Days of our Lives February Sweeps’ Murder Mystery Brings Sami Back

February sweeps brings excitement to Days fans.

Murder mystery

Ron Carlivati shares a little of what’s to come during Days of our Lives’ February sweeps.  Some viewers have already wondered if a murder mystery was on the table for Salemites. Charlie and Gwen are both characters that have done so many nasty things that most viewers wouldn’t mind at all if one was killed off. Carlivati tells Soap Digest that Salem is going to be rocked with a stunning murder and a whodunit. Our current theory is that Charlie’s going to die. With Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) returning, will she be the one to off the rapist?

Gabi vs. Kate

Gabi and Jake fans should brace themselves because though these two might be endgame, there will be an obstacle for them to overcome in Kate. The kicker is that this is going to be a quadrangle. Philip’s going to be put into the mix, courtesy of Gabi. But Gabi should be aware of playing with fire. She may not know that Kate becomes a tad unhinged when she doesn’t like the women her adult children are dating! Should she expect poisoned brownies baked for her by PhillyK’s mother? Meanwhile, Jake asks Kate to come work for DiMera Enterprises.

Laura’s big reveal

Dr. Laura Horton’s return brings a lot of clarity to Jack, Jennifer, Abigail, and Gwen’s storyline. Laura’s the key to this story. Her big reveal, that she knew about Gwen, kicks off an explosion with a ripple effect that will end up in tragedy. Carlivati says there will be consequences for everyone. Julie and Gwen will have a heated argument.

Xander proposes

Xander’s upset that he doesn’t get a nice pat on the back from Uncle Victor that he’d been looking for when he spilled the beans about Philip’s money laundering. In fact, Victor has good news for Philip. Could that mean that he wants Philip to take over as CEO instead of having both men Co-CEO? That could be coming since Xander is ready to leave Titan and branch out on his own, anyway. He’s also ready to marry Sarah. Look for a romantic proposal on the way.

Eli and Lani’s babies

Eli and Lani are relieved to finally find Dr. Raynor. But she doesn’t have their babies. Vivian Alamain does! This time around, Vivian is recast with Linda Dano. Interestingly enough, this isn’t a revenge story but a story about a woman getting a second chance to raise twins. Carter and Jules are surrogates for Vivian’s twins, Stefan and Jake. Look for “zany fun” and some emotional high stakes since Eli and Lani are beside themselves with grief and worry for their babies.

More to come

Kristen summons an unlikely visitor in Susan. Kristen wants Susan’s help in keeping Chloe away from Brady.

Sami returns to Salem. She returns with a bang and will stick around for “a good chunk of time,” the head writer says.

Ben and Ciara’s story kicks up a little. These two, much like John and Marlena, have a psychic connection, Ron Carlivati says and they feel when each other is in danger, for example.

Steve and Kayla’s anniversary is on Valentine’s Day, so they will once again be remarried on February 14.