Ashley Interrupts Tucker and Audra Having Sex, and Victoria is Miffed by Chelsea’s Request

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Ashley accuses Jack of hiding Diane, Summer wants Kyle to spend the holidays with her and Harrison, and Audra catches up with Nate.

In the previous episode, Sally’s surprised at Nick’s reaction to her confession, Mariah tears up as Tessa announces the adoption news, and Adam makes a request of Victor.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 19, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 20. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott estate, Ashley reads and thinks until Jack interrupts and guesses something is troubling her.

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She though he’d washed his hands of her since their last conversation.

He’s hoping she’s regretting being involved with the unholy trifecta against Diane.

His sister isn’t regretting anything and insists Jenkins was playing him.

She’s sure that Diane isn’t really gone and Jack is trying to ride to her rescue again.

Jack doesn’t want to be accused of having a savior complex and insists Diane was in real danger.

He thinks his sister should admit she’s wrong and apologies.

jacx ashley argue Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

Ashley is sure that Diane has made a little cocoon for herself. She’s disgusted by all the adoration he is giving his ex and she’s sure he’s still rewarding her “duplicitous behavior” in secret.

He keeps blaming her for setting this mess in motion.

She thinks this is pathetic. If Diane cared about Kyle, she would have been there for him all along instead of taking off.

Just because Jack doesn’t like her methods for protecting him, doesn’t mean she’s wrong.

He’s appalled by her lack of compassion. She thinks there is something wrong with his brain.

After Jack walks out, she sighs, exasperated.

Tucker bumps into Sharon at Crimson Lights. After a little taunting banter, he points her ambitions have become a lot more modest since they were running Newman together.

sharon tucker banter Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

She tells him running the café is very satisfying. He likes it there too and mentions he was warming up in there with Ashley yesterday.

After she hands him his coffee, he explains that he has convinced his ex that he’s a changed man.

Sharon tells him she’s a therapist now and has insight into people so she doesn’t believe it.

He challenges her to analyze him.

She thinks he thinks he’s smarter than he is and she doesn’t believe he’s done the work to change.

McCall wants to make Ashley happier than she’s ever been. He wants to connect with her on a higher level.

sharon tucker catch up Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

Sharon laughs when he admits that Ashley hasn’t given him much reason to be optimistic.

After he tells her how nice it was to see her, he walks out.

Nate startles Elena when she arrives in the penthouse. She tells him how busy things were at the hospital and he tells her his LA trip was amazing.

elena nate reunite Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

He and Victoria got the star treatment everywhere they went.

After he talks about his meeting with the K-Pop star, he says he finally feels like he’s found a place where he’s respected.

She explains she recorded her final episodes of the podcast and is all tired out after working an extra shift.

After she heads off to sleep, he heads to Society and bumps into Audra.

nate bumps audra Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

She recalls all the meals they used to shared and invites him to join her so they can catch up.

Sitting down, he tells her how inspiring and exciting his business trip with Victoria was. It was all an affirmation he made the right choice.

They toast and he admires her for being the only person at Chancellor-Winters not holding a grudge.

What he did had no impact on her career and she wasn’t shocked by it. Mixing business and family just leads to problems.

Once she orders a complicated salad, he admires her ability to know what she likes.

Nate starts quizzing her about who she is and what she wants out of life.

audra nate chat Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

She gets a text from Tucker, ordering her over to his suite.

Nate keeps quizzing her about her plans. Audra says Genoa City is growing on her.

He would like to see more players in town and would be happy to offer her a position at Newman Media.

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When Nate gets to his office, Elena is dressed and hopped up on espresso, eager to welcome him back.

elena meets nate Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

When she asks him to lunch, he mentions he already ate with Audra,
she looks at him quizzically.

Something about Audra doesn’t sit right with her. She always seems to be working an angle and she doesn’t trust her.

nate elena talk audra Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

Audra visits Tucker in his suite. He senses she’s been distracted by something.

audra miffed tucker Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

She’s not sharing.

He explains that he spontaneously offered to help Ashley break away from Jabot and start her own company. There was no commitment or agreement.

Sarcastic Audra isn’t thrilled about being summoned over to hear this non-news.

audra annoyed Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

She wants to know where she fits in his plans. She won’t play the long game without knowing what the payoff is.

Maybe it’s time for her to make her own plans.

“Yeah, sure. Nothing is holding you back,” he says, offers her her coat.

When he puts it on her, he wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck.

She says he’s “an insufferable son of a bitch.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” he says.

They make out and her coat drops to the floor.

audra tucker kiss Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

After they have sex on the couch, Ashley starts banging on the door.

McCall ushers Audra into the bathroom and gets his pants on before letting the Abbott in.

“Looks like I caught you at a bad time,” she says as he opens the door.

tucker audra pants down Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

Summer bumps into Kyle at the Jabot office. He’s trying to wrap up some loose ends to send people home for the holidays.

kyle summer talk holidays Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

She insists they need to discuss something now.

Although she knows he’s been dreaming of spending the holidays with his mom, she’s dreaming of them spending them with Harrison.

After a little chatting, he suggests they spend Christmas at home with Harrison in the morning and then he will see his mom in the evening.

She insists on going with him with the kid. They can drive him up during nap time and convince him she’s an elf.

Kyle doesn’t like the idea of making him keep a secret.

kyle summer plan Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

His wife thinks this is the only way and she won’t back down. He relents.

Kyle adds they need to make sure Stark is distracted so he can’t follow them.

They wonder about how far Stark might go.

kyle summer worried Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

Kyle realizes this plan is too dangerous.

Jack joins them and wonders why they look like Christmas was canceled.

They tell him none of their plans for the holiday work.

Jack refuses to back off on their plans to spend the holiday with Diane and offers to handle Stark.

jack assurances Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

Billy drops by Victoria’s office to warn her that Chelsea bought Johnny a Christmas gift.

victria skeptical Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

She says that’s out of the question and she doesn’t want to give her an excuse to spend the holiday with their son.

They bicker about this and she reminds him that the last time Chelsea tried giving him a gift, she started spiraling.

Victoria says they need to set some boundaries.

Billy wants Chelsea to give Johnny the gift. Connor can be there too.

She’s not being won over by this pitch and draws a line in the sand.

“There’s too much at stake,” she says.

billy victoria argue gift Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

He doesn’t think extending Johnny’s family is a problem.

Victoria is concerned about their son’s ability to be a kid without having to worry about adult problems. He’s already blamed himself for what happened to her.

Billy thinks they should just ask Johnny and do whatever he says.

Reluctantly, she nods.

Victoria and Billy bring Johnny to Crimson Lights and inform him that Chelsea is hoping to give him a gift.

johnny whatever Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

They mull this over.

Johnny eventually shrugs and says, “Sure, it sounds like fun.”

Billy beams. Victoria looks miserable.

victoria miserable Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

Johnny is sure this must be weird for Victoria and he’s cool with not doing it.

She claims it’s fine.

“Sweet,” he decides.

Billy sends Chelsea a text to invite her down.

Johnny thinks he better get a gift for Chelsea and Connor to be polite.

Chelsea texts back to say she’s busy at the moment.

As the men plan the gift, Victoria looks worried.

victoria uncomfortable Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

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