Young and Restless Spoilers Feb 20- 24: Nate’s Plan Backfires & Diane Gets a Cryptic Message and Jack Wants to Go Away

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February 20 to Friday, February 24.

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Young and the Restless is celebrating 50 years of being on the air. Check out their newest cast photo and the behind-the-scenes video of them preparing for it from People.

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Victor strikes a deal, Billy makes a power move, Nate crosses the line, and Ashley reveals a secret.

Victoria tells Victor there’s no time to make a move on Tucker’s company.

“Somebody beat us to the punch.”

vicky says someone beat them to the punch Y&R recaps

Billy stops by Jabot. He jokes about Jack hiring him as Co-CEO.

Jack admits that if Billy wanted to, he would hire him.

billy wants job Y&R recaps

 In Crimson Lights, Sally tells Nick, “Oh my God, the paternity results are in.”

nick at crimson lights Y&R recaps


Monday, February 20

Monday’s Y&R recap: Ashley buys Tucker’s debt

Victor makes a power move to help Adam.

Adam gives his father 24 hours.

Heather gives Daniel a warning.

Daniel whines to Lily and then spirals when Lucy and Heather leave.

Devon turns to Christine for counsel.

Lily’s upset when she learns Christine took Devon’s case.

adam society with nick and sally Y&R recaps

Tuesday, February 21

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Sally fantasizes

Sally examines her relationships with Nick and Adam.

Delphine goes into labor.

sally adam marriage fake proposal Y&R early recaps

Wednesday, February 22

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Adam learns he’s going to be a father again

Victoria gives Audra the third degree.

Audra asks if Nate is seeing Vicky.

Nick reels over not being the baby daddy.

Sally tells Adam he’s going to be a dad.

Adam’s upset that Sally won’t take him back.

audra at grand phoenix Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

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Thursday, February 23

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Nick’s devastated

Victor makes good on a promise.

Kyle seeks forgiveness from Summer.

Jack helps Billy pursue a new opportunity.

Billy congratulates Jack on his new happiness.

Summer receives a rose from Kyle who again is sorry.

Adam’s tormented.

Sally and Nick snuggle as he admits he is upset he’s not the dad.

Chelsea comforts Adam.

billy wants job Y&R recaps

Friday, February 24

Friday’s Y&R recap: Nate makes trouble

Nate’s plan to reconnect with his family backfires.

Daniel makes a difficult decision.

Lucy says bye and leaves with Heather.

Diane receives a cryptic message.

Stark sends a book to Diane.

Chance blows up.

phyllis doesn't need stark's help Y&R recaps

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