B&B Recap: Finn Returns Home With Steffy But a Nightmare Terrifies Him, While Luna Almost Comes Clean & Hope Talks About Steffy’s Guilt

Friday, March 8, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy and Zende interfere in Luna’s decision to come clean to RJ, and memories of Sheila haunt Finn.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Finn & Steffy Come Together and She Apologizes, Poppy Pushes Luna to Stay Silent, as Zende Rubs in How Lucky RJ is

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Finn embrace. She tells her husband that Sheila came right at her and what she did was self-defense. Finn knows. 

His emotions need to catch up, he says. He’s exhausted.

He says he’s not sleeping at the hospital tonight. 

He wants to come home. They kiss, happily and embrace.

finn kissing steffy ceo office

In the design room, Luna and RJ embrace as Poppy comments that they make a great couple.

“Don’t they, Zende?” Zende smirks and says, “They sure are something.”

Luna pulls her jacket tighter and crosses her arms over her chest.

She tells Poppy she’s not good at this. “I just can’t do it.” RJ’s baffled.

rj and luna at design office B&B recaps

Poppy says she’s not a fan of PDA. RJ doesn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and asks her to go somewhere private. She’d love to.

They agree to meet at the cutting room downstairs.

RJ toddles off and Poppy complains that her daughter was going to tell RJ she accidentally slept with Zende.

rj and luna at design office B&B recaps

She thinks she’ll lose him. Zende agrees, she needs to be careful to know what she’ll lose or gain if she goes down this road.

Luna leaves and Poppy asks if Zende’s worried.

She can’t think of anything else.

zende arrogant

He asks, “Isn’t that why you have your magic mints? To take the edge off?”

Poppy knows this is on her but she wishes she kept better track of her mints.

Zende does too.

He wants to be with Luna but not the way it happened.

Zende tells Poppy they just need to continue to hound her not to tell RJ.

poppy wishes she had mints

Zende cares about her and wish she found something with him but it didn’t work out.

RJ’s the “lucky winner.”

He’s not going to come between them but if he pushed her away, Zende will pick up the pieces.

Poppy laughs and tells him, “Easy tiger.”

She thinks they should protect his relationship with RJ.

poppy gives advice to zende

In the CEO office of Forrester, Finn and Steffy have left and Thomas and Hope dash inside and start kissing.

They get down to work and talk about Steffy’s guilty feelings about what happened to Sheila.

hope and thomas make out behind closed doors B&B recaps

Thomas knows but wonders if Finn has forgotten that Sheila terrorized them.

Hope believes Finn gets it but she’s still his birth mother and like it or not, they’ve a connection.

One Finn doesn’t even understand.

hope worries for steffy marriage B&B recaps


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She hopes that they can treat their conflict with understanding and compassion.

She admits she told Steffy that but she didn’t want to hear it.

She worries they’ll have issues in their marriage.

Thomas talks about their own relationship in sweet terms and how much he loves her. She grins and they kiss.

hope happy with thomas on Bold

At the Cliffhouse, Finn and Steffy arrive, hand in hand.

Finn’s eyes stray to the spot where Sheila passed and Steffy sadly tells him she had a cleaning crew in.

It’s awkward and she says she wants to put it behind them.

finn at home finally

To make the house feel like theirs again. Finn wants the same.

They get some wine and sit. She’s glad he’s home.

Everything he loves is in this home, he tells her.

They smile and Steffy wants to “reconnect” with her husband.

steffy finn closer

He wants that too. They kiss and profess their love.

He’s tired and goes to rest and she’ll shower.

Finn can’t keep his eyes off the spot Sheila expired on.

steffy makes out husband finn home B&B

He flashes back to the blood.

He falls asleep and has a nightmare about what could have conspired between Steffy and his bio mom.

sheila nightmare finn has

His dream is explicit and terrifying.

finn nightmare

In RJ’s beach house, Luna and RJ make out.

She tells him she’d never do anything to jeopardize their relationship.

rj wants a swim

He knows that and asks if everything is okay.

He’s there for her and offers a night swim.

She’s nervous about being in the ocean after dark.

luna and rj kissing his house

He convinces her and they change into swimsuits.

He expresses how he finds her beautiful.

She tells him he means everything to her.

He’s not going anywhere. They hug.

rj wants to swim at night

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