Bold & Beautiful Spoilers September 5-9: Sheila Enters Finn and Steffy’s Home Uninvited, While Thomas Makes an Admission to Taylor

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, September 5 to Friday, September 9.

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Find out what’s coming up on Bold and Beautiful 2 weeks ahead.

First, B&B spoilers August 29 – September 2 have Brooke and Taylor fight over Ridge and Deacon tries to get Sheila to leave his domicile.

Coming up, Katie checks in with Hope, and Liam questions Thomas’ motives.

Monday, September 5

B&B recap: Sheila stalks Finn

Finn talks to Steffy about what gave him the strength to get back to her.

Finn talks about Sheila saying she loves him. He thinks her love is selfish and obsessive.

brooke bashes thomas a little bold beautiful

Taylor doesn’t like how Brooke thinks about Thomas having custody of his son.

Ridge interrupts when Taylor says something about Brooke that he doesn’t appreciate.

Taylor gets caught up in a moment of love and connection with Ridge.

Deacon feels he has to babysit Sheila.

Sheila becomes disgruntled when Deacon accuses her of magical thinking.

Sheila doesn’t believe Finn hates her.

thomas talks dogs bold beautiful

Tuesday, September 6

B&B recap: Ridge offers to move out

Quick-thinking Deacon intercepts Sheila’s brazen move towards Finn and Steffy.

Finn and Steffy talk about how odd it was that Deacon came to their house.

Brooke and Ridge argue over Thomas.

Ridge wants to go live with Eric for a while to keep an eye on his son and grandson but Brooke doesn’t like that.

Sheila has a fantasy.

deacon lies steffy bold beautiful

Wednesday, September 7

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Douglas’ new app could mean trouble

Liam offers his opinion of the situation when Hope is invited to a Forrester family dinner.

Liam wants Douglas to go home after Hope returns.

Brooke and Taylor each demand that Ridge choose a side in the battle for Douglas.

Brooke confides in Liam that Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas are conspiring against the Logans.

It’s awkward when Hope goes to the Forrester party, though Ridge welcomes her.

brooke thinks sadly about family time bold beautiful

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Thursday, September 8

Thursday’s B&B recap: Hope sobs when she returns home without Douglas

Brooke and Liam discuss the party they weren’t invited to and Brooke bashes Steffy and Taylor.

Steffy makes it crystal clear that she supports Ridge and Taylor reuniting.

Steffy and Hope share a nice moment when they agree her nanny is great.

Liam is stunned when Hope returns home from the Forresters without Douglas.

Thomas fantasizes about kissing Hope but realizes he can’t be with her.

thomas kiss hope memory BOLD

Friday, September 9

Friday’s B&B recap: Sheila sneaks into Finn and Steffy’s house

The Logan sisters, Brooke, Katie, and Donna, band together to support Brooke.

Donna talks about how great things are with HoneyBear.

Taylor drops by FC to see Thomas.

Paris showcases a new dress.

Thomas is happy with work and Douglas, he tells his mama.

Brooke is not happy to find Taylor in Ridge’s office.

Brooke demands that Taylor put an end to her shenanigans regarding Ridge.

sheila touches baby head bold beautiful

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