Rachel’s Rude to Chloe, Brady Agrees To Let Eric Kidnap Rachel, and Rex Surprises Kate and Roman for Christmas

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, December 22, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Rex arrives for Christmas, surprising his parents, Brady agrees to Eric’s suggestion, and Chloe and Kristen trade insults while Chloe and Stefan decide to go to New York for Christmas.

In the last Days recap, Paulina received a Christmas miracle when she got out of jail permanently, thanks to Belle, and EJ and Nicole shared a fraught moment, while John and Marlena got frisky.

At Rafe’s house, Gabi and Arianna make Mexican wedding cookies together. Li, dressed as Santa, appears in the door, laden with a sack of gifts.

li as santa claus days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Arianna can see he’s not the real Santa, but he hams it up anyway. She pulls on his beard and says it’s Li. She’s been through this with her mom’s boyfriends like Chad, Stefan, and Jake and thinks she’s too old to believe. Li offers to send her presents to the North Pole.

Instead, she opens a bracelet and he tells her it’s double lucky. He says when he marries her mom, he’ll be her daddy. She says she’ll have three. Li asks how she feels about that. She likes it and embraces Li. Gabi’s thrilled.

li gift for arianna christmas days recaps soapsspoilers

He says in China, New Year’s weddings are considered lucky too. Ari goes off to match her bracelet to her clothes and Gabi and Li canoodle. The kid returns and tries the cookies. Li’s cookies win. Everyone eats. Once Ari’s gone, Li and Gabi make out. The seamstress calls and Gabi flies off the handle. She starts speaking Spanish and says she has to go.

ari hugs li at rafe's house days recaps soapsspoilers

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan talks to someone named James who pulled strings for him to get something done. Wendy shows up to see Johnny and Stefan says he’s been calling her for days and wants to talk about her trip to Jakarta. She feels terrible about what she did. He knows what it’s like to be young and in love but doesn’t understand putting your career in jeopardy unless there was another reason she was there.

stefan lets wendy into mansion days recaps soapsspoilers

Johnny arrives and shuts down his uncle’s questioning. Stefan goes and Wendy can’t help but think that none of this would be happening if Stefan knew the truth. Wendy brings up that everyone thinks they’re dating so he suggests they fake break up. She doesn’t want to. He’s glad. He gives her a present. A shawl. He helps her with putting it on and they share a moment.

wendy gets scarf at dimera house days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Kristen and Rachel run into Chloe doing last-minute shopping. Kristen gloats about meeting Brady for lunch and Chloe returns the favor by talking about how big her budget is since she took Kristen’s job. Rachel asks if Chloe got her a present. Chloe’s face drops. She didn’t. “It’s okay, I didn’t want anything from you,” she says. Chloe wishes her a Merry Christmas and Rachel says she will because she won’t be seeing her.

rachel rude to chloe days recaps soapsspoilers

She’ll be with her real family. Kristen asks her daughter to apologize and then acts as though she and Brady are together. Chloe’s surprised when Rachel says that she and Daddy don’t even sleep in the same room. Kristen sends her to see her friend Nora Jane with $20 bucks and Chloe rubs it in that they’re not sleeping in the same room. Kristen gloats that Brady kissed Mary Moira, thinking it was her. “So what you’re saying is the nun saw more action than you ever will?”

rachel is rude to chloe at the square days recaps soapsspoilers

Kristen says they’re getting more intimate and she says they almost made love on the sofa if John hadn’t walked in and ruined the moment. She plans on ringing in the new year in Brady’s bed. They trade insults. Kristen goes and Stefan turns up. He gives her a gift. Five tickets to Amahl and the Night Visitors. He doesn’t want to spend Christmas with the DiMeras. But if she doesn’t want him to come, she can tell him. She loves it. She says Parker’s grown a foot and is still into Anime. They start making out and Gabi and Li turn up. They catch their breath and tell the two they’re leaving for New York tonight and won’t be at the wedding after all. Stefan stares at Gabi before she goes.

stefan and chloe christmas gift days recaps soapsspoilers

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At the townhouse, Brady thinks Eric’s insane to want to kidnap Rachel. Eric reminds his brother that they need to hit Kristen where she lives. Rachel’s the key. Brady says she has the orchid and the life-saving serum. Eric thinks she’ll ask him to sleep with her and marry her if he waits too long. She has too much power. Brady says everything he says makes sense but he won’t put her through trauma. Eric says they can make her believe she’s going on a fun vacation with her uncle in the sun. She’ll never know she was kidnapped.

eric suggests to brady kidnapping rachel Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Brady won’t kidnap his kid on Christmas. “Fine. We’ll do it afterward.” How long will he rely on Psycho to do the right thing, or does he want to take control? Brady didn’t know he could be so ruthless. Eric’s tired of being a victim and a doormat. “Kristen DiMera raped and drugged me.” He needs to play hardball. Kristen and Rachel arrive and the men stare, looking obviously upset.

Rachel rushes to Eric’s arms and she tries to guess what gift he got her.

eric and rachel hang out days recaps

Kristen says he was supposed to meet them for lunch and she had an unpleasant talk with Chloe so decided not to wait. She tells him Chloe’s going to Miami with Stefan and Brady can see what she’s trying to pull. He stares at Eric. The kid shows them all the mistletoe she made for mommy and daddy. She runs off to find a real one when Eric says she needs one. Eric taunts Kristen and she talks about how close she and Brady are becoming. She delivers a veiled threat and goes. Eric and Brady agree he’ll kidnap Rachel.

eric and brady and rachel and kristen at townhouse days recaps soapsspoilers

At the pub, Kate’s upset, missing Philip. She thought he would have progressed and be released soon but the hospital wouldn’t even let her talk to him. He’s had another major setback and at the prison, there’s a viral outbreak and Lucas can’t have visitors. She tears up.

kate and roman talk about family at the pub days recaps soapsspoilers

It’s enough her kids can’t be there with her at Christmas but it’s intolerable to be cut off from the ones that need her the most. Roman asks what he can do. She talks about Will not coming and refuses to let him call Allie to bring Henry over. She knows she’s busy with Paulina and Chanel. Suddenly, Rex strolls in. Katie embraces their son and he tells him he’s there to do follow-up work on the serum from the orchid. They need to know it’s safe.

rex and kate embrace at the brady pub days recaps soapsspoilers

They want bloodwork as a formality. Kate reluctantly agrees. She feels fine. “I damned well better get a lollipop.” Later, Rex took ten vials, which surprises Kate. He has to get to the hospital with them. They embrace again. Rex loves them both. He takes off and Roman admits he didn’t know their son was coming home.

rex returns home for christmas days recaps soapsspoilers

They talk about how happy they are. She can’t believe it. She’s happy they’re together. Kate has to reroute gifts back to Salem and gives Roman a trip to Zurich to see Austin, Carrie and Noah. Roman’s overcome. He got her the exact same thing. They laugh and make skiing plans. Rex returns and they celebrate.

kate, roman and rex at pub christmas days recaps soapsspoilers

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