Days Opinion: Cheating, the High Pony, Obsession and Slut Shaming

I’ve got a lot to say this week so let’s get right to it. First of all, this suggestion from another soap fan is spot on. The day of the ‘super couple’ is kind of gone and it was mostly a fantasy anyway. It’s hard when you’re invested to lose a favourite couple, but it’s easier if you love the show to go with the flow.

Lumi — they’ve still got it

I was surprised to learn that I still swooned over Lucas and Sami kissing. Their scene was so natural. Their friendship still as fun, light and loving as ever. It was intriguing listening to Sami reveal how things were going back in Italy with EJ. It was a good way to bring back the character and to show how much he’s changed even before he appears. Sami has obviously had a really difficult time with him all these years, otherwise, she’d never cheat on EJ like that. But I’m into it. They’re hot together and even if they are only in a few scenes like this, I’ll take it. It makes for good drama going forth.

lumi kissing days of our lives

Friends don’t let friends wear the high pony

Nicole had the high pony going two or three days in a row. Who is to blame? Her or everyone at the show who saw the high pony and didn’t say shit about it. What kind of friends don’t take one look at you and say, “Is that what you’re going with today?”

While Nic Nic should have been drinking a dirty martini and taking her hair down, she was instead relegated to worrying about Ava “I murdered Shawn Brady Sr.” threatening to turn herself in for murdering Charlie in order to cover for Tripp. Sami flashback. But why would Nicole care? It’s not as if they’re BFFs. They barely know each other. They were barfly friends once upon a time.

I loved that by the end of the week, Rafe learned that not only did Ava lie to him about seeing Charlie the night he died but Tripp did too. He should have arrested them both for obstruction of justice. But I guess he has no time for that since these two boneheads who didn’t kill Charlie already set him back a week in his investigation. Plus — Belle’s the next suspect!

Rafe didn’t seem to mind that Ava lied to him about seeing Charlie the night he was killed. Why? Because Rafe was married to Sami. He’s used to being lied to. Ava and Rafe may be perfect for each other! They even have the chemistry.

ava tells rafe truth days of our lives

Jack and his daughters

Jack’s being seriously over-the-top with pushing Gwen and Abigail to kiss and make up. They’re not teenagers. They’re grown women with a serious problem between them. One that obsessive Jack seems to have forgotten. I agree that it’s better to let go of the hate but Abby needs more time. And nine months isn’t going to cut it, especially if Gwen really is pregnant and it turns out it’s not a clone Rolf implanted in her but Chad’s baby.

Days is full of groundbreaking firsts. Gwen throwing up visibly was a first in soaps, I swear! And on Abigail’s legs, ruining everyone’s lunch. She then checked out her period app and realized that she’s probably pregnant with either Chad’s baby or Rolf’s Stefano clone. Usually, period apps send you a notification if you’re late inputting it but maybe she doesn’t use an app. She might be old school 1980s and checking her calendar or something to track…I just rolled my eyes.

I still cannot believe that Chad accepted Gwen’s apology. So now, everyone has accepted Gwen into their lives but Abigail and she’s the one being dumped on. I’m Team Abigail.

gwen pukes on abby days of our lives

Ben and Ciara

Marlena never should have hypnotized Ciara without preparing her. And not telling her about what happened with Claire was more damaging.

The show needs to stop having Marlena prop Ben constantly and so obviously. She didn’t even prop Claire bear as much while they were in the hospital. She could have stopped Ciara’s horrid ranting and raving like a lunatic in public by explaining to her exactly what happened with Claire and how Claire worked through her issues in Bayview. Instead, she’s just on about how Ben is a changed man because he worked through his issues. If I were Claire, I’d have had something to say about that!

As for the psychic connection, the reason fans liked it when Jarlena or Bope had theirs was that it was written better. It wasn’t beaten over our heads with an anvil with the word ‘connection’ used constantly. Having Ben rush to Marlena and Claire every time his wife shares a connection with him makes him look bloody obsessive. But it was perfectly lovely when Ciara opened the Alice book and felt that connection without words. The audience doesn’t need to see more than that tender moment. Sadly, right after it happened, she found the “two psychos” hugging, it ruined it. That was good angst. How long until they’re hugging it out and it turns to sex?

Ciara screamed in the middle of the lobby and Marlena didn’t tell her to get back to her room or to discuss her private issues privately. Instead, Marlena’s words of wisdom? Memories are what they are.” And the next day when John and Belle were quietly arguing in the same spot, Marlena was beside herself and told them both to shut up and continue it elsewhere, “Like at the pub,” she said…um okay? Another public venue?

ciara ben devastation Days of our lives

Drinking buddies

Chanel hadn’t even met Xander when social media went crazy with worry that they’d be the next Sarah and Xander. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in looking ahead for what’s coming that you miss what’s going on right now. My advice, don’t go there! When Xander and Chanel went back to their hotel to his room to drink, I saw posts referring to her as a slut, not learning stranger danger, and that it was gross because Xander’s old enough to be her father.

chanel xander hotel days of our lives

“She’s a slut”

Chanel going back to a rando hot guy’s hotel room to drink doesn’t make her a slut. I didn’t see anyone calling Xandy a slut. It’s 2021 and people act like they’ve never heard of or been on Tinder or haven’t had a one-night-stand. And besides, when did they have sex? I didn’t see any sex. All I saw were two lonely people looking for a connection over a few drinks. Several for Xandy. Can we not slut-shame women anymore, please? There is nothing wrong with getting laid. It’s natural to want sex and to have sex.

“Gross  — he’s old enough to be her father.”

Julie and Doug are 18 years apart.
Sarah and Xander are 9 years apart.
John and Marlena are 6 years apart.
My parents are 4 years apart. (Hey, just saying!)

Age is meaningless. And Xander isn’t Chanel’s father. Some have hangups about age. Everyone’s different but again, they didn’t have sex.

It’s been established that Chanel’s been brought up to rely on her mother for financial dependence. She wasn’t taught how to get money other than to swipe my Aunt Paulina’s credit card and now, she’s been cut off and given no help on how to get money. So she does what she knows. I’m not sure why she can’t have more compassion. Half the people in Salem have murdered and get more respect than this newcomer.

My thoughts are that she shouldn’t oppress herself, but I’ll go along for the ride since she’s not ready to listen to reason and this is pure entertainment. We don’t know where it’s going. Even the spoilers don’t tell the true picture.

Odds and ends:

Gwen’s a Deveraux, Jake’s a DiMera. No paperwork needed!

Gabi and Philip’s kiss – so hot. I wanted to see where their night ended up. Jake didn’t and my Kate didn’t look happy to see his jealousy. Time to let him go, Katie and look toward Roman for a relationship.

Best lines:

Xander, “You lost your credit cards. Well your life’s a bloody tragedy, isn’t it?” He digs out his wallet and hands it over. “There. Problem solved.”