Charlie Erases His Confession and Belle Threatens His Life

Tuesday, February 23, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Belle saves Claire, Kristen blows up when she finds Chloe with Brady, and Jake makes love to Kate to get her to realize he cares for her, not Gabi.

Susan arrives home and sees Chloe kneeling in front of a shirtless Brady and she begins to yell at them. They ask why she’s freaking out. “It looked like she was seducing you. And in your condition, it’s hazardous.” She calls Chloe nasty for going after another woman’s man. Susan claims she was a six-time volunteer of the week at the Memphis Medical Care Center. She’ll tend to Brady. She shoves Chloe away. Brady doesn’t want “Susan” touching him. She insists it’s time for Chloe to go home since Rachel’s returning home soon and will need dinner and a bath. Finally, Chloe leaves and “Susan” is tickled that they’re alone at last. She makes him grilled cheese with tomato and lies that Dr. Marlena Evans told her his favorite.

At the Kiriakis estate, Xander wants to tell Maggie about his engagement to Sarah, but Sarah has learned that Maggie’s visiting Summer. Xander’s shocked since she’s the one who blamed her for her alcoholism and for her cirrhosis. This has Sarah emotional since her last visit set off a series of events that hurt her. Xander is so sorry about what he did with the baby switch. He’s grateful she forgave him. They grin at each other and she’s grateful that they made their way back to each other. Sarah’s worried about her mother. They agree to go forward with their wedding. Maggie was happy to hear about their engagement and said she wanted them to marry there. She wants Victor to be a part of it. Xander’s not sure about having Victor or Philip near their wedding. They discuss it for a while and he relents. If it’ll make Maggie happy, he’ll do it.

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Philip welcomes Gabi to Titan and then admits he has concerns that she’s obsessed with Jake. She insists she’s not, but she acts like she wants Jake to take him back. They discuss Philip’s interest in Chloe and how he wants her back but she isn’t interested. They commiserate. DiMera will fall apart, making her happy if they work together and so will Titan. It’ll mean Chloe and Brady stop working together. They shake on their new deal.

gabi commiserates with Philip days of our lives
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Kate paces at the mansion until Jake arrives. She’s upset that Charlie Dale is calling raping Allie consensual sex. “He’s walking around free,” she says. She has half a mind to get her gun and take care of him herself. In her anger, she starts in on Jake about his feelings for Gabi. She saw how he looked longingly at Gabi Chic’s boutique in the square and wondered if he was longing for Gabi or her company. Why didn’t he tell her he’d seen Gabi that day? Jake admits he did and that she hit on him. He called her desperate and told her he was committed. “You weren’t tempted at all?” Kate asks. Jake blows up. Either she trusts him or they’re done. Kate says he wasn’t honest with her. He asks what it’s going to take for her to believe he only wants her. She doesn’t know. He has an idea and drags her to bed for sex. After, they lay in bed sated. Jake has erased Gabi from Kate’s mind. Kate finally makes Jake happy by accepting a job with him at DiMera. He needs her now more than ever since Gabi threatened to destroy DiMera. She goes to tell Abe she’s resigning. Gabi texts to tell him she and Philip made a deal. “It’s war!”

jake wants sex with kate days of our lives
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At Hope’s house, Charlie admits he raped Allie. Claire looks at her phone and thanks him for his honesty. She tells him this has brought them closer. She tells him this has been a lot for one day and suggests he go home. She’ll call him tomorrow. He’s not going anywhere. He wants to make love with her. He moves to kiss her and she flinches. She tries to get him to meet later but he pressures her.

In the square, Belle tells Shawn on a call that she picked her coat up from the tailor he gave her for Valentine’s Day. They agree to meet at the pub. She’ll call Claire.

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At home, Claire’s phone rings and Charlie’s confused. He thought she silenced it? She moves to silence it and he grabs it. He’ll do it for her. He sees she’s in record mode and listens to the recording. He becomes angry and accuses her of lying to him. She grabs a clay tissue box and threatens him with it. He grabs it and tells her that won’t stop him. She screams and in rushes Belle. Claire tells her mom what happened and she tries to get the phone from Charlie but he erases the recording. Belle threatens to kill him if he goes near her daughter again. He leaves saying, “Arrivederci.”

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