Charlie Accidentally Confesses at Least One Truth to SPD

Friday, January 15, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Chloe wonders to Brady if he’ll be able to sustain a relationship with Kristen for the next four years while she’s incarcerated, Charlie makes a slip, and Tripp gets evidence of his innocence.

Chloe drops by Brady’s room at Salem Inn. He tells Chloe that Kristen gave him hell when she saw a photo of them kissing on New Year’s Eve in the newspaper. Chloe feels bad that Brady feels guilty about something so innocent. Brady doesn’t feel guilty. He feels bad that Kristen is lonely and missing her family. Chloe understands. They were married once. Brady feels guilty about blowing their marriage and hurting her. Chloe laughs. It was a long time ago and he’s changed. They agree that their friendship means a lot to each other. Chloe wonders if Brady will really be okay without Kristen for the next four and a half years. Chloe worries about him. Brady says he’ll be there for Kristen. It’s the only thing he can do.

At Titan, Philip tells Xander that Charlie’s been arrested for kidnapping. Xander reads the article in the Spectator and both men agree this is a surprise. They’ll need to find a temp to take over his job. Xander asks if Philip has anything to do with this since Ava’s his boss. Philip denies that. Xander knows he’s laundering mob money for her and shows him proof, letting him know that Sarah was double-crossing him. Xander gloats. He and Sarah never broke up. They’re more in love than ever. Philip realizes she stole his files. Xandy assumes Victor will throw Philip out of the company and the family. Philip asks why he hasn’t told his father yet. Xander plans on it but he cares about his uncle. Xander says he’s undone the damage. He dissolved the shell company that Philip was using to launder money. Philip calls him an idiot. He’s just sealed his fate. “The mob will kill me.”

At home,  Claire whines to Belle that she can’t understand how she was so wrong about Charlie. She cries and reveals she was desperate for a boyfriend. “Desperate is my thing. It’s what I do,” she says. But with Charlie, it was different. She felt like ‘the one’ for the first time ever. Claire worries she’s pathetic to fall for him. Belle lets Claire know that Ava confessed that Charlie admitted to raping Allie. Claire finds it hard to believe since he told her he didn’t do it. She wonders if Ava hallucinated it and then thinks about Christmas and wonders if Charlie left because Allie recognized him. Belle’s glad her daughter didn’t become intimately involved with him. Claire says it doesn’t matter. She’s in love with him. She cries on her mother’s shoulder. Belle says Charlie fooled a lot of people.

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At the hospital, Nicole eavesdrops on a call Kayla is having with Rafe. Nic learns that Ava was drugged and assumes Charlie did it. She’s angry.

In Rafe’s office, Rafe tells Charlie that Ava Vitali says he implicated himself in the rape of Allie Horton. He also is the one who kidnapped her. Charlie claims he’s innocent. He reveals that his lawyer told him Ava said that he also stabbed Tripp and killed him. Rafe says Ava was drugged, which is why she was confused. Rafe bets Charlie drugged her. Charlie lies that Ava came to his door and was talking about hurting herself with knives so he tied her up. Rafe asks why he didn’t call the police. It didn’t occur to him. “I guess I panicked.” Rafe finds his story a load of BS. Why didn’t he call a doctor? He badgers Charlie until he becomes flustered. Charlie blurts that his mother is terrified of doctors. She hates them and that’s why he didn’t call them. Rafe says, “And there it is. Ava’s your mother.” Nicole arrives and starts sniping at Charlie, calling her his worst nightmare. Rafe takes him to the cells.

Tripp is leaving Ava’s apartment with his brother’s toothbrush when he gets a text from his dad. He puts his phone down to stick the toothbrush in his pocket and hears someone at the door. Worried, he grabs a Wiffle ball bat. He hits the person and realizes later that it’s his father. Steve is exasperated with his son. He told him not to go rogue. Tripp gathered evidence that his brother drugged their mother. He can’t wait any longer to clear his name and ensure his brother is held accountable.

Tripp and Steve find Kayla at the hospital. They give her proof from Charlie’s place that will clear Tripp’s name and finger Charlie as Allie’s rapist. Kayla takes the sample. She’ll use it against Henry’s. Tripp goes and Kayla says if he’s innocent, she will owe them both a big apology. Later, Steve finds out that Charlie got bail.

Back at Salem Inn, Brady can’t find the shell company Philip had used to launder money. Philip arrives and tells them what Xander did.

Tripp goes to Charlie’s apartment to find his phone. Once he retrieves his cell, he runs into his brother on the way out.

A spoiler for the next full episode of Days of our Lives: Chloe offers Philip shelter.