Kristen Takes Tony as a Hostage and Breaks out of Prison

Tuesday, January 26, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Brady winds up in the hospital, Nicole realizes she missed Rafe’s birthday, and Gabi taunts Jake.

Gabi makes Rafe his favourite cupcakes for his birthday at his place. He makes a wish and blows out the candle and admits he wished she’d find happiness. Gabi’s touched but wishes he would have wished that for himself. Rafe’s happy. He eats the cupcake, moaning. Gabi doesn’t want her brother to become a weird bachelor who has hair growing out of his ears and eats out of tin cans. Talk turns to Gabi’s love life and she lets her brother know that Jake is with Kate. Gabi thinks it’s a rebound relationship. Rafe wonders if Jake’s happy.

Jake’s at home asleep, dreaming of kissing Gabi in his office when Kate wakes him up. They discuss how Kate thinks Gabi got into his head. Jake denies it. Kate recalls how Gabi was crushed when she caught them in bed together. It’s obvious that she has feelings for him and asks if Jake feels the same. Jake denies it again, but Kate thinks they have unfinished business. Jake decides to convince Kate he only wants her by making love to her. Later, she helps him with some of his work. He kisses her neck, hot over her business acumen. Gabi interrupts with her business model. Jake is interested. Kate kisses him and goes off to work. Once she’s gone, Gabi barks at him. She doesn’t want him kissing his girlfriend in front of her. Jake refuses to play her game. Gabi taunts him. She tells him she knows he enjoyed kissing her. She thinks he’s faking feelings for Kate and brings up the age gap. Jake tells her to can it and kicks her out. Gabi pushes him. She thinks she’s in his head, even though he doesn’t want her to be.

Nicole goes to Sarah at the hospital. Ava gave her permission to discuss her medical issues. Sarah explains that she thinks Ava will be fine. They talk about Ava taking over as mob boss for her cousin Angelo. Nicole’s shocked. Sarah confesses Ava is going after someone she knows for laundering money. Nicole presses her for answers and learns nothing. She visits Ava, who can’t wait to be released. Nic reveals she knows Ava’s a mob boss and worries she’s jeopardizing her future. They discuss Tripp and Charlie and Nicole agrees to go to SPD to find out if there is any new information regarding the rape case.

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At Salem Inn, Brady’s shot in the stomach. Kristen overhears the shot ring out and has a meltdown. Brady’s phone falls to the floor and Chloe cries out. She picks up his phone and tells Kristen that Brady’s been shot and she has to disconnect and call paramedics. Kristen has a meltdown, while Philip tries to chase the shooter. The person is long gone.

Tony arrives at the prison to tell his sister that Chad resigned as CEO and that Shin put Jake in his place. Kristen doesn’t care. She tells him Brady was shot. Tony’s shocked and tries to calm Kristen down. He goes to get information and Kristen tells him she’s going with him. The guard hears bickering and comes to see what’s going on. Kristen grabs his gun and threatens to kill Tony. Tony tries to talk her down.

Brady’s brought into the hospital during Sarah’s shift. She takes off with him, while Chloe reels. Philip’s sorry. The mob must have followed him from his dad’s house. They both blame themselves. Sarah appears. She removed the bullet and he’s not out of the woods. Chloe goes to visit Brady while Sarah whisper yells that the bullet was meant for Philip. Philip meanwhile blames Xander. Sarah reminds Philip that he’s the one who tried to screw over his father’s company. Philip goes to see Ava and demands she call off her watchdogs. She doesn’t know what he means. Philip tells her that her cousin put a hit out on her. Ava’s visibly concerned. She had nothing to do with this. In Brady’s room, Chloe sobs at his side. Kristen arrives with Tony in tow.

Nicole visits Rafe at home to discuss police business and Allie’s decision to do hypnosis with Marlena. Rafe’s glad to hear. Nicole notices cupcakes and is crushed she forgot his birthday. She wants to celebrate.

The next time on Days of our Lives, Tony and Chad team-up.