Young and Restless Spoilers March 13-17: Nate Denies Wrongdoing, Victor Makes a Shocking Discovery and Pre-empts for Y&R Thursday and Friday

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March 13 to Friday, March 17.

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Coming up the week of March 13!

Phyllis sets a trap.

Nate creates boundaries with Victoria.

Tucker retaliates against Adam.

Kyle reacts to Jack and Diane getting engaged and it’s not good. 

Elena confronts Nate about what’s going on between him and Victoria.

elena confronts nate Y&R recaps

Sneak Peeks for Y&R this week!

“I might actually end up being the CEO of your empire,” Adam brags to Tucker.

“Over my dead body,” McCall says.

tucker refuses to let adam get his company Y&R recaps

“What’s gong on with you and Victoria?” Elena asks Nate.

“I proposed to Diane and, lucky me, she accepted,” Jack and Diane inform a startled Kyle and Summer.

summer kyle react to jack engagement Y&R spoilers recap

Monday, March 13

Monday’s day ahead Y&R recap:  Kyle learns his parents are engaged

Phyllis puts her plan in motion.

Phyllis and Stark agree she has to steal something personal from Diane.

Diane takes her engagement ring off and puts it in her purse for ‘safe keeping’ so they don’t have to tell everyone about the engagement.

Kyle’s not happy to hear his parents are engaged.

Elena confronts Nate who denies everything.

Victoria isn’t happy with Audra.

Audra taunts Vicky.

Nate refuses to get drinks with Victoria, preferring to stay with Elena.

Tuesday, March 14

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Vicky wants Nate to go upstairs at Grand Phoenix with her

Victoria has a proposition for Nate.

Sally has dreams that make her confused.

Sally dreams Summer’s brushing her hair.

Sally’s haunted by her past.

Phyllis lies to Lauren.

Lauren calls Phyllis’ bluff.

Phyllis tells Jack and Diane that she warned Kyle who in turn warned them about Stark.

kyle upset jack Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

Wednesday, March 15

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Victoria fantasizes she slept with Nate

Victor makes a shocking discovery.

Victor sees Abby and Nate after sex.

Tucker and Adam discuss his business and how Tucker won’t let Adam get it.

Tucker watches Audra flirt with Nate.

Nate refuses sex with Victoria.

Victoria seems sad and thinks about how 

Nick gives Adam a painful reminder.

Audra admits she’s after Nate and Victoria is her competition.

Nate reassures Elena as she is jealous of Victoria again.

nate and vicky fantasy sex Y&R

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Thursday, March 16

Young and Restless will not air today anywhere due to CBS coverage of NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

Friday, March 17

Young and Restless will not air today anywhere due to CBS coverage of NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

Sneak Peeks into March  20!

Jack receives a surprise house guest.

Adam pushes Nick’s buttons.

Nikki’s ready for her close-up.

Jill does some damage control.

jill demands to know what billy doing young and restless cbs soapspoilers

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