never should have happened.

finn learns steffy sex bill spencer B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Taylor thought he took advantage of her and that’s why she shot him.

Finn makes a fist.

Steffy never told him because it was a moment of weakness she will never forget. But her mom was wrong. Bill never took advantage of her.

If she’d been in a better frame of mind, it never would have happened.

It’s the past and only their future and their family matters.

Finn thinks Bill should have known better. She gets that he loves her and feels like he needs to protect her but what happened shouldn’t eat away at him or their marriage.

He starts pacing and complaining about the things Bill does. He thinks they need to call the police.

She reminds him that her mom’s future is at stake. She can’t gamble with her freedom.

They hug.

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B&B opinion: Bill’s mystery illness

New B&B comings and goings

At Bill’s place, his two sons hold Sheila’s wig and earring and wonder how she got in there. What could she want with their father?

Bold and beautiful recap SoapsSpoilers

Wyatt worries that Bill may have been kidnapped.

Liam calls Tony at the front gate to find out what he knows.

He learns that the security system is down and he doesn’t know who left in Bill’s car because of the tinted windows.

Bold and beautiful recap SoapsSpoilers

They assume their father must be with Sheila.

They call Det. Baker and tell him what they suspect. He urges them to leave the property and assures them that with any luck, Sheila will be in custody tonight.

Bill takes Sheila back to his place. She tells him he’s been her port in a storm.

Sheila and Bill drink at his house bold and beautiful recap

He’s grateful to have a woman who truly understands him.

She tells him that goes both ways. After all the kindness he’s shown her, she can’t imagine him hurting her.

He tells her it’s time. It will be a rough road ahead, but she will finally have her freedom.

He calls the police and tells them to hurry. Sheila is in his home.

bill turns sheila in to cops with her help bold and beautiful recap

Bill and Sheila go over their story. She will be in jail for a bit but it’s a necessary step. He will do all in his power to get her out and then they can be together.

“Get me out soon. I love you so much Bill,” she tells him, stroking his sword necklace and reminding him to win at all costs.

Cutting her finger on the blade, she wipes the blood on her lip and kisses him.

sheila kissing bill with blood on her lips B&B recap

“I’m yours for life,” she says.

Some cops kick the door open with their guns out. They cuff and arrest her.

sheila fake struggles with bill B&B recap

Baker declares it really is over.

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