Ava’s Sent to Bayview For Treatment When She Reveals Charlie Made Her Kidnap Susan & Blow The Church Up

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, December 20, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Tripp is devastated when Ava takes a turn for the worse and Sonny comes to Leo’s aid.

In the last Days recap,  the explosion caused a lot of damage, John came close to getting Kristen to reveal her secret, Eric saw EJ and Nicole getting cozy and Ava was arrested for attempted murder.

At the small bar, Gwen tells Leo that it doesn’t look like he’ll be working at the newspaper.

He tells her that drinks are on her then.

leo and gwen at small bar drinking DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

They discuss Xander and the kidnapping. Leo asks how she’ll cash in on the favor she did him.

She says she did this as a friend but Leo thinks it’ll get her back into his bed.

She calls it crude and pathetic. Leo thinks Sarah’s wrong for him.

She thinks he’s projecting because he wants to get into Sonny’s bed.

Leo calls them just friends but she says to admit it. He’s mad for Sonny. Alex and Sonny arrive.

gwen and leo sit at small bar Days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

Alex, Sonny, Justin and Bonnie arrive home to the Kiriakis mansion from Buddy’s Burger Barn, stuffed.

It’s her favorite place. Justin gives her a scratch ticket from the restaurant and wins free fries.

bonnie with justin at kiriakis mansion DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

She’s happy and thinks that the bad times are over but when she looks at her men, they’re all wearing clown masks.

She has a meltdown and tells them her stomach is upset.

She runs to get an antacid and Alex guesses something else is going on.

clown face mask DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

She must be seeing clowns again. Justin tells the boys to go get a drink and he’ll care for his wife.

Once they’re gone, she tries to drink and sees Justin in a clown mask.

She spews water on the rug and freaks out. Justin tries to calm her down as she sobs and asks why this is happening.

He tells her Sarah thinks she has PTSD but she balks at that.

He tells her she needs to talk about her feelings. “Like Dr. Phil?” She thinks Bon Bon should see Marlena.

Bonnie calls her a shrink and Justin says she’s one of the best.

Remember when Nancy saw her for a few sessions? Bonnie agrees to do that after the holiday. Justin agrees to call for her.

She doesn’t know what she’d do without him. They embrace.

bonnie sobs with justin at the kiriakis mansion days recaps soapsspoilers

At the hospital, Steve gets off a quick call with Kayla, calling her Sweetness when Stephanie appears.

She heard about the explosion and asks after Tripp.

Sarah’s examining him but he thinks he’ll be fine.

They discuss Ava being up to her old tricks.

He fills her in on how Ava tried to get Tripp out of the church.

Steve thinks Ava’s been over the edge for a while and didn’t let them see it.

steve and stephanie at university hospital days of our lives

In an exam room, Sarah tells Tripp he can go home once the tests are back.

He’s worried about his mom.

He wishes he could have done something before this happened.

Steph and Steve go to Tripp’s room and Steve trashes Ava and begs his son to stay away from her.

steve trashes ava to tripp at the hospital days

Tripp blames EJ for where she is but Steve says it doesn’t matter if he thinks it’s EJ’s fault, she’s in trouble.

Tripp needs her to know he loves her no matter what.

They understand but can’t get past that she almost got him killed tonight.

He starts to cry. He can’t lose him again. Tripp embraces his dad and Stephanie cries.

stephanie cries at the hospital dool

In Ava’s room, Xander’s shocked Ava wants help escaping. He’s done with her. She vows to tell Sarah everything she knows. She blames him for her having to kill Susan. She should have been living it up by now. Xander picks up a scalpel and threatens to kill her.

ava in hospital days of our lives

Ava doubts he’ll use it. Xandy tells her she’s no better than the cockroaches at his hotel.

She dares him and he moves closer. Sarah interrupts. He lies that he was trying to get answers out of her about who kidnapped Bonnie.

Sarah starts to examine Ava and Xander worries she’ll harm his wife. Sarah reassures him and he goes.

Sarah says Ava’s vitals are good. Her son is worried about her. He doesn’t know why she did this.

xander threatens to kill ava hospital days


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Ava says, “Are you kidding me? He wanted me to do this.” She blames Charlie. Sarah’s astounded and asks for clarification.

Ava doesn’t know why she listens to him. He made her drive off that road. He always makes things worse and she’s not sure why she listens to him.

Sarah asks if she imagined Charlie. She says no, he was in the crypt and the car but he came back to life.

Tripp appears. “Look. There he is,” she says, gasping as Tripp, not Charlie walks in and stands next to Sarah.

charlie and sarah hospital days of our lives

Ava tells Charlie to tell Sarah it was all her idea. Tripp tells his mom it’s him, Tripp. She says he wouldn’t stop screaming at her until she planted that bomb.

“You tried to trick me into killing your brother. You hate him so much because he’s worth a hundred of you.” Tripp tries to make his mom see it’s him.

She begs to see Tripp. Charlie tells her not to let Sarah drug her but Sarah gives her something to calm her down.

tripp with sarah at hospital days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

By the hub, Steve calls Kayla again to tell her that Tripp refuses to do anything but be by Ava’s side.

Steph can’t go to Seattle for Christmas.

She needs to be there for Paulina for her decision on whether or not she’ll step down as governor.

Steph wants to take her dad for a drink but he needs to stay there for Tripp so she goes home.

steve at hospital days of our lives

Back at Small Bar, Leo tells Alex and Sonny that Jack turned him down so he won’t be writing a gossip column.

Gwen and Leo argue about whether or not Jack stole the newspaper from Leo’s mother, Diana. Sonny’s sorry it didn’t work out.

Gwen gets a call from Xander who needs her help. She agrees to meet in the square.

She goes and Alex sees Stephanie wander in and goes off with her.

Leo tells Sonny the Bates Motel is kicking him out tomorrow.

He probably shouldn’t have spent the last three hundred he had on facial care products.

sonny alex, gwen and leo at small bar days

Sonny groans and Leo says it’s dry weather. Sonny invites him to the Kiriakis manse.

Will’s staying in LA for Christmas so he gets no stay. He’ll convince Uncle Vic that Leo’s changed.

“You have changed, right?” Leo calls himself a model citizen. He calls Sonny his Christmas Angel. 

Nearby, Alex and Stephanie discuss what Ava did. Alex can identify. His mom Anjelica did some crazy stuff in the past but he still loves her.

alex and stephanie sit together days

When Steph reveals she’s staying in Salem for Christmas, Alex invites her to the Kiriakis house and they kiss rather loudly.

At the square, Xander shows Gwen some gigantic cutters that will cut through Ava’s cuffs.

He wants Gwen’s help in breaking her out of the hospital. He needs a driver. Gwen reluctantly agrees but he owes her big.

xander and gwen at horton town square days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

At the hospital, Sarah wheels Ava out by the hub and Tripp tells Steve Ava’s seeing Charlie who made her do all of these terrible things.

Steve’s shocked. Xander appears asking what’s going on and Ava, who has been drugged, takes one look and vows to tell them what he did.

Ava sees Charlie again and Xander says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Sarah explains that she’s had a breakdown and they’re taking her to Bayview.

ava sees xander at hospital days

She sees Tripp, who assures her he’ll be there with her. She sobs. She doesn’t want to go.

Later, Steve calls Justin to inform him of what happened. They may never know who kidnapped Bonnie now.

Justin watches her scrub the water from the rug, almost in tears.

Gwen texts Xander that she’s ready to go and he tells her to abort the mission. 

ava being transferred to bayview days

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