General Hospital Spoilers February 22 – 26, Dante Spots a Crime in Progress

Catch up with what happened on General Hospital last week before you get those delicious GH spoilers. First, Curtis asked Jordan for a separation, concluding that they’re dysfunctional, Nina confronted Carly about Nelle’s death at the graveyard, and Carly reminded Nina of all her past transgressions, thinking that she and Nelle were similar creatures. Meanwhile, services for Sonny were held and Sonny had a vision of Carly, while Carly realizes the depths of Nina’s involvement in Nelle’s death.

Soaps Spoilers’ General Hospital spoilers for the week of Monday, February 21, to Friday, February 26 include one pretty awkward encounter between a couple, one confrontation, someone extending the proverbial olive branch, and more.

Monday, February 21

Jackie pleads with Finn. Anna confides in Valentin. Maxie and Nina talk about Nathan. Jordan and Curtis have an awkward encounter. Cyrus receives infuriating information.

Tuesday, February 22

Anna and Valentin have a plan. Dante pays Peter a visit. Obrecht has a message for Maxie. Jackie and Gregory come to a realization. Franco’s tumor continues to complicate things.

Wednesday, February 23

Dante stumbles upon a crime in progress. Peter is delayed. Maxie is anxious to begin her new life with Peter. Jordan and Chase get to work. Lucy is interrupted.

Thursday, February 24

Finn gets support from Chase. Nina vents to Ava about Carly. Peter confronts Anna. Michael offers an olive branch. Lucy is surprised.

Friday, February 25

Valentin tells Peter he cares about him. Anna is apologetic. Jackie is insightful. Jax laments that he can’t get through to Nina. Franco makes a discovery.